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Diamond & Pearl started airing on TV2 on February 23, 2008 and was the latest season to be aired on public TV in Denmark. TV2 premiered Battle Frontier immediately after airing Diamond & Pearl, but no other seasons have been aired. On February 14, 2009, Pokémon started airing on Jetix, which later became Disney XD, beginning with Battle Dimension. The last episodes of Sinnoh League Victors was aired sometime in 2011.

Sinnoh League arc

Code Screenshot Danish title English title DK broadcast Notes
DP001 DP001.png Afsted på jomfrurejse!
Setting off on a maiden's voyage
Following A Maiden's Voyage! February 23, 2008
DP002 DP002.png To grader af adskillelse!
Two degrees of separation!
Two Degrees of Separation! March 1, 2008
DP003 DP003.png Når Pokémon-verdner støder sammen!
When Pokémon worlds collide!
When Pokémon Worlds Collide! March 1, 2008
DP004 DP004.png En ny æra begynder!
A new era begins!
Dawn Of A New Era! March 8, 2008
DP005 DP005.png Goddag til Turtwig!
Hellow to Turtwig!
Gettin' Twiggy With It! March 8, 2008
DP006 DP006.png Hver mand sin kempstil!
Every man their own fighting style
Different Strokes for Different Blokes! March 15, 2008
DP007 DP007.png Et pip fra Piplup!
A tweet from Piplup!
Like It or Lup It! March 15, 2008
DP008 DP008.png Salløgne!
Gym lies!
Gymbaliar! March 22, 2008
DP009 DP009.png Verden ifølge Buneary!
The world according to Buneary!
Setting the World on its Buneary! March 22, 2008
DP010 DP010.png Jeg finder mike ikke i noget!
I won't put up with anything!
Not on MY Watch Ya Don't! March 29, 2008
DP011 DP011.png I gang som koordinator!
Started as a coordinator!
Mounting a Coordinator Assault! March 29, 2008
DP012 DP012.png En rivals ankomst!
The arrival of a rival!
Arrival of a Rival! April 5, 2008
DP013 DP013.png En Staravia fødes!
A Staravia is born!
A Staravia Is Born! April 5, 2008
DP014 DP014.png Lad Brocko klare det!
Let Brocko take care of it!
Leave It To Brocko! April 12, 2008
DP015 DP015.png Sådan toner fremtiden sig!
This is how the future is shaping up!
Shapes of Things to Come! April 12, 2008
DP016 DP016.png En optræden, der vil blive husket!
A performance to be remembered!
A Gruff Act to Follow! April 19, 2008
DP017 DP017.png Besøg fra fortiden!
A visit from the past!
Wild in the Streets! April 19, 2008
DP018 DP018.png I kamp mod Rampardos!
Battling Rampardos!
O'er the Rampardos We Watched! April 26, 2008
DP019 DP019.png Brændt barn skyr ild!
A burnt child shuns fire!
Twice Smitten, Once Shy! April 26, 2008 The title is the Danish equivalent of once smitten, twice shy
DP020 DP020.png Mytteri i lasten!
Mutiny in the load!
Mutiny in the Bounty! May 3, 2008
DP021 DP021.png Nu er det tid til evolution!
It's time for evolution!
Ya See We Want An Evolution! May 3, 2008
DP022 DP022.png At låne i ond tro!
Borrowing on bad faith!
Borrowing on Bad Faith! May 10, 2008
DP023 DP023.png Mødet med Steelix' jernvilje!
The encounter with Steelix' iron will!
Faced With Steelix Determination! May 10, 2008
DP024 DP024.png Vi bager på en sød historie!
We're baking a sweet story!
Cooking up a Sweet Story! May 17, 2008
DP025 DP025.png Kan du bage poffins?
Do you know hof to bake poffins?
Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan! May 17, 2008
DP026 DP026.png Sommerfugle i maven!
Butterflies in the stomach!
Getting the Pre-Contest Titters! May 24, 2008
DP027 DP027.png Det er regnskabets time!
It's time to settle the score!
Settling a Not-So-Old Score! May 24, 2008
DP028 DP028.png Drifloon i vinden!
