The Official Pokémon Handbook 3

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The title of this article is incorrect because of technical limitations. The correct title is The Official Pokémon Handbook #3.
The Official Pokémon Handbook #3
The Official Pokémon Handbook 3 cover.png
ISBN: 978-0439317474
Published: September 2001
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Josh Izzo, Stephanie Howze
Preceded By: The Official Pokémon Handbook 2
Succeeded By: The Official Pokémon Advanced Handbook 4

The Official Pokémon Handbook #3, edited by Josh Izzo and Stephanie Howze, is an edition of The Official Pokémon Handbook series that was published in September 2001. It served as a paper form of the Johto Pokédex. It contained an entry for all the Generation II Pokémon, excluding Celebi.


Each Pokémon with an entry either shares a page of the book with one other Pokémon or has a page to itself.


Each entry is topped with a large, oddly shaped box. It has the Pokémon's name, Pokédex number, and its category (e.g. Aqua Rabbit Pokémon for Azumarill). On the side of each page is a section that has many facts about the Pokémon itself. Other features include a summary, a picture of the Pokémon, and various sprites of that Pokémon.


On the side of the pages, the entries list the following stats:

  1. Name pronunciation
  2. Type
  3. Height (in inches and feet)
  4. Weight (in pounds)
  5. Techniques (the basic and most commonly used moves of that Pokémon)
  6. Evolution (either "_____ evolves into _____" or "None")

Techniques and other techniques are not listed with the levels at which they are learned, and not all the moves the Pokémon can learn appear.

Image and other information

Each Pokémon has a picture on its page and some pages also feature a "Pokédex Pick," with extra facts about the Pokémon that relate to the anime or sometimes have helpful information.

Evolution chain

At the very bottom of each entry are pictures with arrows between them to show what the Pokémon evolves into. Pokémon that do not evolve do not have an evolution chain.

Other content

The book includes a section called A word from Professor Oak, similar to his speeches that welcomed players into games, but greater in length. It also features a map and summary of the Johto region. There are also Johto and Indigo League comparisons of Badges, etc. The Pokémon types are also explained, and the types of all Generation I and II Pokémon are listed. There are snapshots of the Pokémon anime toward the end of the book. The last three pages are a Pokémon catching checklist and a brief story about the one Pokémon not entirely featured in the book, Celebi.


  • The book refers to Grampa Canyon as "Grandfather Canyon."
  • The Soul and Marsh Badge are switched in the section showing all the badges.
  • In the section that explains Pokémon types, Qwilfish is misspelled as "Qwillfish."
  • Blissey has the non-existent move "Slap" listed, presumably a misprint of Double Slap.
  • The errors from The Official Pokémon Handbook 2 of Gligar having Bite and the non-existent move "Sand Throw" and Ho-Oh having the non-existent move "Normal" listed are retained.
  • Lanturn's "Evolution" entry reads "Chinchou is the evolved form of Lanturn" instead of the other way around.
  • Ledian and Forretress have Submission listed among their attacks, but neither can learn the move.
  • Mantine's Pokédex Pick says it is the heaviest Johto Pokémon, though Steelix is in fact the heaviest, nearly twice the weight of Mantine.
  • Porygon2 has the non-existent move "Cannon" listed, presumably a misprint of Zap Cannon.
  • Rock Slide is misspelled "Rock Side" in Sudowoodo's entry.
  • In Sunkern's Pokédex entry, its height is listed as 0'01" instead of 1'00".

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