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I Want to be Human Again!
Facing Against Difficulties!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 2
Location Team Base/Pokémon Square/Mt. Thunder/Hill of the Ancients
Manga series Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team
Previous Chapter Pokémon to the Rescue!
Next Chapter Goodbye to a Peaceful Village!

I Want to be Human Again! (Japanese: 困難に立ち向かえ! Facing Against Difficulties!) is the second chapter of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team manga.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


Ginji is at a school physical and he is going to have his height measured. He hopes that he's at least 4'5", but it turns out that he's 1'4" and still a Torchic. He then wakes up in Mudkip's house, realizing that it was all just a dream. Mudkip came to greet him, and Ginji told him that people said that he was short and a Torchic. Mudkip said that there was nothing to worry about it, because if he evolved into Blaziken, then he would be over 6 feet tall.

Ginji was irritated by this statement and stormed out of the house. Mudkip followed him, tripped, and ran into Ginji. Mudkip had something for him, a rescue team badge. Ginji disagreed. He said that he didn't know what his future would be like, so he couldn't make decisions right now. Mudkip said that he could find out his future by asking Xatu. Ginji thought that he could find out a way to turn himself back into a human by asking Xatu, so he agreed. He dashed down the road only to run into Gengar.

Gengar noticed Mudkip's badge and told them a fake story that he needed help finding a thing that Xatu borrowed from him. The headed toward the mountains where Xatu was and a large swarm of Pokémon came running towards them. They were running away from something. They were running away a large, yellow, electric bird at the top of a mountain, Zapdos. Ginji used Flamethrower from a distance, but it didn't affect it at all. Zapdos then used a powerful Thunder on Ginji. Mudkip said that he was reckless, but Ginji said that he would do anything to become human again.

So Mudkip joined with him in the battle against Zapdos. Mudkip started off with Mud Sport to weaken electric attacks. Zapdos used Thunder again and it did less damage to Ginji because of Mud Sport. Then Ginji jumped off a wall, into the air, and used "Super-duper Close-range Flamethrower" and beat it. Gengar congratulated them and they went on down the road.

At last, they arrived at the Hill of the Ancients, where Xatu was standing on the summit gazing into the future, unresponsive. Ginji got mad and used Flamethrower. Xatu was still unresponsive. Mudkip used a light Water Gun to cool him off. Mudkip asks if he is okay. Then Mudkip says that Xatu must be able to withstand anything when it's focused on the future. Then Xatu turns around and asks who they are, when he then starts steaming and burning. Gengar sneaks back and steals a stone, when he hears Xatu say that Ginji is a human.

He then says that the only thing that is clear to him is that Ginji has a dark future ahead. As they headed for a Pokémon village, everyone was crowded around a steaming pile of rubble. Mudkip asked what happened and Lombre told him that a giant thunderbolt hit there and that was all that was left. Lombre wondered what was causing the weather disturbances, and Gengar said that he knew.

He told everyone that Ginji was a human cursed by Ninetales.




  • Ginji (dream)
  • Ginji's classmates (dream)
  • Teacher (dream)


  • In the English translation by VIZ Media, this chapter was only given a title in the magazine version published in Nintendo Power. In the volume version, it is simply titled Chapter Two.


  • In Ginji's dream he is 1'4" tall. However, a kid mentions that he was 'barely' a foot and a half tall (barely 1'3").
  • After having Ginji explain his dream, Mudkip says that when Ginji evolves to his final evolution, he will be a Blaziken that weighs 116 lbs. and is 6'3" tall. However, Blaziken actually weighs 114.6 lbs.

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