Mayor Es Cade

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Es Cade
バックレー Backley
Mayor Es Cade.png
Mayor Es Cade
Gender Male
Hometown Phenac City
Region Orre
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum

Es Cade (Japanese: バックレー Backley) is the mayor of Phenac City in Pokémon Colosseum. A fat and jolly gentleman, he is worried about the crimes being committed by Cipher and Team Snagem.

In the games

Mayor Es Cade in his office at Phenac City

Es Cade first appears near the beginning of the game, when the player and Rui seek out his aid following Rui's rescue from Folly and Trudly. Before meeting with him, the duo encounter Nascour leaving his home. He appears horrified by the kidnapping and Rui's claim of seeing a mysterious Pokémon with a black aura, and promises to investigate. In the meantime, Es Cade suggests that the player and Rui visit Phenac Stadium.

After fighting off an ambush from Team Snagem near the stadium, the player and Rui return to Es Cade's home, but he is absent and Miror B., Folly, Trudly, Bluno, Rosso and Verde are in the office instead. Miror B. leaves and dispatches Bluno, Rosso and Verde to guard Phenac City's exits while Folly and Trudly fight the player in Es Cade's office. Once the Cipher members are driven off, Es Cade returns to his office and promises to continue his investigation, telling the player and Rui to return if they need his aid. However, after Venus is defeated, Es Cade disappears; a Phenac City resident near his house reveals that she saw him leave in a terrifying rage.


  • Upon first entering his office
"Ah, you must be travelers! Welcome to Phenac City! I am Es Cade, the Mayor. Now, you wanted to see me. Is there something that I may be able to assist you with?"
"Oh? What may I do for a pretty young lady like you?"
"Saw it? And what did you see?"
"O-o-o-oh, my! Pokémon like a fighting machine? And it attacks people?! Now if that were true, that would be truly frightening. However, that is a little hard to believe."
"Hmm... I see. I understand. I will order an investigation at once."
"Oh, no, no. There is no need for thanks. We mustn't allow thugs to do as they wish. Especially thugs that endanger a pretty young lady like you! I'll ask that you give me a little time on this matter. I promise we will get some useful information for you."
"Oh, yes. You appear to be Pokémon trainers yourself. If so, I urge you to visit our city's pride and joy, our Pokémon Stadium. It's a breathtakingly beautiful Stadium befitting our oasis city!"
  • If talked to again
"I promise you, we will obtain useful information about those sinister Pokémon. While we do so, I heartily recommend that you visit our Stadium, the symbol of our civic pride!"
"Ah! It’s you two! I’m glad that you’re safe."
"I have heard. The thugs from our neighboring town came here, even going so far as entering my own home! They deliberately did this while I was away. How dare them! We must step up and speed along our investigation!"
  • If talked to again
"I will continue with our investigation. Whatever you do, please take care!"
"Ah, it’s you two! I’m so glad to see that you’re safe! I can tell from the news that you two have been very busy. I think it’s splendid! I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!"
  • If talked to again
"I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!"
"Ah, it’s you two! I’ve heard! There is supposedly a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination! I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!"

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Nestor
Germany Flag.png German Maskad
Italy Flag.png Italian Sindaco
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Notorio

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