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Furniture (Japanese: かぐ furniture) is a type of item exclusive to Pokémon Platinum. This is used to describe the items one can decorate the Villa with. These items are purchased from a catalog and are the most expensive furniture one can purchase with Pokémon Dollars. Unlike many other places where furniture can be kept, the furniture in the villa is placed automatically and cannot be moved.

The total cost of all furniture is $2,500,000.

List of Villa furniture

Availability Default
Description The table's subtle curves accentuate its distinctive presence.
  Notes None
ResortBig SofaSprite.png
Big Sofa
Availability Default
Description A big sofa with a wonderful sense of presence.
  Notes None
ResortSmall SofaSprite.png
Small Sofa
Availability Default
Description A smaller sofa with a wonderful sense of presence.
  Notes Lucas/Dawn visits when this is purchased.
Availability Default
Description A canopied bed for deep, relaxing sleep.
  Notes None
ResortNight TableSprite.png
Night Table
Availability Default
Description A small night table for the bedside.
  Notes None
Availability Default
Description A TV featuring the latest technology.
  Notes None
ResortAudio SystemSprite.png
Audio System
Availability Default
Description An audio system that maximally draws out the charms of music.
  Notes Plays a bossa nova remix of "Lilycove City" when examined.
Availability Default
Description The shelves are lined with books left by Prof. Rowan.
  Notes Professor Rowan visits when this is purchased.
Availability Default
Description An enchanting rack without anything on it.
  Notes None
Availability Default
Description All houseplants give off the fragrance of life.
  Notes Gardenia visits when this is purchased.
ResortPC DeskSprite.png
PC Desk
Availability Default
Description A thin-bodied PC made for the design conscious.
  Notes None
ResortMusic BoxSprite.png
Music Box
Availability Purchase the Rack.
Description A handmade music box with a soothing melody.
  Notes Plays a remix of "Twinleaf Town" when examined until the player closes the description window.
The remix slowly runs down like a music box.
Pokémon Bust
Availability Battle at each Battle Frontier facility at least once
Description An almost lifelike Pokémon statue. It would be nice to have a pair.
  Notes None
Pokémon Bust
Availability Obtain at least one Silver Print
Description An almost lifelike Pokémon statue. It would be nice to have a pair.
  Notes None
Availability Enter the Hall of Fame ten times.
Description Even playing a simple scale will tell you this is a special piano.
  Notes Plays "Champion Cynthia" when examined.
Cynthia visits when this is purchased.
ResortGuest SetSprite.png
Guest Set
Availability Defeat fifty Trainers at the Battleground.
Description A guest set that exemplifies the meaning of comfort.
  Notes None
ResortWall ClockSprite.png
Wall Clock
Availability Plant fifty Berries.
Description A clock that teaches the beauty of precisely marking time.*
  Notes None
Availability Hatch 30 Eggs.
Description A breathtaking masterpiece that no words can ever do justice.*
  Notes None
ResortTea SetSprite.png
Tea Set
Availability Buy the Guest Set.
Description An exquisitely designed tea set for luxuriantly elegant times.*
  Notes None
Availability Walk at least 300,000 steps.
Description Light makes the glass gleam, and the glass dazzlingly reflects the light.*
  Notes None

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Meuble
Germany Flag.png German Einrichtungsgegenstand
Italy Flag.png Italian Mobile
South Korea Flag.png Korean 가구 Gagu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mueble

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