Drifloon on the wind!
Drifloon on the Wind! May 31, 2008
DP029 DP029.png Mestertvillingern!
The champion twins!
The Champ Twins! May 31, 2008
DP030 DP030.png En sødmefuld fortryllelse!
An enchantment full of sweetness!!
Some Enchanted Sweetening! June 7, 2008
DP031 DP031.png Græstypen er altid grønnere!
The Grass-Type is always greener!
The Grass-Type Is Always Greener! June 7, 2008
DP032 DP032.png Combee ser rødt!
Combee sees red!
An Angry Combeenation! June 14, 2008
DP033 DP033.png I fuld udklædning og med håret tilbage!
Fully dressed up and with the hair combed back!
All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go! June 14, 2008
DP034 DP034.png Buizel, din bulldozer!
Buizel, you bulldozer!
Buizel Your Way Out Of This! June 21, 2008
DP035 DP035.png Mødet med en af de bedste!
A meeting with one of the best!
An Elite Meet And Greet! June 21, 2008
DP036 DP036.png En hemmelig sfære af indflydelse!
A secret sphere of influence!
A Secret Sphere of Influence! June 28, 2008
DP037 DP037.png Græsmenageriet!
The grass menagerie!
The Grass Menagerie! June 28, 2008
DP038 DP038.png En Happiny i familien!
A Happiny in the family
One Big Happiny Family! July 5, 2008
DP039 DP039.png Pokémon på krydstogt!
Pokémon on a cruise!
Steamboat Willies! July 5, 2008
DP040 DP040.png Topstyret træning!
Training run from the top
Top-Down Training! July 12, 2008
DP041 DP041.png Rejs jer op, og sid ned!
Stand up and sit down!
A Stand-Up Sit-Down! July 12, 2008
DP042 DP042.png En elektrificerende Electrike!
An electrifying Electrike!
The Electrike Company! July 19, 2008
DP043 DP043.png Mareridt i Eventyrland!
A nightmare in Wonderland
Malice In Wonderland! July 19, 2008
DP044 DP044.png Hip, hip, Hippopotas!
Hip, hip, Hippopotas!
Mass Hip-Po-Sis! July 26, 2008
DP045 DP045.png En ondsindet jæger!
A malicious hunter!
Ill-Will Hunting! July 26, 2008
DP046 DP046.png Gigantisk, labyrintisk!
Gigantic, labyrintic !
A Maze-ing Race! August 2, 2008
DP047 DP047.png Sandshrow skal findes!
Sandshrew must be found!
Sandshrew's Locker! August 2, 2008
DP048 DP048.png No Danish title No English title Unaired
DP049 DP049.png Dawns tidlige exit!
Dawn's early exit!
Dawn's Early Night! August 30, 2008
DP050 DP050.png Tag! Vi er den...!
Tag! We're it...!
Tag! We're It...! August 30, 2008
DP051 DP051.png Flammende storhed!
Blazing greatness!
Glory Blaze! September 6, 2008
DP052 DP052.png Det lugter af holdånd!
It smells like team spirit!
Smells Like Team Spirit! September 6, 2008
DP053 DP053.png Tårer og frygt!
Tears and fear!
Tears For Fears! February 14, 2009
DP054 DP054.png Engang var der en eng
Once there used to be a meadow
Once There Were Greenfields February 14, 2009
DP055 DP055.png Så er der sporskifte
Time for a track switch
Throwing the Track Switch February 14, 2009
DP056 DP056.png Slutstenen revner!
The keystone cracks!
The Keystone Pops! February 14, 2009
DP057 DP057.png Bibarel bider fra sig!
Bibarel bites back!
Bibarel Gnaws Best! February 15, 2009
DP058 DP058.png '
Nosing 'Round the Mountain! February 16, 2009
DP059 DP059.png Luxray kommer i stødet!
Luxray gets charged!
Luxray Vision! February 17, 2009
DP060 DP060.png Rejsen til det ukendte!
The journey to the unknown!
Journey to the Unown! February 18, 2009
DP061 DP061.png Holdgyser!
Team horror!
Team Shocker! February 19, 2009
DP062 DP062.png Ikke græde over spildt mælk!
