Pokémon Visual Companion: Second Edition

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Pokémon Visual Companion: Second Edition
Pokémon Visual Companion Second Edition.png
ISBN: 9780744017601
Published: November 15, 2016
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: Simcha Whitehill, Lawrence Neves, Katherine Fang, Cris Silvestri
Preceded By: Pokémon Visual Companion
Succeeded By: Pokémon Visual Companion: Third Edition

Pokémon Visual Companion: Second Edition is a hardcover Pokémon book published by Prima Games on November 15, 2016. It is 272 pages long. The book acts as a guide to the Pokémon anime, featuring Pokédex references, facts and figures of Pokémon from each explored region, and the Pokémon encountered throughout Ash's journey. It also contains information about key characters, battles, and places in the anime, all accompanied by large colored pictures.


This updated and expanded version puts the
Pokémon world at your fingertips with amazing
artwork, fascinating facts, and comical anecdotes.
It is the definitive reference for every Pokémon fan!
  • The ultimate reference to key CHARACTERS,
    famous BATTLES, and important PLACES!
  • EVERY PERSON up through KALOS is covered,
    including EVENTS, PEOPLE and POKÉMON!
  • Trace ASH's journey and get to know his
    Pokémon, friends, and travel companions,
    as well as VILLAINS and RIVALS
    throughout the Pokémon wold!
  • Learn the powerful LIFE LESSONS
    that Pokémon teaches!


The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia

The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia
Pokémon encyclopedia.png
ISBN: 9781408349953
Published: November 17, 2016
Publisher: Hachette Children's Group (Orchard Books)
Author: Simcha Whitehill, Lawrence Neves, Katherine Fang, Cris Silvestri
Preceded By: Pokémon Visual Companion
Succeeded By: N/A

Outside the US, the Pokémon Visual Companion: Second Edition was published under the name The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia by Hachette Children's Group on November 17, 2016.



This up-to-date, comprehensive encyclopedia features:

  • fascinating facts and figures about Pokémon and their world
  • the definitive reference for key characters, battles and places
  • every region, including Kalos
  • Pokémon life lessons
  • Ash's story, his friends ... and enemies!

Gotta catch 'em all

The Official Pokémon Encyclopedia Special Edition

Special Edition

A special edition of the Official Pokémon Encyclopedia (ISBN: 9781408352298) was released on October 5, 2017. It comes with a Pikachu figurine and an exclusive RACE TO PIKACHU board game.



  • On page 12, Primeape is misspelled as "Primape".
    • On the same page, a screen-cap of Ash with his Krookodile is shown rather than an anime promo.
  • On page 13, the book states that Ash caught a Pidgey, rather than Pidgeotto.
  • On page 14, the book implies that Ash caught one Tauros, rather than 30. This may be related to the banning of the episode where Ash caught his 30 Tauros for excessive gun usage.
  • On page 30, Pikachu is incorrectly shown to be 0.5 m tall.
  • On page 31, Ash-Greninja is incorrectly named "Ash's Greninja".
  • On page 40, Togetic and Togekiss's type is incorrectly stated as Flying/Fairy.
    • This error also appears on pages 99 and 165. The background behind the Pokémon also displays the Flying-type background as the primary type.
  • On page 44, Cleavon Schpielbunk is misspelled as "Klieban Spielbunk".
  • On page 51, Misty is incorrectly stated to have obtained her Luvdisc in Kanto.
  • On page 58, Team Rocket's motto from Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl is displayed, despite not currently being in use at the time of printing.
  • On page 60, Caserin and Luverin's names are misspelled as "Kasurin" and "Loverin".
    • However, Caserin was spelled correctly on page 51.
  • On pages 72-73, Cosplay Pikachu are incorrectly stated to have originated from Kanto.
  • On page 79, Cissy is misspelled as "Sissy".
  • On page 86, the book swaps the order in which Ash challenged the Azalea Gym and the Goldenrod Gym.
  • On page 86, the book states that Chikorita uses "Sweet Smell", but it is actually Sweet Scent.
  • On page 102, Cascoon is misspelled as "Casoon".
  • On page 112, the book states that Wattson's Magneton uses "Shock Cannon", but it is actually Zap Cannon.
  • On page 137, Froslass is misspelled as "Frosslass".
  • On page 164, Porygon-Z is misrepresented by a picture of Porygon2.
  • On page 165, Wormadam Sandy Cloak and Trash Cloak's types are incorrectly stated as Bug/Grass.
  • On page 186, Lenora's Herdier is incorrectly stated to have used the move Mean Look in order to force the Pokémon to switch out, rather than Roar.
  • On page 200, Zekrom's type is incorrectly stated as Dragon/Flying.
  • On page 205, Jellicent's height is incorrectly listed as 202 m instead of 2.2 m.
  • Sceptile and Swampert's Mega forms are excluded from the 'Chart of Mega Evolution' section from page 214 to 217.
  • On page 216, Primal Groudon is stated to be a Ground-type, instead of Ground/Fire.
  • On page 220, Magnemite is mispelled as 'Magnetite'.
  • On page 222, Clemont's Chespin is referred to as Ash's.
  • On page 227, Wartortle and Bagon are misspelled as 'Wartole' and 'Begon'.
  • Several type colors are different in the guide compared to how they are represented in the games:
    • Dragon is represented by turquoise rather than lime.
    • Rock is represented by gray rather than brown.
    • Ghost is represented by cream rather than purple.


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