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Motor Drive でんきエンジン
Electric Engine
Flavor text
Generation IV
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
Generation V
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
Generation VI
Boosts the Speed stat when it's hit by an Electric-type move.
Generation VII
Boosts its Speed stat if hit by an Electric-type move, instead of taking damage.
Generation VIII
Boosts its Speed stat if hit by an Electric-type move instead of taking damage.
Generation IX
The Pokémon takes no damage when hit by Electric-type moves. Instead, its Speed stat is boosted.

Motor Drive (Japanese: でんきエンジン Electric Engine) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. Prior to Generation V, it was the signature Ability of Electivire.


In battle

When a Pokémon with Motor Drive is hit by an Electric-type move, its Speed is increased by one stage, and the move will have no effect on that Pokémon.

Multi-strike moves that are turned into Electric-type moves, such as by being affected by Electrify or Galvanize, will only activate this Ability once. Motor Drive will not activate if the Pokémon is protected from the Electric-type move.

If a Pokémon with Motor Drive is holding a Cell Battery, Motor Drive absorbs the move so the Cell Battery's effect is not triggered.

Outside of battle

Motor Drive has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Motor Drive

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
0466 Electivire Electivire
Electric Electric Motor Drive None Vital Spirit
0522 Blitzle Blitzle
Electric Electric Lightning Rod Motor Drive Sap Sipper
0523 Zebstrika Zebstrika
Electric Electric Lightning Rod Motor Drive Sap Sipper
0587 Emolga Emolga
Electric Flying Static None Motor Drive
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  • For Generation III and IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.

Pokéstar Studios opponents with Motor Drive

Spr 5b2 Transport.png
Motor Drive
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spe
100 100 100 100 100 100

In other games


Games Description
MDTDS Lets Pokémon avoid damage of Electric-type attacks, then boosts its Movement Speed.
BSL でんきタイプの わざをうけると ダメージがなく いどうそくどが あがる
Conq. Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type move.
MDGtI Electric-type moves increase Travel Speed instead of damaging the Pokémon.*
Electric-type moves not work on the Pokémon, they will raise its Travel Speed!*
SMD Electric-type moves don't work on the Pokémon, and they cause the Pokémon's Travel Speed to go up!
MDRTDX The Pokémon absorbs Electric-type moves to raise its Travel Speed.

In the anime

Volkner Electivire Motor Drive.png
Volkner's Electivire
Paul Electivire Motor Drive.png
Paul's Electivire
The Pokémon absorbs Electric attacks to increase its speed.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
Electivire Electivire can absorb Electric-type attacks that are sent at it. When it does, yellow sparks of electricity surround its body, and it spins its arms rapidly, giving it a golden aura. Electivire's speed then increases. However, the Ability can become overcharged by a sufficiently strong Electric move, thereby damaging Electivire.
Volkner's Electivire The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! Debut
Paul's Electivire Battling a Thaw in Relations! None

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 電氣引擎 Dihnhei Yáhnkìhng
Mandarin 電氣引擎 / 电气引擎 Diànqì Yǐnqíng
The Czech Republic Flag.png Czech Elektromotor (JN onwards)
Motorový pohon (DP)
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Starthulp
Finland Flag.png Finnish Sähkömoottori (JN)
Moottoriveto (DP)
France Flag.png French Motorisé
Germany Flag.png German Starthilfe
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Mesin Listrik
Italy Flag.png Italian Elettrorapid
South Korea Flag.png Korean 전기엔진 Jeongi Engine
Poland Flag.png Polish Elektromotor*
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Impulso Motor (JN077–present, TCG, manga)
Motor Elétrico (DP179DP188)
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Eletromotor (JN)
Transmissão (DP)
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Motor Fuerte
Spain Flag.png Spain Electromotor
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Động Cơ Điện

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