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PS398 : Tackling Tangrowth
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS400 : Bogging Down Quagsire
Mixing It Up with Machamp
Fierce Battle and Defeat
VS カイリキー
VS Kairiky
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 399 in Vol. 36
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 62 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures

Mixing It Up with Machamp (Japanese: VS カイリキー VS Machamp), titled VS Machamp in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 399th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 62nd chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Fierce Battle and Defeat (Japanese: 激闘と敗北 Fierce Fighting and Defeat) in the VIZ Media translation and Fierce Fighting and Defeat in the Chuang Yi translation.


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A flock of Staravia surround Mesprit just as it appears over Lake Verity. The capture device deployed over the lake now shoots out towards the pink pixie. Diamond, who cries that he cannot let it happen, throws himself against the capture device and calls out Tru. Watching on, Mars thinks Tru will simply drop into the lake.

Just as Tru starts to fall, however, it fires a single leaf towards the cable connecting the capture device with its aircraft. Mars, knowing the strategy was used to stop her before, flies on her Yanmega towards the leaf, but is held back by a normal Razor Leaf from Tru. Just as she shields herself from the attack, she looks up to see that the capture device appearing to be retracted. She then hears two splashing sounds, and looks below to see a piece of the capture device floating on the lake.

The aircraft begins to leave the area - Mars knows that this means Mesprit has been captured. Thinking that Diamond fell into the lake with Tru, she laughs hysterically at his failure to stop her. She thus reassembles her Grunts into her stolen wind turbine and starts flying it away from the lake as well.

At Valor Cavern, Saturn, who continues to hold Pearl hostage with his vessel, is face-to-face with Azelf. Just as Saturn goes forward, Azelf stuns him with a blinding light, allowing Pearl to break free of his vessel and sneak back towards the lake cavern's entrance in order to assemble his team. By this time, the army of Team Galactic Grunts that Saturn brought with him, order their army of Machamp and Haunter to surround Azelf. Azelf evades the Haunter - this allows the Machamp to form a pyramid for one of them to gain height. The Machamp at the top of the pyramid reaches out and successfully grabs Azelf.

Pearl reacts by ordering a Flare Blitz from Chimler. Chimler strikes the Machamp that grabbed Azelf, but this merely allows another Machamp to grab Azelf. Pearl orders Chimler to continue attacking each Machamp that grabs Azelf - unfortunately this causes Chimler to wear itself out due to the recoil. Saturn, knowing Pearl is in a lose-lose situation, grabs the chance to order his Octillery to ambush Pearl from behind. Just as Pearl manages to look behind, he is blacked out by a Gunk Shot.

Some time later, Rad Rickshaw regains consciousness, and is relieved to see that Cliff and Cliffette are alright. He looks around and spots Pearl collapsed on the ground. Hurrying over to tend to him, Rickshaw hears Pearl mutter about being unable to save Azelf.

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PS398 : Tackling Tangrowth
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS400 : Bogging Down Quagsire
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