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Wonder Orbs (Japanese: ふしぎだま Wonder Orb) are magical items in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series that have a variety of effects within dungeons. However, they cannot be used in boss battles or against other rescue teams, and certain ones cannot be used against Kecleon if the player has robbed a Kecleon Shop (such as Escape Orbs and Trawl Orbs); however, Totter Orbs and Spurn Orbs do have an effect on him and his clones.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Wonder Orbs are worth 300 Poké and sold for 150 Poké, unless otherwise notified. In Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, Wonder Orbs are worth 150 Poké and sold for 30 Poké, unless otherwise notified.

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, most Wonder Orbs can be used in boss battles, except for All Power-Up Orbs, All Dodge Orbs and All Protect Orbs as they cannot be brought in Legendary Battles. Also, legendary bosses, such as Lugia and Ho-Oh found in the left bulletin board under "Legend of the Mysterious Ruins", cannot be affected by Orbs that cause negative status effects.

Note that in Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, certain orbs are exclusive to either game (e.g. Foe-Hold Orb exclusive to Time, Foe-Fear Orb exclusive to Darkness) but can be obtained in the other game through Wonder Mail.

In Red and Blue Rescue Team, as well as Rescue Team DX, Wonder Orbs that target all enemies in a room or on a floor will also target the user and its allies when used by a confused Pokémon.


The available Wonder Orbs vary depending on the game. Some of these Orbs have been replaced by Wands starting in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Item Game
Align Orb
All Dodge Orb
All-Hit Orb
All-Mach Orb
All Power-Up Orb
All Protect Orb
Apathy Orb
Bank Orb
Beatup Orb
Blowback Orb
Cleanse Orb
Decoy Orb
Deposit Orb
Devolve Orb
Drought Orb
Emera-Up Orb
Enemy Discord Orb
Enemy Evolve Orb
Escape Orb
Evasion Orb
Fill-In Orb
Foe-Fear Orb
Foe-Hold Orb
Foe-Seal Orb
Hail Orb
Health Orb
Helper Orb
Hurl Orb
Identify Orb
Invisify Orb
Inviting Orb
Itemizer Orb
Lasso Orb
Lob Orb
Longtoss Orb
Luminous Orb
Mobile Orb
Monster Orb
Mug Orb
Nullify Orb
Observer Orb
One-Room Orb
One-Shot Orb
Petrify Orb
Pierce Orb
Possess Orb
Pounce Orb
Quick Orb
Radar Orb
Rainy Orb
Rare Quality Orb
Rebound Orb
Reset Orb
Revive All Orb
Reviver Orb
Rocky Orb
Rollcall Orb
Sandy Orb
Scanner Orb
See-Trap Orb
Shocker Orb
Silence Orb
Sizebust Orb
Slow Orb
Slumber Orb
Snatch Orb
Spurn Orb
Stairs Orb
Stayaway Orb
Storage Orb
Sunny Orb
Surround Orb
Switcher Orb
Toss Orb
Totter Orb
Transfer Orb
Trapbust Orb
Trapper Orb
Trawl Orb
Two-Edge Orb
Warp Orb
Weather Lock Orb
Wigglytuff Orb

List of Orbs



MDBag Wonder Orb RTRB Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb TDS Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb WW Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb V Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb VI Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb RTDX Sprite.png
Sprite of Wonder Orb from Red and Blue Rescue Team Sprite of Wonder Orb from Explorers series Sprite of Wonder Orb from WiiWare series Sprite of Wonder Orb from Gates to Infinity Sprite of Wonder Orb from Super Mystery Dungeon Sprite of Wonder Orb from Rescue Team DX
Wonder Orb PMD GTI.png
Model of Wonder Orb from Gates to Infinity and Super Mystery Dungeon
MDBag Wonder Orb icon RTRB Sprite.png MDBag Wonder Orb icon TDS Sprite.png
Icon of Wonder Orb from Rescue Team series Icon of Wonder Orb from Explorers series


