Antenna of the Heart

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If you were looking for the CD single, see Antenna of the Heart (single).
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Japanese movie ending themes
Ice Cream Syndrome
M12 EDJ.png
Kokoro no Antenna
Antenna of the Heart
Movie 12 ED
Artist 中川翔子
Shōko Nakagawa
Lyrics 松本隆
Takashi Matsumoto
Composer 細野晴臣
Haruomi Hosono
Arrangement 島田昌典
Masanori Shimada
Sony Music Records single
Title 心のアンテナ
Antenna of the Heart
Catalog no. SRCL-7065, SRCL-7063 (DVD)

Antenna of the Heart (Japanese: 心のアンテナ Kokoro no Antenna) is the Japanese ending theme for Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime. It is sung by Pokémon Sunday host, Shōko Nakagawa.

The version of the song featured in the movie was a more mellow remix arranged by Haruomi Hosono, titled Antenna of the Heart -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-.


Japanese English
屋上で二人 沈む街を見てた

あなたの前髪 ふわり風に舞って
瞬間見とれる 空気と踊ってた

沈黙を破り つぶやくあなた

私の内側 複雑な回路で
灰色の日常 もやもや迷ってた

心のアンテナ いま共振してる

科学や数学 縛るもの捨て
風切って進め 生きてる証したち

凛々しい横顔 うっとり頷いた
A spring snapped, and the future stood still
On the rooftop, the two of us looked at the sinking town

Your bangs lightly fluttered in the wind
Fascinated by the moment, I danced with the air

Shall we ride the boat crossing the meadow?
You mutter, breaking the silence
We can see the boat crossing the meadow, right?
The swelling white sail that takes us on board

Inside of me, amongst a complex circuit
My ashen daily life was gloomily at a loss

Now, the antenna of my heart is resonating
Could this possibly be what is called "love"?

I want to ride the boat crossing the meadow
Cast aside science and math, the things that restrict
With the mast of the boat crossing the meadow
Cut through the wind and go forward, all the proof of living

Let's ride the boat crossing the meadow
Spellbound, your dignified face in profile nodded
We can see the boat crossing the meadow
The swelling white sail that takes us on board

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Japanese movie ending themes
Ice Cream Syndrome

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