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This page shows the history of Gold's Pokémon team.


Image Description
Aibo Aipom.png Gold receives an Aipom from his mother and nicknames him Aibo.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

Image Description Chapter
Gold Murkrow.png Gold catches a Murkrow. Murkrow Row
Exbo Cyndaquil.png Gold takes a Cyndaquil from Professor Elm's Laboratory and nicknames him Exbo. Sneasel Sneak Attack
Gold Chinchou Adventures.png Gold catches multiple Chinchou. Number One Donphan
Gold releases his Chinchou.
Sunbo Sunkern.png Gold catches a Sunkern and nicknames her Sunbo. Sunkern Treasure
Polibo Poliwag.png Gold finds Polibo, his family's Poliwag, and lets him join his team. Teddiursa's Picnic
Togebo Egg.png Gold receives an Egg from Professor Elm's assistant.
Maizie Teddiursa Adventures.png Gold catches a Teddiursa. Ursaring Major
Gold gives his Teddiursa to Maizie.
Sudobo.png Gold catches a Sudowoodo and nicknames him Sudobo. How Do You Do, Sudowoodo?
Togebo Togepi.png Gold's Egg hatches into a Togepi, which he nicknames Togebo. Gligar Glide
Exbo Quilava.png Exbo evolves into Quilava. Quilava Quandary
Polibo Poliwhirl.png Polibo evolves into Poliwhirl. Ampharos Amore
Silver Seadra.png Gold trades Polibo for Silver's Seadra, causing her to evolve into Kingdra.
Silver Kingdra.png
Polibo.png Gold trades Kingdra back for Polibo, which has now evolved into Politoed. Piloswine Whine
Tibo.png Gold catches a Mantine and nicknames him Tibo. Lively Lugia II
Gold Remoraid Adventures.png Gold receives 20 Remoraid from Wilton.
Exbo.png Exbo evolves into Typhlosion. Lively Lugia III
Sunbo.png Sunbo evolves into Sunflora. The Last Battle VI
Pibu Egg.png Gold saves Pika and Chuchu's Egg from Pryce. The Last Battle XII
Pibu.png The Egg hatches into a Pichu, which joins Gold's team and is nicknamed Pibu.

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Image Description Chapter
Aibo.png Aibo evolves into Ambipom. Pleased as Punch With Parasect
Togebo Togetic.png Togebo evolves into Togetic. All About Arceus VIII
Togebo.png Togebo evolves into Togekiss.