Don't cry about spilt milk!
Tanks for the Memories! February 20, 2009
DP063 DP063.png En kilde til lækage!
A source of leakage!
Hot Springing a Leak! February 25, 2009 The Danish words for source and spring are both kilde
DP064 DP064.png Forandringens vinde!
The winds of change!
Riding the Winds of Change! February 26, 2009
DP065 DP065.png Sandkorn i maskineriet!
Grains of snad in the machinery!
Sleight of Sand! February 27, 2009
DP066 DP066.png Lederstrategi på lavpunkt!
Leader strategy at a low!
Lost Leader Strategy! March 1, 2009
DP067 DP067.png Overskridelse af kampgrænsen!
Crossing of the battle line!
Crossing the Battle Line! March 3, 2009
DP068 DP068.png En tredobbelt udfordring!
A triple challenge!
A Triple Fighting Chance! March 4, 2009
DP069 DP069.png Kom ind, Galactic!
Come in, Galactic!
Enter Galactic! March 5, 2009
DP070 DP070.png Klokkerne synger!
The balls are singing!
The Bells Are Singing! March 6, 2009
DP071 DP071.png Pokémon Rangeren og den bortførte Riolu! (Del 1)
The Pokémon Ranger and the kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1)
Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 1) May 10, 2009
DP072 DP072.png Pokémon Rangeren og den bortførte Riolu! (Del 2)
The Pokémon Ranger and the kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2)
Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2) May 17, 2009
DP073 DP073.png Korsveje
Crossing Paths April 11, 2009
DP074 DP074.png Pika og Goliat!
Pika and Goliath!
Pika and Goliath! April 12, 2009
DP075 DP075.png En Cup fuld af Wallace!
A Cup full of Wallace!
Our Cup Runneth Over! April 13, 2009
DP076 DP076.png En fuld omgang tag-kamp!
A full course tag battle!
A Full Course Tag Battle! April 19, 2009
DP077 DP077.png En fyrstelig velkomst!
A royal welcome!
Staging A Heroes' Welcome! April 25, 2009
DP078 DP078.png At vinde over gamle venner!
Winning over old friends!
Pruning a Passel of Pals!! April 26, 2009
DP079 DP079.png Et comeback med stil!
A comeback with style!
Strategy With a Smile! May 3, 2009
DP080 DP080.png Én gang tyv, altid tyv!
Once a thief, always a thief!
'The Thief That Keeps on Thieving! May 8, 2009
DP081 DP081.png Chimchar i brand!
Chimchar on fire!
Chim - Charred! May 2, 2009
DP082 DP082.png Den ypperste Croagunk af dem alle!
The greatest Croagunk of them all!
Cream of the Croagunk Crop! May 3, 2009
DP083 DP083.png Et lynkursus i styrke!
A crash course in strength!
A Crasher Course in Power! May 23, 2009
DP084 DP084.png En god og sund appetit!
A healthy appetite!
Hungry For the Good Life! May 24, 2009
DP085 DP085.png Med frygt skal frygt bekæmpes!
Fear must be fought with fear!
Fighting Fear with Fear!! May 30, 2009
DP086 DP086.png At ankomme med stil!
Arriving in style!
Arriving in Style! May 31, 2009
DP087 DP087.png Psyduck spærrer vejen
Psyduck block the road!
The Psyduck Stops Here! June 6, 2009
DP088 DP088.png Tilbage på skolebænken!
Back to school!
Camping It Up! June 7, 2009
DP089 DP089.png Fortryllende nærkontakt!
Enchanting close encounter!
Up Close and Personable! June 11, 2009
DP090 DP090.png På tærsklen til åndeverdenen!
On the threshold to the spirit world!
Ghoul Daze! June 14, 2009
DP091 DP091.png Hvem var det der vandt i dag...?
Who won today...?
One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! May 28, 2009 The title is a part of a Danish soccer chant
DP092 DP092.png Den slanke og fine Team Rocket-maskine
The slender and pretty Team Rocket machine!
A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine! May 28, 2009
DP093 DP093.png Jævnet med jorden!
Leveled to the ground!
