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Pikachu and Squirtle in front of the Team Base

The rescue team base (Japanese: 救助隊基地 rescue team base) is a location in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX which serves as the home for the player character. Its primary purpose is for the player to save the game, however this purpose is no longer present in the remakes as this function can be accessed through the game's menu. The rescue team's mail is delivered by Pelipper to the Mailbox in front of the Team Base.

To the east of the Team Base is Pokémon Square, Friend Areas are to the west, while dungeons are to the south.


After successfully rescuing Caterpie from Tiny Woods, the partner brings the player to a cottage. They decide to make the cottage their Team Base.

After completing Wynaut and Wobbuffet's mission, which involves defeating the Mankey gang in the Uproar Forest, they offer a peeled Chestnut, which is in turn used to convince the Mankey gang to help renovate the Team Base. The Team Base is upgraded to look like the player.


Flag options when the player character is Eevee.

Outside the Team Base there is a flag whose design represents the player. After receiving access to the Friend Area Sky Blue Plains and renovating the Team Base, a mission to rescue Smeargle may appear on the noticeboard. Accepting the mission will unlock Howling Forest. After completing the mission, Smeargle will offer to join the rescue team.

In the original games, the flag's design can be changed once per day by visiting Smeargle in its Friend Area, Sky Blue Plains. In the remakes, the flag's design can be changed as many times each day by calling Smeargle when interacting with the flag outside.


In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, the player is able to receive figures which are placed outside the Team Base. They are obtained as rewards when certain conditions are met. All of the figures are depictions of Generation IV Pokémon that had not yet made an appearance in the core series games at the time of Generation III.

Bonsly Statue RTRB.png Bonsly Figure Complete the 17 type-based mazes at the Makuhita Dojo
Mime Jr. Statue RTRB.png Mime Jr. Figure Complete a mission which has the "Mime Jr. Fig" as the reward (S or ★ rank)
Lucario Statue RTRB.png Lucario Figure Reach Lucario Rank
Weavile Statue RTRB.png Weavile Figure Complete a mission which has the "Weavile Fig" as the reward (S or ★ rank)

In Rescue Team DX, the figures are replaced by statues located at the Pelipper Post Office instead. These have the additional effect of enabling the player to encounter the Pokémon depicted on them in dungeons.


The design of the team base is different depending on the Pokémon the player is.

Red and Blue Rescue Team



During renovation




Rescue Team DX

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By Pokémon
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In the anime

Team Base interior in the anime
Team Base in the anime

A Team Base, based on the pre-renovation design of the Team Base for Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, and Psyduck, briefly appeared in the beginning of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!, serving as the base of operations for the newly formed Team Go-Getters. The interior of the base contains a pond where Squirtle, who was newly recruited by Team Go-Getters and was in reality a human who had turned into a Pokémon, took a swim during his first visit here.

In the manga

Team Base in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team

A Team Base, based on the pre-renovation design of the Team Base for Charmander, Cyndaquil, and Torchic, appeared in I Want to be Human Again!, as the base of Mudkip. He let Ginji sleep there for a night after their first mission together.

In other languages

Language Title
French Canada Flag.png Canada Base*
France Flag.png Europe Base Equipe
Germany Flag.png German Teambasis
Italy Flag.png Italian Base della Squadra di Soccorso
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기지 Giji
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Base da Equipa*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Base

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