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Stark Mountain

When you come back, you'll want Rock Climb and plenty of Dusk Balls.

Now that you are traveling by yourself, in the large room, you can use Rock Climb to easily navigate through. Return to Heatran's room, save the game and challenge it so you can catch it.

Catching Heatran

Spr 4p 485.png
Fire Steel
Flash Fire
Held item:
Heatran Lv.50
Metal Sound
Steel Status
Dark Physical
Scary Face
Normal Status
Lava Plume
Fire Special

Heatran is Level 50 and can be a dangerous attacker. Use a Water- or Fighting-type move to take out a chunk of its HP, then continue hitting with weaker attacks until its HP bar turns red. Then, throw Dusk Balls until you catch it. To avoid the risk of getting defeated by Heatran, heal your team often.

Route 228

Route 228

On this route, there is a constant Sandstorm, which causes minor damage to Pokémon that aren't Rock, Ground, or Steel-types on every turn. You will need both your Bicycle and the HM Rock Smash for this area. The nearby cave is the entrance to the Rock Peak Ruins where, if you have an event Regigigas in your party, you will find Regirock where you have a chance to catch it. If not, it is an ordinary cave where you will find a Hard Stone and a hidden Nugget northeast of it.

This route can be a bit of a puzzle to navigate. You'll need to use the muddy slopes and logs to access the Berry patch and all of the items. For a shortcut out of this route, from the area where you started, head for the northern area and follow the path with your bike and you'll only have to deal with a few Trainers and breakable rocks.

Move Tutor

The northern house on this route belongs to one of the Move Tutors. He can teach the ultimate moves of the starter Pokémon to their final forms as long as their happiness factor is maxed out. The moves he teaches are Frenzy Plant for the Grass starters, Blast Burn for the Fire starters, and Hydro Cannon for the Water starters.

Route 229

Route 229

This should be a straightforward route. In the patch of long grass, a man is hiding in the trees who will give you two Nuggets if you talk with him twice. Also, one of the Trainers is hidden. You will need Cut for finding two of the items. In the southernmost area where two of the Trainers are, there are two paths. Going west will take you to Route 230 while going east takes you to the Resort Area. Let's go to the Resort Area first.

Resort Area

Resort Area

There isn't much to do here. This is the only place in the game besides Twinleaf Town not to have a Poké Mart or another store.

Ribbon Syndicate

The Ribbon Syndicate is the large building in the northeastern part of town. This is a very hard building to get into as you must have 10 different kinds of Ribbon on your current party just to be permitted entry. You'll need to participate in a lot of different Super Contests to achieve this.

Like with the massage therapist in Veilstone City, there is a spa treatment, receivable once per day, that will increase a Pokémon's happiness factor. One difference is that it can also be used on Pokémon Eggs, enabling the Pokémon that hatches from that Egg to already possess that increased happiness factor. Also, you can purchase rare, highly expensive Ribbons not found elsewhere.


Located in the southeastern area of town. Once you arrive, the previous owner will turn over the Villa to you and help you get a table. You can purchase other furniture with the booklet found on the table, allowing you to decorate in a similar way to the Underground Secret Base. The Sinnoh Gym Leaders, Professor Rowan, Lucas/Dawn, Barry, and your character's mother may come and visit.

Route 230

Route 230

For the last numbered route in the game, this is pretty easy to navigate. Surf west to reach the Fight Area. If you have a Grass- and an Electric-type with you, you should have no problems. You will need Rock Smash for the small island found on this route to reach all the items (two of which are hidden).

After arresting Charon and exploring every location, your mission in this game is mostly complete! All that's left is to work on completing the National Pokédex, which will require trading with other players. Obtaining all 481 non-event Pokémon is a big task, but it is possible! If you complete the National Pokédex, go to the Hotel Grand Lake on Valor Lakefront and talk with the Game Freak director to get your Diploma for completing your Pokédex.

Additionally, you can always challenge the Elite Four, Battleground, and Battle Frontier.

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