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PS602 : Hoopa Distorts
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
PS604 : Goodra Spits
Slowbro Has an Idea
Yadoran, Gleam
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 7 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 7 in Vol. 2
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 603 in Vol. 63
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 8 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Slowbro Has an Idea (Japanese: ヤドラン、ひらめく Yadoran, Gleam) is the 603rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Ruby is surprised to be surrounded by three Trainers who are each held aloft by a Flygon. Latios fires a beam when the Trainers begin to attack them, but their Pokémon block it. To Ruby's shock, their Pokémon jump down from the backs of the Flygon, landing on an invisible floor in the sky. The Trainers introduce themselves as Renza, Jinga, and Tomatoma. Jinga Mega Evolves his Slowbro, before the three announce that they are the Draconid people. Ruby wonders aloud if they are friends with Zinnia, and they grow furious, commanding their Pokémon to attack. Ruby is shocked that their opponents are able to run through the air, and Latios reveals that it is because they are utilizing contrails left by Dragon-type Pokémon. Renza tells Ruby that contrails are invisible to most people, but the Draconid people have learned to see them after coexisting with Dragon-type Pokémon for generations.

Ruby shouts at the three to stop fighting him, and attempts to clear up the confusion. He assumes that they attacked him because they thought he was a member of the Devon Corporation, and the three are stunned to hear him say this. Ruby goes on to tell them that Zinnia had revealed to him that she was the Lorekeeper of the Draconid people. The three tell him that while their village decided for Zinnia to have that role, they haven't accepted it, and instead say that their Lorekeeper is Aster. Ruby is shocked that the Lorekeeper could be a Whismur, which causes even more confusion.

The three explain that Aster—the namesake of Zinnia's Whismur—used to be the official Lorekeeper, since she had special powers. However, she has since passed away. They tell Ruby that Zinnia was the next person to be nominated for the role, but she doesn't have the special powers that Aster did. Ruby realizes that Zinnia doesn't have the power to save the world, and Renza asks him if Zinnia had a scroll with her. Ruby says he didn't see one, and while pausing to think, a fiery meteorite suddenly charges past them. Jinga tells him that as the meteor is making its way to the planet, many smaller meteorites will hit it first.

Bringing the conversation topic back to Zinnia, Renza reveals that he would not have rejected her as Lorekeeper if Rayquaza had given her permission to soar through the sky on its back. Sensing that more meteorites will come toward them, the three begin to leave, apologizing for attacking Ruby. As Ruby stays behind to wonder what they meant, he looks up to see a meteorite coming for them. He falls backward from Latios in shock, plummeting through the sky. Latios reaches out to catch him with his claw, but as soon as he does so, a meteorite strikes him in the back. The two fall through the air into the sea beneath them.

Ruby wakes up in a cave, unsure of how he got there. He sees how muddied his clothes have become and immediately panics, only becoming calm when he sees that his Pokémon are unharmed in their Poké Balls. Right as he wonders where Latios is, he enters with a smaller Pokémon holding his claw. Latios tells Ruby that the Pokémon lives on the island they are on, and that it rescued them from the sea. Ruby is enchanted by the Pokémon, sprinting to it and asking if it would like to participate in a Pokémon Contest in the Cuteness category. Ruby suddenly freezes and pulls away from it, leaning against the cave wall. His voice wavers as he realizes that he had just been planning for a future that will never exist. Ruby begins to chastise himself for spending the past two days trying to prevent a crisis rather than using the time he has left to do the things he loves. He tells Latios that he believes he would be better off not knowing what was going to happen to the planet, and that's why he wanted to act alone, rather than telling Sapphire. He regrets hiding his true feelings from her, and through tears, begins to realize that he cares about his life and the things he wants to do. He tells Latios that he wants to introduce Mega Evolution and Cosplay Pikachu in Contests, and reveals that he had designed his Contest Costumes so that he and Sapphire could wear them together. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Ruby collapses to the ground.

Before Latios can talk to Ruby, he picks himself up, energized after getting his feelings off of his chest. Latios suggests checking on Emerald and the others, revealing that he had Latias stay by them. Connecting with Latias, Latios projects her location around Ruby.

Ruby finds himself hovering in front of Chic and Sceptile, who are each standing on a mysterious platform. He sees Mr. Stone approach Emerald and Sapphire, telling them to Mega Evolve their Pokémon and prepare to have them use their ultimate moves. The Pokémon begin to do so, and Sapphire and Emerald become concerned when Sea Mauville begins to shake. Steven commands for the Absorption to begin, using the life force of Chic and Sceptile to power the dimensional shifter. Sapphire and Emerald watch in shock as a bright light shines in front of them. Before Ruby can see what happens next, the vision goes away, placing him back in the cave with Latios. Latios reveals that Latias couldn't bring herself to continue watching.

Ruby hops onto Latios's back and demands to visit Steven. Latios asks him if he's going to ask the Devon Corporation to stop interfering with Zinnia's plan, but Ruby says no. He tells Latios that the Draconid people have made it clear that only the one who can ride Rayquaza can save the world. Ruby believes the person who can stop the meteor is not Zinnia or the Devon Corporation, but himself.

Major events

  • The Draconids attack Ruby.
  • The Draconids reveal that a person named Aster was destined to stop the meteoroid, but her death led Zinnia into taking up her role in her place.
  • Pieces of the meteoroid fall onto the planet and knock Ruby and Latios into the sea.
  • Ruby wakes up in a cave and is told by Latios that a Diancie rescued them.
  • Latios and Latias show Ruby where Sapphire and Emerald are.
  • Mr. Stone and Steven begin using the Absorber to drain the energy from Chic and Sceptile's Mega Evolved states.
  • Ruby decides to not side with Devon or Zinnia and instead aims to take up the role of controlling Rayquaza and stop the meteoroid by himself.
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PS602 : Hoopa Distorts
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
PS604 : Goodra Spits
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