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Gligar Glide/VS. Gligar
VS グライガー
VS Gliger
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 9
Round number 107
Location Goldenrod City
Route 34
Previous Round How Do You Do, Sudowoodo?
Next Round Quilava Quandary

Gligar Glide or VS. Gligar (Japanese: VS グライガー VS Gliger) is the 107th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The round starts with Gold playing pool at the Goldenrod Game Corner. The people watching remark that Gold is incredible. Then they see a ball curve and give the situation a reality check as the wrapping comes off Aibo's Poké Ball, which Aibo is running inside of. Gold is then kicked out.

Outside, Gold receives a call on his Pokégear from Professor Elm. Gold tells the professor about his team: Exbo, Aibo, Polibo, Sudobo, Sunbo, and his Egg. Professor Elm tells Gold to keep a close eye on the Egg.

Right after Gold goes to sleep in the woods on the outskirts of Goldenrod City, when a Gligar snatches his Egg. Aibo tries, unsuccessfully, to wake Gold. Then the loyal Pokémon chase Gligar. When Aibo tries to attack Gligar, it uses Poison Sting, causing Aibo to fall. Then Gligar kicks Polibo, who has just jumped out of the water. Pretending to be a tree, Sudobo catches Gligar. Then Exbo uses a powerful Ember, but the Egg starts to sizzle. Gligar flies over to a tree to eat the Egg, but Sunbo lands on Gligar's head. Unfortunately, that makes Gligar headbutt the Egg, creating a crack in the shell. Then pieces of the Egg fly off, and a Togepi appears.

Apparently, Gligar still wants to eat the newborn. But Togepi uses Double-Edge, then Metronome. Metronome comes out as a beam of energy that hits Gligar. Suddenly, Gold wakes up.

At the Pokémon Center, Gold is having a conversation with Professor Elm via the computer. Professor Elm is very proud of Gold, until he sees Togepi playing pool with Gold's cue stick and his Poké Balls, playing a card game, and rolling dice, just like Gold.

On the southern outskirts of Goldenrod City, Gold recalls Professor Elm them him to take the Togepi to the Day-Care Couple at the Pokémon Day Care. After a bit of walking in a field, a Magby, a Smoochum, an Igglybuff, and a Cleffa jump out of some bushes. Then an old lady tells Gold to get them back.

After that's done, Gold is at the Day Care, with the ex-escaped Pokémon and the Day-Care Couple. The Day-Care Man thanks Gold and tells him a bit about Togepi: two unknown Pokémon were there. Then, they disappeared, and an Egg was found. With the short story over, the Day-Care Lady asks Gold to train there, which Gold accepts. Meanwhile, the Day-Care Man calls Jasmine.

Major events

  • A wild Gligar steals Gold's Egg and his Pokémon get it back.
  • The Egg hatches into a Togepi, which is nicknamed Togebo.
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