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An in-battle effect is a volatile condition inflicted on a particular Pokémon. Many of these only last for a limited duration; however, unlike non-volatile status conditions, in-battle effects will always wear off when the affected Pokémon is taken out of battle or when the battle ends.

Prior to Generation VII, there is no way to see whether a Pokémon is affected by an in-battle effect (other than directly observing its effects). In Generation VII, however, most in-battle effects are displayed with an appropriate information message in a Pokémon's status screen.

Aqua Ring

Aqua Ring

Aqua Ring is a status effect introduced in Generation IV. It can be created by the move Aqua Ring.

Aqua Ring restores the Pokémon's HP by 1/16th of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.

Aqua Ring lasts as long as the Pokémon is in battle. It can be transferred by Baton Pass.


Games Description
SMUSUM (UNCONFIRMED) The Pokémon envelops itself in a veil made of water. It regains some HP every turn.


Core series

Side series

Struggle I.png


Autotomize MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon’s Speed goes up sharply. It also gets lighter.


Bide MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon endures attacks for two turns, then strikes back to inflict double the damage taken.


binding moves MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon is bound and takes damage every turn.

Can't Escape

Block, Mean Look, Spider Web, Magnet Pull, Arena Trap, Shadow Tag MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t flee or be switched.


Charge MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The power of the Pokémon’s Electric-type move doubles on the turn after charging.


MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon may hurt itself for one to four turns.

Critical Hits ↑

Focus Energy, Dire Hit, Lansat Berry MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): It raises the critical-hit rate.


Curse MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon takes damage at the end of each turn.

Defense Curl

Defense Curl

Destiny Bond

Destiny Bond MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon will make the opponent faint if the opponent makes the Pokémon faint.


Disable, Cursed Body MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t use <move> for four turns.


Yawn MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon will fall asleep at the end of the turn if it remains on the battlefield.


Embargo MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): For five turns, the Pokémon cannot use its held item and no items can be used on it.


Encore MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): Due to Encore, the Pokémon can use only <move> for three turns.

Fairy Lock

Fairy Lock MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t flee during this turn.

Forest's Curse

Forest's Curse MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Grass type is added to the Pokémon’s type.


Grudge MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): If the Pokémon faints by an opponent’s move, the PP of the move will be 0.

Heal Block

Heal Block MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t recover HP by its moves, Ability, or held items for five turns.


Foresight, Odor Sleuth, Miracle Eye MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon will be hit by certain moves that usually don’t have any effect on it. The effect of the Pokémon’s boosted evasiveness will be ignored when attacked.


Attract, Cute Charm


MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon is less likely to attack Pokémon of the opposite gender.





Imprison MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): If the Pokémon affected by Imprison know any moves also known by the user of Imprison, they are prevented from using those moves.


Ingrain MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon restores its HP at the end of each turn. Ingrained Pokémon can’t be switched.

Laser Focus

Laser Focus MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The move on the turn after the Pokémon uses Laser Focus always results in a critical hit.

Leech Seed

Leech Seed (target) MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): Leech Seed steals the Pokémon’s HP and restores the opponent’s HP at the end of each turn.


Lock-On, Mind Reader MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon’s next move never misses the target after the Pokémon has locked on to it. AND/OR A move won’t miss on the locked-on target.

Magnet Rise

Magnet Rise MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): Ground-type moves won’t hit the Pokémon for five turns.




Nightmare MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): It reduces the HP of the Pokémon every turn while sleeping.

No Ability

Gastro Acid, Core Enforcer MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon’s Ability loses its effect.

Not Invulnerable

Skull Bash, Sky Attack, Solar Beam, Razor Wind, Solar Blade The Pokémon charges for one turn and is forced to execute a move on the next turn. Probably needs subheaders and a better name


unused MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.

Perish Song

Perish Song MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): All Pokémon that heard Perish Song will faint after three turns.

Petal Dance

unused MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.


moves that require recharging


moves with a semi-invulnerable turn PROBABLY NEEDS SUBHEADERS

Sky Drop

Sky Drop



Smack Down

Smack Down, Thousand Arrows MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon is smacked down to the ground.


Stockpile MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon’s Defense and Sp. Def stats go up while stockpiling.




Taunt MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can use only damage-causing moves.


Telekinesis MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): Moves, except for one-hit KO moves, will hit the Pokémon without fail for three turns. Ground-type moves won’t hit the Pokémon.


Thrash, Petal Dance, Outrage MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon rampages and attacks for two to three turns. It then becomes confused.

Throat Chop

Throat Chop MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t use any move that produces sound for two turns.


Torment MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon can’t use the same move twice in a row.


Transform, Imposter


Trick-or-Treat MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Ghost type is added to the Pokémon’s type.


Uproar (user) MESSAGE (UNCONFIRMED): The Pokémon attacks in an uproar for three turns. During that time, no Pokémon can fall asleep.