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My User Subpages
In-game Data & Teams Custom Pokémon Sprites


cielmug.png PASSY!!!

I direct your attention to the lovely profile and usertags to the right of this page for a quick long gigantic summary essay in usertag form.

If it's about my games' accomplishment you'd like to know, you can see this page for my teams and other assorted stuff in-game. I also have some custom sprites around.

Neo Qwerty's Personal Information

Ten Facts About Neo

  • I really don't like coconut.
  • I love to info-hoard stuff on unreleased, beta, and debug aspects of games.
  • The very first game I played was Mega Man 2.
  • My cousin hated me after I overwrote her Yellow Version saved files with mine, got Mew and beat the game thrice.
  • I beat about 30% of the games I have, but could beat up to 75% of them if I wasn't a lazy completitionist.
  • My Sapphire Version game was a hand-me-down gift from a friend, Persian.
  • I hate games with player characters that drive like tanks.
  • I only stop working on a game if I get stuck and don't want to put up with tedious puzzles.
  • The bought-used Crystal Version game I have now comes from Persian, and was my second borrowed Pokémon game.
  • I like to roleplay with friends to pass time, and take pride in using realism in all of my writings.



Neo Qwerty, or "Neo" for short, delights in being snarky and mocking other human beings' stupidity and thick-headedness. I can be civil as long as no one acts like an absolute idiot in front of me, and I don't go out of my way to be provocative.

Bulbapedia Contributions

I can contribute to the Bulbapedia in the following ways.

  • French Pokémon name origins and small translation errors.
  • Basic corrections to all games I own.
  • Filling up the game data for Hey You, Pikachu! with accurate and extensive information.

Impeded Contributions

I don't have much to contribute to Bulbapedia so far.

  • I have no way of trading between Generation I games without Pokemon Stadium.
  • I have no way of trading to and from Generation II games.
  • I have little to no motivation to watch the anime, and never seem to find time to sit down and watch it either.



While I played the clarinet in high school and my father showed me the basics of playing the piano and guitar, my main musical skill comes from my voice. My singing range is wider than most women I've heard, since I can also move into a lower register closer to the tones men can naturally reach. I also excel at projecting my voice far and with strength.


I can draw relatively well, but lately I didn't really have the time or supplies to do it. I'm more of a spriter girl, anyway, as my custom sprites page shows. By the way, did you know that you can use charcoal to draw? It's not only for boosting Fire-type moves anymore!

Gaming Miscellania


My Pokémon Crystal's internal battery is still kicking! Awesome! I also never suffered from the Berry glitch in Pokémon Sapphire once, and never had a saved file erased through random glitches or failing internal batteries.

My Pikachu in Hey You, Pikachu! is cleverer than other people's, although it seems unable to fry most objects hanging in trees. That's really frustrating to me, I can never really complete Bulbasaur's recipes well. Time to break out the megaphone!

External Sites

Other Bulbagarden Sites

Neo on the Bulbagarden Forums

Personal Sites

Neo's personal Wiki
Content on this site is strictly G and PG in rating on all sections but the fanfiction area. All fanfiction is visibly rated, and reader discretion is strongly advised.
My personal wiki site, hosting guides, reviews and fanfiction written by me on various fandoms, including but not limited to Pokémon. The main use of this site is to give gamers who aren't quite that skilled yet tools to become as good as other gamers, not by giving steps to a result, but by explaining why examples work.

Neo's InsaneJournal
Content rating varies from G to PG-13 on visible entries, and cut entries have highly visible ratings. Reader discretion is advised.
My open-to-all InsaneJournal. There's fanfiction on this one that didn't make the cut to my personal wiki above, either due to being not as good or unrelated, or even outright because I didn't feel like it.

Pokémon ClearGlass Version

A currently ambitious but not quite realized fanfiction idea based around the various character personnas created by Neo Qwerty (me!) as I played through my games, and also involving 115 fake Pokémon and a new fake region. So far, I have 102 concepts down!