Playing The Leveling Field! May 29, 2009
DP094 DP094.png Doktor Brock!
Doctor Brock!
Doc Brock! May 29, 2009
DP095 DP095.png Kamp med generationskløften!
Battle with the generation gap!
Battling The Generation Gap! July 2, 2009
DP096 DP096.png Tabet af Lustrous Orb!
The loss of Lustrous Orb!
Losing Its Lustrous! July 3, 2009
DP097 DP097.png Dobbelt teamangreb!
Double team attack!
Double Team Turnover! July 4, 2009
DP098 DP098.png Hvis tørklædet passer, brug det!
If the scarf fits, use it!
If the Scarf Fits, Wear It! July 5, 2009
DP099 DP099.png En træner og hans Pokémon genforenes!
A trainer and this Pokémon reunite!
A Trainer and Child Reunion! July 6, 2009
DP100 DP100.png En hånd til fjenden!
Giving a hand to the enemy!
Aiding the Enemy! July 7, 2009
DP101 DP101.png Barry stormer frem over alt!
Berry's bursting out all over!
Barry's Busting Out All Over! July 8, 2009
DP102 DP102.png Fantinas skjold!
Fantina's shield!
Shield with a Twist! July 9, 2009
DP103 DP103.png Team Rocket-afhopper!
Team Rocket defector!
Jumping Rocket Ship! July 10, 2009
DP104 DP104.png Søvnløs i Canalave City!
Sleepless ind Canalave City!
Sleepless In Pre-Battle! July 11, 2009
DP105 DP105.png En Rotom efter kage!
A Rotom for cake!
Get Your Rotom Running! June 7, 2010
DP106 DP106.png Vilde Pokémon på afveje!
Wild Pokémon astray!
A Breed Stampede! June 8, 2010
DP107 DP107.png Gammel familiefejde!
Old family feuds!
Ancient Family Matters! June 9, 2010
DP108 DP108.png Forsvar er det bedste angreb!
Defense is the best offense!
Dealing with Defensive Types! June 10, 2010
DP109 DP109.png Flokdyr på vildspor!
A herd animal astray!
Leading a Stray! June 11, 2010
DP110 DP110.png Stålsat ravage!
Steely havoc!
Steeling Peace of Mind! June 14, 2010
DP111 DP111.png Ruinerne på Iron Øen
The ruins on Iron Island
Saving the World from Ruins! June 15, 2010
DP112 DP112.png Glæde på de skibbrudnes ø!
Joy on the island of the castaways!
Cheers on Castaways Isle! June 16, 2010
DP113 DP113.png Held og Phione
Luck and Phione!
Hold the Phione! June 17, 2010
DP114 DP114.png Mødet med Gabite!
The encounter with Gabite!
Another One Gabites the Dust! June 18, 2010
DP115 DP115.png Sludrechatol tager kegler!
The blabbermouth packs a punch!
Stealing the Conversation! June 21, 2010
DP116 DP116.png Den forsvundne Snorunt!
The lost Snorunt!
The Drifting Snorunt! June 22, 2010
DP117 DP117.png Nudler og venskaber!
Noodles and friendships!
Noodles! Roamin' Off! June 23, 2010
DP118 DP118.png På jagt efter et højere mål!
Pursuing a higher goal!
Pursuing a Lofty Goal! June 24, 2010
DP119 DP119.png Farlig færd i skoven!
A dangerous trip through the woods!
Trials and Adulations! June 25, 2010
DP120 DP120.png No Danish title No English title Unaired
DP121 DP121.png En ensom Snover!
A lonely Snover!
The Lonely Snover! June 28, 2010
DP122 DP122.png Stop i kærlighedens navn!
Stop in the name of love!
Stopped in the Name of Love! June 29, 2010
DP123 DP123.png Gamle rivaler, nye trick!
Old rivals, new tricks!
Old Rivals, New Tricks! June 30, 2010
DP124 DP124.png Vær tro mod din Pokémon!
Be true to your Pokémon!
To Thine Own Pokémon Be True! Unknown
DP125 DP125.png Et nuttet Pokémon-drama!
A cute Pokémon drama!
