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Silva (Japanese: シルバ Silva) is a young man from Pyrite Town who is widely considered as Duking's best friend, lieutenant, and right-hand man. Brave, loyal, but more than a little foolhardy and luckless—Silva attempts to fight Cipher throughout Pokémon Colosseum but has little luck.

When Miror B. kidnapped Duking's Plusle and used it to intimidate Duking into letting Cipher have free run of the town, Silva made a rescue attempt. Silva snuck into the Pyrite Bldg, but was eventually thwarted and injured by two of Miror B.'s lackeys, Reath and Ferma. Following that, Silva was rescued by Wes and Rui, who arrived in the nick of time.

Silva continued to investigate Cipher's actions in Orre, though. He later attempted to explore the Under, but was captured when he was mistaken for Wes. While captured, he gives Wes an R-Disk. He was eventually freed after Wes liberated the Under from the control of Venus.

Silva later disguised himself as a Cipher security guard and infiltrated Realgam Tower.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Duking has handed Silva the responsibility of running Pyrite Colosseum. However, he plays no other significant role in this game. He is shown to have an apparent interest in cosplay, specifically as a Plusle; Silva becomes embarrassed when the player discovers a Battle CD that features Plusle in his bookshelf, attempting to deny that he owns it to learn how to make a Plusle costume before giving it to the player. He also talks about dressing up in disguises at other times, continuing on from when he disguised himself to infiltrate Realgam Tower in the previous game.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Silva
Germany Flag.png German Slam
Italy Flag.png Italian Silverio
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Silvio

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