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I think the Pokémon core series games are wicked fun, Shaymin is adorable, and grammar is important (I'm a huge stickler for grammar). Pearl was my very first game, so I've always loved the Sinnoh region and its Pokémon. Those games just feel special. Fingers crossed for a remake in the near future!

The strategies, storylines, and characters involved in each Pokémon game are my favorite aspects of them (though music receives an honorary mention). This interest is actually what first brought me to Bulbapedia, as I was curious about the background of different characters and the roles that they played in their respective game(s). I loved the level of detail and layout of the site, so it became my main Pokémon reference... and here I am!

As a student athlete, I have a packed schedule, but I like to play Pokémon when I have some downtime and, hopefully, I can continue to contribute to Bulbapedia! Language Arts is my forté: if something involves grammar, sentence structure, spelling, composition, etc., I'm on it! (I do want to iterate, though, that if I edit an article for grammatical conventions or any of the aforementioned components, it's not because I don't like the editor or think they did a poor job. I just want to help expand, clarify, or add detail to the article in question and make Bulbapedia even better.) That being said, I am human; if something I edited is wonky, let me know.

イザベラ Izabera
"I'm still hungry..."
Queen Ilene Mime Jr.png
Waiting for Starbucks
Age 0-120
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Camphrier Town
Region Kalos, Sinnoh
Relatives wonderful family
Trainer class ChampionCSPSSBWB2W2XYSMUSUMSwSh
Grand DuchessXY*
Generation II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII
Games Crystal, Sapphire, Pearl, SoulSilver, Black and White, Black 2 and White 2, X and Y, Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sword and Shield
Champion of Pokémon League

About Me!

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