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That's a big assumption that her name came from 小春 (a period in autumn with kinda hot weather, literally "little spring"). Both her father's name and her hair decoration references cherry blossoms, which is always connected with spring season. So it's more likely that it comes from 春, literally "spring".--Martianmister (talk) 06:58, 12 October 2019 (UTC)


Shouldn't her name be "Koharu Sakuragi" then?Roserade57 (talk) 01:50, 6 November 2019 (UTC)


Should have its own profile page since it belongs to the main character. - unsigned comment from Gian9456 (talkcontribs)

Chloe isn't really considered a main character as yet but we are working on a page for Yamper.--BigDocFan (talk) 21:49, 19 July 2020 (UTC)
Speaking of which, I think Chloe should be at the top along with the other protagonists in the corresponding places. It is already clear that she will take a different course, and at some point will become a trainer.--Hikaru Wazana (talk) 21:55, 19 July 2020 (UTC)
That spot is only reserved for main characters, which Chloe is currently definitely not. ☼ BlazingFist ☼ 21:58, 19 July 2020 (UTC)

Full name

Considering the fact that she’s related to Professor Cerise. Shouldn’t she be called “Chloe Cerise”? - unsigned comment from PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talkcontribs)

I asked this earlier (though with the Japanese name since we didnt have the dub name at the time) and my thought is yes. would be weird for the kid not to have the same name as the both parents...Roserade57 (talk) 23:24, 27 May 2021 (UTC)
I’m glad you agree. --PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talk) 01:41, 28 May 2021 (UTC)PercyTheSmallEngine6
There are families that take the mother's name, you know. Ataro (talk) 02:39, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
then the professor would have that surname too. theyre married, and he has the surname Cerise.Roserade57 (talk) 05:43, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
There are cases where spouses don't share the same surname. Animaltamer706:05, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
Think whatever you want, but I feel like it’s best assumed that Chloe does share the same surname as her father. --PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talk) 15:26, 28 May 2021 (UTC)PercyTheSmallEngine6
japanese law: The Right to a Name: 74. Article 790 of the Civil Code of Japan provides that a legitimate child assumes the surname of his/her father and mother and an illegitimate child assumes the surname of his/her mother. The Family Registration Law establishes that the name of a newborn child shall be stated in the notification of birth, which shall be submitted after birth. : so unless chloe was an illegitimate child she was registered with the father's surname through the law. my parents wernet married when I was born (they married a few months later) but I was registered with my dad's surname. the spouse may go with a different name, but the kid by default takes their dad's name.Roserade57 (talk) 17:29, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
Like I said, think whatever you want. I’m not trying to change anyone’s assumptions or thoughts. --PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talk) 17:46, 28 May 2021 (UTC)PercyTheSmallEngine6
I think as a informational site we should never assume anything and leave it like that until someone says her full name. Readers can deduce on their own her surname if they want.--Rocket Grunt 18:06, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
You're trying to apply real life laws to a fictional show, Roserade57... We will not assume just because of traditions, we will wait until the writers actually say that her last name is Cerise.--ForceFire 18:08, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
I see no reason why you wouldn't.Roserade57 (talk) 18:55, 28 May 2021 (UTC)
Suit yourselves.--PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talk) 19:00, 28 May 2021 (UTC)PercyTheSmallEngine6
Agree to disagree. I don’t want this to turn into a heated argument, and I was just sharing my thoughts on what I thought should be added. I see what you mean, but regardless of it, I’m sticking with my beliefs.--PercyTheSmallEngine6 (talk) 19:04, 28 May 2021 (UTC)PercyTheSmallEngine6


Not sure what a good word for this would be, but Chloe seems to get really excited by the prospect of romance. JN011 shows her visibly blushing excitedly when she thought that Talia stuck to her career because of Professor Cerise. JN057 speaks for itself here. I'm sure there are other examples that I can't recall right now, but these are the two that I can think of off the top of my head (I also haven't watched or learned about the events of anything past JN060 outside of a few minor things, since I'm a US person and stick to the Netflix releases, and want to keep my exposure to future episodes to a minimum). Regardless, I think we should put in a paragraph about this, but I just wanted to get it approved here first. JdRDMS (talk) 04:12, 6 November 2021 (UTC)