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If you were looking for the CD single, see Song of Origin / Nice Buddy (single).
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L·O·V·E·L·Y ~Dream-Seeing LOVELY BOY~
Japanese movie ending themes
A Thing to be Protected
M08 EDJ.png
Hajimari no Uta
Song of Origin
Movie 8 ED
Lyrics PUFFY
Composer Andy Sturmer, Bleu
Arrangement Andy Sturmer
Sony Music
Title はじまりのうた/ナイスバディ
Song of Origin / Nice Buddy
Catalog no. KSCL-841
This song also appears on the soundtrack to the eighth movie, Pikachu Records catalog number ZMCP-2303.

Song of Origin (Japanese: はじまりのうた Hajimari no Uta) is the Japanese ending theme for Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario. It was paired with Nice Buddy on its single. The song is performed by Japanese pop duo PUFFY AMI YUMI and is available as Beginnings on their Splurge album, making it one of the few Japanese Pokémon songs readily accessible in the US market.


Japanese English
あたらしい幕開け 遠回りしたけど やっとめぐり会えたんだ
くすぶってた気持ちに 魔法をかけてくれた 重い扉を開けよう

いざ行こう 冒険の始まり
ほら飛び出そう あの空の向こう側へ

描き出す未来図 君とならいつだって きっと思いのままだ
困難に立ち向かう 負けない強いボールを 持って歩いていこう

そうさ ここからすべてが始まったよ
こんな 大地を揺るがすほど信じて
どんな 小さな夢だってなくさない
そんな 世界を仲間たちが待ってる


水 草 電気 虫 鳥 ガス 岩 氷 炎
地面 飛行 エスパー ノーマル 格闘 みんな 友達だから

そうさ ここからすべてが始まったよ
こんな 大地を揺るがすほど信じて
みんな ホントはさみしいのさひとりじゃ
こんな 調子で仲間ができてくんだから

どんどん 勇気わいてわいて
だんだん 勇者みんなみんな
A new curtain rises as we've come the long way, but we've finally ran into each other
You've cast some magic on my smoldering feelings, opening that heavy door

Come on, let's go! It's the beginning of a new adventure
Hey look, let's head on to the other side of the sky

As long as I'm with you, we could surely shape our own vision for the future
Standing up to the hardships, let's carry on with this ball of unrelenting strength

That's right, everything begins from here on out
Our belief is strong enough to shake this land
We won't lose even the smallest of those dreams
There are friends waiting for us out there in this world

Sometimes a few tears roll out on nights like that
But don't worry by yourself as we'll surely come running just for you

Water, Grass, Electric, Bug, Bird, Gas, Rock, Ice, Fire
Ground, Flying, Psychic, Normal, Fighting, all of them are my friends, that's why!

That's right, everything begins from here on out
Our belief is strong enough to shake this land
Each of us would be lonely when we're just by ourselves
That's why we head on out to make some friends

Steadily, our courage surges out, surges out
Gradually, there is a hero in all of us, all of us


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L·O·V·E·L·Y ~Dream-Seeing LOVELY BOY~
Japanese movie ending themes
A Thing to be Protected

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