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Canalave Gym

Canalave Gym 1F
Canalave Gym 2F
Canalave Gym 3F
Canalave Gym 4F

Be aware that the toughest Pokémon you'll face here is Level 41. The layout of the Canalave Gym is a maze consisting of multiple elevator platforms. As you may already know, it specializes in Steel-types. You'll want Fire-, Ground-, and/or Fighting-type Pokémon with you. Steel-types resist attacks of almost every other type, and are completely immune to Poison-type moves. Also, most of the Pokémon in this Gym have high Defense, so Special moves will do the most damage to them. Lucario's Aura Sphere is one of the most dangerous moves to Steel-type Pokémon in the game right now.

To deal with the maze, first head to the easternmost elevator out of the set of four you'll find on 1F. Then, take the elevator south of you on 2F to reach the southeast area of 1F. The next one will take you back up to 2F. Then, use the moving lift hooked up to a wire to get across the ledge. Take the regular elevator there to reach 3F, where you will find more moving lifts to take you across the wires. First, use the moving lift north of you to reach the north area of 3F with two moving lifts side-by side. Take the northern lift and then keep following the path that will take you back down to 2F. Another elevator will take you to the northern area of the 1F. There, an elevator with a red outline will take you up to 4F where Byron, the Gym Leader and the father of Oreburgh City Gym Leader Roark is.

Canalave City Gym
The Mine Badge

Byron starts by sending out Magneton, whose weak Sp. Defense makes it vulnerable to moves like Flamethrower. Also, a Ground-type move like Earthquake could easily take it out in one hit due to its Steel/Electric typing. Beware of Flash Cannon if your Earthquake user is part Rock-type. Metal Sound will harshly lower your Pokémon's Special Defense, causing Thunderbolt, Tri Attack, and Flash Cannon to do even more damage, so be careful. With Magneton out of your way, Byron sends in his Steelix. It's best to use Special attacks on it because of its high Defense stat. It will dispose of Fire-types with Earthquake unless you have a Fire-type strong and fast enough to take it out in one hit. It also uses Ice Fang, which Torterra has a 4× weakness to. Sandstorm powers up Ground-type moves, so use that to your advantage if you can. Don't worry too much about Steelix knowing Flash Cannon, as its Special Attack isn't the best. The last Pokémon you'll face is Bastiodon, which is high-leveled but can easily be defeated by a powerful Fighting- or Ground-type attack due to it's type combo of Rock/Steel. Be sure to take it out in one hit (which isn't too hard), or your Pokémon will be on the receiving end of Metal Burst, which does 1.5 times the damage your previous attack did to Bastiodon. Stone Edge poses a threat to Fire-types, and Iron Defense will sharply raise Bastiodon's already high Defense stat. Taunt will only allow your Pokémon to use attacking moves, which shouldn't be much of a concern. Get Bastiodon out of your way as quickly as possible, and you'll have saved your team some pain and earned yourself the Mine Badge without too much trouble!

Once you defeat Byron, he will give you the Mine Badge, which causes all traded Pokémon up to Level 70 obey you without question and allows for Strength to be used outside of battle. He'll also give you TM91 (Flash Cannon), a Steel-type Special attack that occasionally lowers the enemy's Special Defense stat.

Canalave City

When you step out the door, your rival Barry will be there waiting for you. After congratulating you on getting the Mine Badge he asks you to come with him to the Canalave Library. Meet him there, then head in the building and go up to the 3F. It turns out that Professor Rowan is there with his assistant Lucas/Dawn and wanted you to be part of this conversation. Rowan explains that during his exploration of Pokémon evolution, he learned of the Lake guardians that might shed some light on the mystery of evolution he is trying to solve. He is therefore going to investigate the lakes where these three guardians live, and while he is going with his assistant to Lake Verity, you will go to Lake Valor, and Barry is going to Lake Acuity. Just then a tremor goes off, and you'll learn there was an explosion at Lake Valor, and so the group then separates to head to each of their destinations. First you will need to finish your assignment at Lake Valor to progress the game, but since you now have six badges you can backtrack for items you couldn't get before in places such as the basement at Oreburgh Gate since you now have Strength. See this section for more details.

Lake Valor (First visit)

Lake Valor (Dried up)

Turns out Team Galactic is responsible for the tremors due to using a large bomb to dry out the lake to find the area where Azelf sleeps. You won't be able to find any wild Pokémon while the lake is in this condition. Time to face some Galactic Grunts.

Once you get past them and enter the cave, you'll find it is too late, Azelf has been taken by Team Galactic and instead you will have to face the leader of this unit, Commander Saturn.

Saturn's Golbat can easily be knocked out with an Electric or Rock-type move. His Bronzor should be no problem with a Fire-type special move just like in the Canalave Gym. His star Pokémon is a Toxicroak. It takes a 4× weakness to a Psychic-type. If you do use a Psychic-type make sure it is gifted in speed along with having a good move like Espeon or Alakazam since a slower Psychic-type like Gardevoir can't handle Toxicroak's Faint Attack, a Dark-type move. A Flying-type type can also handle Toxicroak.

After the battle Saturn will gloat how pointless it is to stand up to Team Galactic and mentions that Commander Mars should have caught the guardian at Lake Verity by now before leaving. It is time to head to Lake Verity, so make sure to have your team ready before flying back to Twinleaf Town and then heading to Lake Verity.

Lake Verity (Second Visit)

When you arrive you'll find Rowan holding off one of the grunts while Lucas/Dawn is up ahead facing Mars and needs your help. After going through two Double Battles you will face off against Mars who wishes to get back at you for screwing up her previous mission at the Valley Windworks.

Her team is about the same as Saturn's team, but with the difference of Purugly instead of Toxicroak. Since your Fighting-type diversity has greatly improved since last time it shouldn't have been hard to have found a Fighting-type to use against her to defeat Purugly. Be careful since it is fast and can put you asleep with Hypnosis. After the battle, despite fretting about losing again, Mars is satisfied with having captured Mesprit. She also deduces that Saturn's operation of catching Azelf it made it easier to catch Mesprit due to it sensing that Azelf is in danger and made the cave appear to head out. Mars then leaves with the warning of the power they are about to possess.

After Professor Rowan is up to speed on what happened at Lake Valor, he decides to send you to Lake Acuity in the far north where Barry is, believing that Barry may be in danger due to Team Galactic going there. It is time to head to Route 211 which is east of Eterna City or west of Celestic Town.

Route 211

Route 211

There is nothing of value here now, except going into Mt. Coronet's north area. However, you can visit this place earlier in the game if you wish when you first get to Eterna City for the West side of this route or Celestic Town for the East side and find basic stuff here.

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