In other languages

Wonder Orb

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Vidunderkugle*
French Canada Flag.png Canada Boule d'émerveillement*
France Flag.png Europe Orbe Mystère
Germany Flag.png German Wunderorb
Italy Flag.png Italian Sfere prodigiose
South Korea Flag.png Korean 불가사의 구슬 Bulgasa-ui Gusul
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Esfera Maravilha*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Esfera mágica
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Mirakelkula*
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English France Flag.png French Germany Flag.png German Italy Flag.png Italian Spain Flag.png Spanish South Korea Flag.png Korean
Align Orb Boostorbe Angleichungsorb Equalisfera Igualasfera -
All-Dodge Orb Esquivorbe Tous Allfluchtorb Sfera Schivatutti Multievadosfera -
All-Hit Orb Concentrorbe Trefferorb Colposfera Energisfera
All-Mach Orb Boostorbe Eilorb Velocisfera Velocesfera
All Power-Up Orb Forçorbe Tous Allkraftorb Sfera Forzatutti Multifortisfera -
All Protect Orb Invinçorbe Tous Allmachtorb Sfera Invincitutti Multiescudosfera -
Apathy Orb Orbe Désintérêt Genügsamkeitsorb Generosfera Desidiasfera -
Bank Orb Orbe Banque Bank-Orb Sfera Persian Bancosfera -
Blowback Orb Soufflorbe Wirbelorb Sferavolée Rafagaesfera 날려버리기구슬
Cleanse Orb Nettoyorbe Sterilorb Tergisfera Limpiosfera 세탁의구슬
Decoy Orb Apporbe Köderorb Attirasfera Señuelosfera
Deposit Orb Stockorbe Lagerorb Depositosfera Guardaesfera -
Devolve Orb Rembobinorbe Rückspulorb Invertisfera Involusfera rival -
Drought Orb Vaporisorbe Meliorieorb Drenosfera Secoesfera 말라붙음구슬
Emera-Up Orb Orbe Cavité Fassungsorb Incavosfera Huecosfera -
Escape Orb Echaporbe Fliehorb Evadisfera Fugaesfera 던전탈출구슬
Evasion Orb Esquivorbe Fluchtorb Eludisfera Evadesfera
Enemy Discord Orb Orbe Discorde Feindhinderungsorb Intopposfera Boicotesfera -
Enemy Evolve Orb Hostilévolorbe Gegnerentwickelorb Sfera Evolvinemici Evolusfera Rival -
Fill-In Orb Solidifiorbe Füllorb Solidosfera Rellenosfera 메우기구슬
Foe-Fear Orb Epouvantorbe Angstorb Terrorsfera Temoresfera
Foe-Hold Orb Stupéfiorbe Stopperorb Bloccosfera Petreosfera
Foe-Seal Orb Immobilisorbe Lähmorb Sostasfera Pausasfera
Hail Orb Tempêtorbe Hagelorb Grandinsfera Granizosfera 싸라기눈구슬
Health Orb Formorbe Vitalorb Sferabenessere Saludablesfera -
Helper Orb Orbe S.O.S. Helfer-Orb Sfera Soccorso Rescatesfera -
Hurl Orb Projectorbe Wurforb Sferalancio Arrojaesfera 집어던지기구슬
Identify Orb Identificorbe Sichtorb Rilevasfera Reconosfera 식별의구슬
Invisify Orb Invisiblorbe Unsichtorb Invisisfera Invisiesfera 투명의구슬
Inviting Orb Orbe Invitation Anwerbungs-Orb Invitosfera Invitosfera -
Itemizer Orb Objetorbe Wandlerorb Sferaoggetto Objetoesfera
Lasso Orb Orbe Coup de Filet Fixierorb Inchiodasfera Anclasfera -
Lob Orb Loborbe Distanzorb Parabolsfera Globosfera
