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Challenge Machine Home screen

A Challenge Machine is a device in the Pokémon Trading Card Game made by Dr. Mason in his laboratory after the player finishes the game. In Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, this is given to the player after completing the first deck. It is used in card duels.

Its purpose is to provide a challenge to players, serving as post-game content. Players can choose a deck, then they must battle against sets of opponents. Opponents are chosen among all those who the player already played against. Each set is composed by 5 random opponents that fulfill the above requirement, according to this pattern:

Challenge Machine display the player's score which corresponds to the maximum consecutive wins. Other saved records are:

  • How many times the player defeated 5 opponents
  • Present consecutive wins
  • Maximum consecutive wins

After each set of opponents are defeated, the player can choose to stop to play at the Challenge Machine and to resume later without losing the present consecutive wins record.

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