Battling a Cute Drama! Unknown
DP126 DP126.png På skolebænken!
Attending school!
Classroom Training! Unknown
DP127 DP127.png Suset fra den syvende!
The rush from the seventh!
Sliding Into Seventh! Unknown
DP128 DP128.png Et pyramidalsk raseri!
A pyramidalic rage!
A Pyramiding Rage! Unknown
DP129 DP129.png Venskabets søjler!
The pillars of friendship!
Pillars of Friendship! Unknown
DP130 DP130.png Sidespor!
On a sidetrack!
Frozen on Their Tracks! Unknown
DP131 DP131.png Hårdt mod hårdt!
Hard against hard!
Pedal to the Mettle! March 17, 2011 The title holds the same meaning as fight fire with fire
DP132 DP132.png Udviklingsstrategi!
Evolution strategy!
Evolving Strategies! Unknown
DP133 DP133.png Et uknusende nederlag!
An uncrushing defeat!
Uncrushing Defeat! Unknown
DP134 DP134.png Masser af sund Tangrowth!
A lot of healthy Tangrowth!
Promoting Healthy Tangrowth! Unknown
DP135 DP135.png Et spektakel uden lige!
<A spectacle with equal!/small>
Beating the Bustle and Hustle! Unknown
DP136 DP136.png Porten til undergangen!
The gateway to downfall!
Gateway to Ruin! Unknown
DP137 DP137.png Der er altid tre sider af samme sag!
There's always three sides to every story!
Three Sides to Every Story! Unknown
DP138 DP138.png Strategi begynder i hjemmet!
Strategy begins at home!
Strategy Begins at Home! Unknown
DP139 DP139.png Den falske Professor Oak!
The fake Professor Oak!
A Faux Oak Finish! Unknown
DP140 DP140.png En rejse til mystikkens verden!
A journey to the world of mystique!
Historical Mystery Tour! Unknown
DP141 DP141.png I clinch med en Tårnmagnat!
Battling a Tower Tycoon!
Challenging a Towering Figure! Unknown
DP142 DP142.png Hvor ingen Togepi før har trådt!
Where no Togepi has gone before!
Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! Unknown
DP143 DP143.png Stor ståhej for et lille æg!
Much ado about a little egg!
An Egg Scramble! Unknown
DP144 DP144.png Borte med vindværket!
Gone with the windworks
Gone With the Windworks! Unknown
DP145 DP145.png En rival at Gible over!
A rival to Gible about!
A Rivalry to Gible On! Unknown
DP146 DP146.png Klædt på til Jessies succes!
Dressed for Jessie's success.
Dressed for Jess Success! Unknown
DP147 DP147.png Tagfat i tyven!
Grab the thief!
Bagged Then Tagged! Unknown
DP148 DP148.png For familiens skyld!
For the sake of the family!
Try for the Family Stone! Unknown
DP149 DP149.png Hold fast på den du kender!
Stick with the one you know!
Sticking With Who You Know! Unknown
DP150 DP150.png 'En rød kæde af begivenheder!
A red chain of events!
Unlocking the Red Chain of Events! Unknown
DP151 DP151.png For Legendens Pokémon!
For the Pokémon of the Legend
The Needs of the Three! Unknown
DP152 DP152.png Den legendariske kampfinale!
The legendary battle finale!
The Battle Finale of Legend! Unknown
DP153 DP153.png Skatten er min!
The treasure is mine!
The Treasure Is All Mine! Unknown
DP154 DP154.png En mester til lejligheden!
A master when needed!
Mastering Current Events! Unknown
DP155 DP155.png Kamptræning på dobbelt tid!
Battle training on double time!
Double-Time Battle Training! Unknown
DP156 DP156.png En meteorisk succes!
A meteoric success!
A Meteoric Rise to Excellence! Unknown
DP157 DP157.png At gafle en Gible!
Grabbing a Gible!
Gotta Get a Gible! Unknown
DP158 DP158.png Hjem, kære hjem!
Home, sweet home!
Regaining the Home Advantage! February 28, 2011 This title was also used for AG003
DP159 DP159.png Lærenemme Buizel!
