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PS406 : Halting Honchkrow
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS408 : High-tailing It from Haunter
Chancing Upon Chingling
Disguise and Infiltration
VS リーシャン
VS Lisyan
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 407 in Vol. 37
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 70 in Vol. 8
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Team Galactic HQ

Chancing Upon Chingling (Japanese: VS リーシャン VS Chingling), titled VS Chingling in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 407th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 70th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Disguise and Infiltration (Japanese: 変装と潜入 Disguise and Infiltration) in the VIZ Media translation and Disguise and Infiltration in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Somewhere in the Galactic Headquarters, Diamond along with his Pokémon lie in wait in a hallway as a Team Galactic Grunt walks down the adjacent corridor. Whispering some encouragement to Lax, the three of them spill Berries along the floor, causing the Grunt to slip and be knocked unconscious, allowing Diamond to steal his outfit for a disguise.

He withdraws his Pokémon and quietly slips into a procession of Grunts heading down the hallway, noting that the Grunts seem to be paying no attention to each other. He begins to nervously sweat as he reminds himself of his goal to find where the Legendary lake Pokémon are being held.

Elsewhere, Platinum is riding her Rapidash towards Veilstone City as she thinks back on the conversation she had with Volkner, Maylene, and Candice after having earned the Beacon Badge. She says her goodbyes to the Gym Leaders and promises to face off against Team Galactic together if they meet up again.

Back in the present, Platinum arrives at Veilstone City, in awe at the fight happening out in front of the Headquarters between the Unown and the Grunts. While she sneaks into the building with Lopunny, Diamond finds himself torn as the Grunts he was trailing are splitting off into three different groups.

As he considers whether to go to the training room, the planning room, or the elevator, he notices other Grunts staring at him, apparently having picked up on his indecisiveness. As they approach him, he backpedals onto a warp panel. To Diamond's confusion, he winds up in the Galactic Warehouse. He quickly ascertains the function of the warp panels, and consults his Pokémon on how to proceed next, worried he could teleport into a room full of Grunts while trying to find the lake guardians faster.

He decides to proceed without a plan and steps onto the next warp panel he finds. Suddenly, he finds himself face-to-face with Chatler, who briefly attacks Diamond before recognizing him through his disguise. Seeing Kit and Tru's Poké Balls in Chatler's talons, he happily takes them back and sends his Pokémon out. He begins to speak to them before being interrupted by the Advanced level Grunt.

The Grunt tells Diamond that the Legendary Pokémon are being held in the experiment lab just behind him, and engages Diamond in battle to prevent him from disturbing the sleeping Pokémon. He strikes with Uproar, Dragon Rush, and Brave Bird all in sequence, leaving Diamond's team wounded.

The Grunt then explains that Team Galactic has already succeeded in creating a Red Chain by extracting a crystal from the three Legendaries, but they need two total, and must let them rest before trying to extract more crystals from them. Diamond admits he has no idea what the Red Chains are for, but promises to stop them anyways to prevent the lake guardians from suffering any further.

As the Grunt wonders what Diamond can do by himself, since his Pokémon are already worn out, Diamond picks up on a faint beeping sound, recognizing it as the sound that the three Pokédexes make when they're all nearby. Immediately his spirit is lifted, knowing he isn't alone and Pearl and Platinum must be nearby. The Grunt notices the Pokédex, recognizing it as the device he has been wanting to acquire.

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PS406 : Halting Honchkrow
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS408 : High-tailing It from Haunter
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