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Gender Male
Hometown Geosenge Town
Region Kalos
Trainer class Scientist

Oh, boy, have I been inactive. I should change that.

How I contribute

I don't strive to focus on any one particular segment of this wiki, I just kinda hop around and fix errors. (gotta love that random page button, am I right?) Be careful, I tend to notice grammatical errors.

Lately, since I got a new copy of X, I've been the main contributor to the Sina and Dexio pages. I didn't create them, but I added all the quotes to both so far.

Firsts in the games

  • My first Pokémon game was SoulSilver, which I started in October 2010. I then got Platinum for Christmas that year, then White, Black 2, Y, and finally, X.
  • My first level 100 Pokémon was my Typhlosion, surprise, surprise, from SoulSilver.
  • I don't remember my first bred Pokémon, but my first experiment with move breeding was a Snivy in White, bred to know Pursuit. I think the father was a Liepard, but I'm not sure. Shut up, this was like three years ago.