Teachable Buizel!
Short and To the Punch! March 1, 2011
DP160 DP160.png 'Maratonduel!
A marathon duel!
A Marathon Rivalry! March 2, 2011
DP161 DP161.png Barndommens Dee Dee!
The Dee Dee of childhood!
Yes in Dee Dee, It's Dawn! March 3, 2011
DP162 DP162.png Igen med samme mønt!
Giving back with the same coin!
Playing the Performance Encore! March 4, 2011 The title means to fight fire with fire
DP163 DP163.png Med ild skal gløder bekæmpes!
Fighting embers with fire!
Fighting Ire with Fire! March 7, 2011
DP164 DP164.png Kom så, Piplup!
Go, Piplup!
Piplup, Up and Away! March 8, 2011
DP165 DP165.png Flint slår knister!
Flint sparks!
Flint Sparks the Fire! March 9, 2011
DP166 DP166.png Rakettårnet i Sunyshore!
The Rocket tower in Sunyshore!
The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore! March 10, 2011
DP167 DP167.png En lærer på skolebænken!
A teacher back in school!
Teaching the Student Teacher! March 11, 2011
DP168 DP168.png I topform til Sky Forme!
In shape for Sky Forme!
Keeping In Top Forme! March 1, 2011
DP169 DP169.png Pokemon Ranger: Operation red Heatran!
Pokemon Ranger: Operation rescue Heatran!
Pokémon Ranger: Heatran Rescue! February 28, 2011
DP170 DP170.png En elite i forklædning!
An elite in disguise!
An Elite Coverup! March 2, 2011
DP171 DP171.png En kongelig dag!
A royal day
Dawn of a Royal Day! March 3, 2011
DP172 DP172.png Yndefulde Togekiss!
Graceful Togekiss!
With the Easiest of Grace! March 4, 2011
DP173 DP173.png Et voldsomt dobbelt Ditto-drama!
A violent double Ditto-drama!
Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama! March 7, 2011
DP174 DP174.png Sidste udkald — første runde!
Last call — first round!
Last Call — First Round! March 8, 2011
DP175 DP175.png Modsætninger mødes, og hård kamp opstår!
Opposites meet and a tough fight arises!
Opposites Interact! March 9, 2011
DP176 DP176.png Festivalringen sluttes!
The festival ring is completed!
Coming Full Festival Circle! March 10, 2011
DP177 DP177.png En stor kamp at vinde!
A grand fight to win!
A Grand Fight for Winning! April 2, 2011
DP178 DP178.png I kærligheden til Meowth!
In love for Meowth
For The Love Of Meowth! April 20, 2011
DP179 DP179.png Sinnoh-verdenens ottende vidunder!
The eighth wonder of the Sinnoh world!
The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! April 21, 2011
DP180 DP180.png Fire veje skiltes i en Pokémon-havn!
Four roads diverged in a Pokémon port!
Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port! April 10, 2011
DP181 DP181.png Bucks sjældne skat!
Buck's rare treasure!
Bucking the Treasure Trend! Unknown
DP182 DP182.png En gammel familieblanding!
An old family blend!
An Old Family Blend! Unknown
DP183 DP183.png Ligaen er i gang!
The league has started!
League Unleashed! Unknown
DP184 DP184.png Paul mod Barry!
Paul versus Barry!
Casting a Paul on Barry! Unknown
DP185 DP185.png Det rigtige træk!
The right move!
Working on a Right Move! May 5, 2011
DP186 DP186.png Deja-vu!
Familiarity Breeds Strategy! May 11, 2011
DP187 DP187.png Rasende rivaler!
Raging Rivals!
A Real Rival Rouser! Unknown
DP188 DP188.png Et fjendskab tør op!
An animosity thaws!
Battling a Thaw in Relations!
DP189 DP189.png En grænse for semifinalen!
A frontier for the semi-finale!
The Semi-Final Frontier! Unknown
DP190 DP190.png Her er Brockster!
Here's Brockster!
The Brockster Is In! Unknown
DP191 DP191.png Lyksalig er den der mindes!
The one who reminisces is blissful!
Memories are Made of Bliss! Unknown