Longtoss Orb Catapultorbe Weitwurforb Gettosfera Lanzosfera 멀리던지기구슬
Luminous Orb Lumiorbe Strahlorb Lumisfera Luminosfera 빛의구슬
Mobile Orb Passmurorbe Mobilorb Sferamobile Movilesfera 통과의구슬
Monster Orb Monstrorbe Monster-Raum-Orb Covosfera Nidosfera -
Mug Orb Dépouillorbe Rauborb Carpisfera Birloesfera
Nullify Orb Orbe AntiCapSpé Fähigkeitensperrorb Neutralisfera Anulosfera -
One-Room Orb Bulldozorbe Ein-Raum-Orb Sfera 1 Sala Unisalasfera 큰방구슬
One-Shot Orb Fulgurorbe Einmal-Orb Sferaistante Letalosfera 일격의구슬
Petrify Orb Pétrifiorbe Erstarrorb Pietrisfera Somniesfera 묶어둠구슬
Pierce Orb Perçorbe Perfororb Perforosfera Perforasfera
Pounce Orb Ecrasorbe Wuchtorb Balzosfera Asaltosfera
Quick Orb Hâtorbe Tempoorb Lestosfera Rapidosfera
Radar Orb Radarorbe Radarorb Radarsfera Radarosfera 탐지의구슬
Rainy Orb Aversorbe Regenorb Pioggiasfera Lluviaesfera 비구슬
Rare Quality Orb Orbe Capacicool Talent-Orb Sfera Specialità Talentosfera -
Rebound Orb Rebondorbe Konterorb Ribattisfera Contraesfera
Reset Orb Orbe Réinitialisation Zurücksetz-Orb Sfera Reset Restablesfera -
Revive All Orb Orbe Résurrection Team-Beleberorb Revitalsfera Revivesfera Multi -
Rocky Orb Rochorbe Steinorb Rocciosfera Rocaesfera
Rollcall Orb Convocorbe Appellorb Appellosfera Llamadasfera
Sandy Orb Sablorbe Wüstenorb Sabbiasfera Arenoesfera
Scanner Orb Révélorbe Scannerorb Scannersfera Escanosfera
See-Trap Orb Détectorbe Seherorb Rivelasfera Visiosfera
Shocker Orb Froussorbe Horrororb Sferapanico Asustaesfera
Silence Orb Silensorbe Stilleorb Ammutisfera Silenciosfera 침묵의구슬
Sizebust Orb Maxiorbe Proportorb Molesfera Tamañosfera
Slow Orb Lentorbe Reduzorb Lentosfera Ralentosfera 둔화의구슬
Slumber Orb Roupillorbe Schlaforb Sonnosfera Soporesfera
Snatch Orb Saisiorbe Übernahmeorb Scipposfera Robosfera 가로챔구슬
Spurn Orb Repoussorbe Streuorb Sdegnosfera Rechazasfera
Stairs Orb Escalorbe Treppenorb Sferascala Escalosfera 계단구슬
Stayaway Orb Envoûtorbe Wandelorb Scacciasfera Alejosfera
Storage Orb Orbe Livraison Versand-Orb Trasferisfera Entregasfera -
Sunny Orb Héliorbe Sonnenorb Solesfera Solesfera 햇살구슬
Surround Orb Encerclorbe Umzingelorb Accerchiasfera Rodeosfera -
Switcher Orb Permutorbe Wechselorb Scambiosfera Permutoesfera 장소바꿈구슬
Totter Orb Foliorbe Chaosorb Stordisfera Ofuscoesfera 비틀비틀구슬
Transfer Orb Transforbe Modiorb Metasfera Transfosfera
Trapbust Orb Désamorbe Annullierorb Annullosfera Escobaesfera 함정부수기구슬
Trapper Orb Piègeorbe Fallenorb Sferagguato Trampaesfera
Trawl Orb Aspirorbe Sogorb Arraffasfera Aspirosfera 끌어당기기구슬
Two-Edge Orb Doublorbe Heikelorb Sferabilama Dosfilosfera 양날의구슬
Warp Orb Téléporbe Warp Orb Telesfera Telesfera 워프구슬
Weather Lock Orb Orbe Beau Fixe Stabilwetter-Orb Sfera Sempiterso Fijaclimaesfera -
Wigglytuff Orb Orbe Grodoudou Knuddeluff-Orb Sfera Wigglytuff Wigglysfera -

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