ClearGlass Version Wiki

Main Characters teen.png
Question Mark.png

Neo Qwerty's Official Team

Overall Stats
Neo Qwerty
ID No. 51909
Battle Results
Wins: 005
Losses: 002
Seen: ???
Caught: ???


Seen: 493
Caught: ???
Boulder Badge.png Cascade Badge.png Thunder Badge.png Rainbow Badge.png Soul Badge.png Marsh Badge.png Volcano Badge.png Earth Badge.png
Zephyr Badge.png Hive Badge.png Plain Badge.png Fog Badge.png Storm Badge.png Mineral Badge.png Glacier Badge.png Rising Badge.png
Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png Rain Badge.png


Coal Badge.png Forest Badge.png Cobble Badge.png Fen Badge.png Relic Badge.png Mine Badge.png Icicle Badge.png Beacon Badge.png
Trio Badge.png Basic Badge.png Insect Badge.png Bolt Badge.png Quake Badge.png Jet Badge.png Freeze Badge.png Legend Badge.png
2965 7667 6556

Friend Codes

Battle Revolution
Spr 5b 212 m s.png
Slash ShinyIVStar.png
Sitrus Berry
Focus Sash
Scope Lens
Rough Skin
Life Orb
Flash Fire
Razor Fang
Double Team
Shadow Ball
Metal Claw
Swords Dance
Magical Leaf
Razor Leaf
Aerial Ace
Focus Energy
Skull Bash
Dark Pulse
Sludge Bomb
Double Team
Charge Beam

Neo Qwerty's Adoptable Pokémon

Adoptable Pokémon Parties

Global PokédeX +
Easter Lopunny
VDex Project
Spr b 5b 169.png
Spr 4p 428.png
Spr 4h 207 m.png
Spr 4d 336.png
Question Mark.png
ext/user/neoqwerty PokéFarm
Spr 4d 359.png
ext/PFvXxFR~0 Uluna
ext/PDZT1GZQ1GJ img/pkmn m/403s.png
ext/PDZT1GZQ1GJ Sleeping Kolink
ext/PFuQcDRO3Dr img/pkmn f/464a.png
ext/PFuQcDRO3Dr Rhyperaran
Spr 4d 401 m s.png
ext/PFuT1Fvr0DJ Xyloph
ext/PFZ~0GZOvDJ img/pkmn m/359d.png
ext/PFZ~0GZOvDJ Rikusol
ext/PDZTxDRDcFuX img/pkmn m/808.png
ext/PDZTxDRDcFuX Inflale
Purple Remoraid
Question Mark.png
Question Mark.png
Question Mark.png
Question Mark.png

Squiby Pokémon

10161.png 44373.png 110480.png 157123.png
388032.png 266551.png 238839.png 238840.png
1401858.png 238838.png 321365.png 4015801.png
1722703.png 4638054.png 6079342.png 2791061.png
4339331.png 4023863.png 4058159.png 266557.png
4459947.png 4637594.png 4496233.png 4496261.png
4496296.png 4576578.png 4576622.png 4576725.png
4633546.png 4637588.png 4638091.png 2791034.png
4459969.png 4638045.png 4638299.png 5863946.png

Click Critters Pokémon

2893263.gif 2968931.gif 3027540.gif 3027543.gif
3029846.gif 3029870.gif 3029943.gif 4732467.gif
3175473.gif 3176788.gif 4007495.gif 4128690.gif
3875838.gif 3226313.gif 3226314.gif 3226315.gif
562932.gif 3831566.gif 3226339.gif 3226345.gif
4128682.gif 4308283.gif 3294223.gif 1742655.gif
4037612.gif 2871280.gif 2658018.gif 3328899.gif
1993818.gif 2798509.gif 2817601.gif 3348935.gif
3875855.gif 3364437.gif 3541823.gif 4725896.gif