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Pastures 放牧場
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Pastures LA.png
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Location: Jubilife Village
Region: Hisui
Generations: VIII

Location of Pastures in Hisui.
Pokémon world locations

The pastures (Japanese: 放牧場 pastures) are an area on the eastern side of Jubilife Village, located just south of the front gate where Survey Corps expeditions take off from. This is where the player is able to store their Pokémon in a single pasture (Japanese: ぼくじょう pasture), serving as the Hisuian equivalent of boxes in the modern-day Pokémon Storage System.

The village pastures are managed by Marie. Pastures are also accessible from outside of the village; at any base camp, a Galaxy Team member will give the player the option to check their pastures. After finishing Request 102: "Daybreak", Ingo at the Training Grounds will also offer the player to check their pastures.

Initially, the player is limited to a maximum of 30 pastures. The 31st pasture is unlocked after Dialga or Palkia is captured during Mission 18: "The Counterpart". A final 32nd pasture is unlocked after obtaining Arceus during Mission 27: "The Deified Pokémon". Each pasture can hold up to 30 Pokémon.

Pokémon placed in a pasture can sometimes appear in the overworld behind the pasture fence. Shiny Pokémon and alpha Pokémon will retain their color and size, respectively. Players are able to release multiple Pokémon at once in the pastures. When the player releases a Pokémon (even if not at Jubilife Village), they may receive a certain amount of Grit Dust, Grit Gravel, Grit Pebbles, and/or Grit Rocks. Releasing higher-level Pokémon increases the chance of getting higher quality items, and releasing a large amount of Pokémon at once will yield more rewards in general.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 放牧場 Fongmuhkchèuhng
Mandarin 放牧場 / 放牧场 Fàngmùchǎng
France Flag.png French Aire de Pâturage
Germany Flag.png German Weide
Italy Flag.png Italian Pascolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 방목장 Bangmokjang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Redil


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 放牧場 Fongmuhkchèuhng
Mandarin 放牧場 / 放牧场 Fàngmùchǎng
France Flag.png French Pâturage
Germany Flag.png German Weide
Italy Flag.png Italian Pascolo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 목장 Mokjang
Spain Flag.png Spanish Redil

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