Whitney's grandmother

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Whitney's grandmother
Whitney grandmother AP.png
Gender Female
Hometown Goldenrod City
Region Johto
Relatives Whitney (granddaughter)

Whitney's grandmother is a character who appeared in Ash & Pikachu, which is based on the Pokémon anime. She is a fortune teller living in Goldenrod City.


Whitney's grandmother appears in The Beginning Of Good Luck?! Pokémon Fortune Telling. When Ash and his friends arrive in Goldenrod City, they stop at a fortune telling booth at Misty's request. The fortune telling booth is run by an old lady, who tells fortunes based on which Pokémon most resembles people's personalities.

The old lady tells a fortune for Misty, comparing her to a Gyarados, which is a troublemaker who fights back when it gets upset. Misty is horrified, but Ash and Brock find the fortune accurate, so Brock asks for a fortune for himself. The old lady compares him to an Onix, which are earnest and punctual. Finally, she tells a fortune for Ash, who she compares to a Psyduck, which are easily influenced by others. She recommends that Ash use a Psyduck in his upcoming Gym battle, as she predicts it will be his key to success.

Later, when Ash is in the middle of his battle against Whitney, using Psyduck just like the fortune teller recommended, the old lady appears in the Gym, much to everyone's surprise. When asked why she is there, she reveals that she is there to cheer on her granddaughter, Whitney. Ash realizes that the fortune teller must have only recommended Psyduck so that Whitney would have an advantage. When Whitney asks her grandmother why she did what she did, the old lady simply states that she wanted Ash and company to learn how harsh a competition can be.

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