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These moves have a semi-invulnerable turn, in which the user of the move will perform an action (ascending into the sky, hiding underwater, etc.) that renders them invulnerable to all but a few specific moves; Pokémon in this state can also be hit by a Pokémon that used Lock-On or Mind Reader on it on the previous turn, or if either it or the attacking Pokémon has No Guard. On the second turn, PP will be deducted, the move will deal damage, and it will count as the last move used.

While these moves have these characteristics in common, they are not strictly variations of each other, since many of their other attributes (like power, accuracy, power points, or secondary effects, including which moves can still strike them) are different.

From Generation IV onward, the player cannot throw a Poké Ball at Pokémon in this semi-invulnerable state. In prior generations, Pokémon in this state could be caught.

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