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Eterna City

Team Galactic Eterna Building


Galactic Eterna Building 1F

Once inside the Team Galactic Eterna Building, Looker will approach you again. Several staircases in this building lead to dead ends, where Galactic Grunts and items are located.The correct staircases have a poster near them. Defeat the two grunts guarding the left-hand staircase, then head upstairs. Fight the lone Grunt, collect the X Speed behind him, then head back downstairs and up the right-hand staircase.


Galactic Eterna Building 2F

Back on the second floor, make a quick detour up the right-hand staircase, defeat the Grunt and grab the X Special that's partially hidden by the appliance behind him, then head back downstairs. Before heading up the middle-right staircase, talk to the Grunt working at a computer for another battle.


Galactic Eterna Building 3F

Battle the Scientist, then head up the right-hand staircase that leads up to 4F; you'll find another dead end but you can also collect a Blue Shard and a Revive. Head back downstairs and up the middle-right staircase to the top floor.


Galactic Eterna Building 4F

Collect the Up-Grade to the right of Commander Jupiter, then talk to her to begin the battle.

The biggest danger is her Skuntank, as at this point in the game the only options to deal it super-effective damage are Geodude's Magnitude or Shellos's Mud Bomb. Once defeated, Jupiter will retreat, saying they no longer need this base but warns you not to meddle in Team Galactic's affairs again. The owner of Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop will tell you to meet him at his shop, then return to his shop - follow him back outside.

Eterna City

Pokémon Games Location Levels Rate
Togepi Togepi
D P Pt
Egg Egg
1 One
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

Before heading to the shop, visit the Pokémon Center and make sure that your party has a free space - just before arriving at the Bike Shop you'll encounter Cynthia again, who will give you a Pokémon Egg that hatches into a Togepi.

Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop

When you meet Rad Rickshaw at his shop, he will give you a bicycle. You can ask him to read you the manual for the bike here once you receive one. A unique feature of this bicycle is that the player can press the B button to switch between the third and fourth gears. Fourth gear is faster than third gear and allows the player to ride up muddy slopes and jump further from bike ramps. Third gear can jump bike ramps, but does not jump as far. Head to Eterna City's south entrance - now that you have a bicycle, you're allowed onto Route 206, the Cycling Road.

Finally, before you leave, you might want to bring Pokémon which know Cut, TM70 (Flash) (which is found in the basement of the Oreburgh Gate) and Rock Smash, as they can be used to enter and navigate a few of the upcoming areas.

Now that you can use Cut and the Bicycle (optional)

You can pick up several items that were inaccessible before.

Oreburgh Gate

Route 204 (north)

Eterna Forest

Eterna City

Old Chateau

The Old Chateau's main floor
The upstairs hallway.

Now that you have Cut, you can visit the Old Chateau, which is located in the northern part of Eterna Forest, by the exit. Buy some Nest Balls from the Pokémart in Eterna City then backtrack to Eterna Forest, because the Old Chateau is home to Rotom. Since there are no in-game Trainers who use Rotom, you will need to face it here at some point for it to be counted as seen in your Pokédex. You'll find Gardenia near the entrance who, when you talk to her, appears too scared to go in due to the ghosts. Rotom aside, the Old Chateau is worth exploring to collect the items inside it. Go up the stairs to find the hallway with multiple small rooms. The only wild Pokémon you'll encounter here are Gastly, so you might want to bring some Repels to save yourself some annoyance.

From here, use the first door on your left to reach a room with a TV. During the night (8:00 PM to 3:59 AM), Rotom can be found here, hiding in the TV. Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, where you could only find it once the National Dex has been obtained, it can be found and captured right now. Save your game before trying to catch it.

Spr 4p 479.png
Electric Ghost
Held item:
Rotom Lv.20
Electric Special
Confuse Ray
Ghost Status
Normal Special
Double Team
Normal Status

Head upstairs and into the main hallway, and save the game before interacting with the TV which Rotom has possessed. Rotom is not very tough, so take care to whittle its health down with flying-, bug-, or poison-type moves. As Rotom is only level 20, Nest Balls will have the same catch rate as Ultra Balls in this encounter, so send it to sleep or paralyze it, then use your Nest Balls to catch it. If you got the Dusk Ball from Oreburgh City, then that will work even better than Nest Balls.

Route 206 (optional)

Route 206

Route 206 is made of two parts: the Cycling Road and a grassy area underneath. The Cycling Road is the only part of the route accessible from Eterna City, and you are not permitted to access it without a Bicycle. Here you will also find Dawn/Lucas's father who will give you the Exp. Share when you talk to him, as long as have seen at 35 separate Pokémon; if you haven't yet, make sure to come back and get it when you have.

There are a number of Trainers to fight on the Cycling Road - defeat them all and exit through the southern gate, speaking to the woman in the gate on your way to get an accessory item. Enter the grassy area by using Cut on the tree to the right of the gate. A lone Hiker has wandered down here - defeat him, as well as gathering all the items, on your way up north to Wayward Cave.

Wayward Cave (optional)

Wayward Cave Main Area in Platinum

Main Area

All trainers in Wayward Cave are positioned such that you could face them in Double Battles. Additionally, there is a girl called Mira in the cave who will serve as your tag battle partner. If you wish, you can find Mira before facing the Trainers to make these battles easier, since, like Cheryl earlier, she'll heal your team completely after each battle.

To get to Mira, use Flash, and, smashing your way through any rocks that pose an obstacle, go north through two 4-way intersections, west at the T-junction, north at the next turning, then east at another T-junction, and follow the passage continuing south through a 4-way intersection, following the passage to a final T-junction, where you should turn north to arrive at Mira in the north-eastern corner of the cave. Talk to Mira to have her accompany you.

As long as you can avoid the entrance, Mira will serve as your partner for whatever double battles you wish to participate in. Once your business here is finished, head back outside and to the west, as there is another cave to explore.

Hidden Area

Wayward Cave (Hidden Area)

To access the hidden area of Wayward Cave, start just south of the top right pillar that supports the Cycling Road, walk 9 steps west, and then go north until you reach the entrance. You won't need Flash here, except for the very small entry area, which you can find your way through easily. Notably, this is the only place in the game to contain wild Gible. You can also find the powerful TM26 (Earthquake) here by traveling all the way through the path and going up the stairs to another hidden area on the 1F of Wayward Cave. You'll need your bike to jump the ramps; use 3rd gear (the slower gear) to land in the spot directly after a ramp, and 4th gear (the faster gear) to land 3 squares after a ramp.

When you've got everything you want from this area, head south to Route 207.

Route 207

Route 207

Now that you have a Bicycle, you can enter Route 207 from Oreburgh City or Route 206. Take the narrow path directly south of the Honey Tree to find a slew of items and trainers. As you try to enter Mt. Coronet's south entrance, at the eastern end of the route, Dawn/Lucas will appear and give you the Vs. Seeker and the Dowsing Machine app for your Pokétch. Proceed into Mt. Coronet.

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