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ザック Zack
Perr XD.png
Perr in Gale of Darkness
Gender Male
Hometown The UnderColo
Gateon PortXD
Region Orre
Relatives Makan (grandfather)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Perr (Japanese: ザック Zack) is a member of the Kids Grid in Pokémon Colosseum. He asks Wes to deliver a Powerup Part to Nett in order to fix the Kids Grid Network as Cipher seemed to have a found out about it and figured out a way to shut it down.

Perr in Colosseum

He lives in what appears to be a Junk Shop, run by his grandfather, Makan. The bottom floor is a maze of old machine parts, gadgets and other items. The second floor contains a desk and a few more seemingly random objects.

In Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, he and Makan move the Junk Shop to Gateon Port. Among their accomplishments in XD are fixing Gateon's moving bridges, upgrading Michael's scooter into a hoverscooter suitable for traveling in the desert, and building the Robo Kyogre.

He is also featured on a wanted poster in the Pyrite Town Police Station; the reason for this is unknown.


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Gateon Port
  • On the bridge
"Whew... That settles that! All fixed! ...You want to talk to me? Yeah, the Parts Shop is ours. Huh? You need a Machine Part. Where's Grandpa? ...he's gone off to Dr. Kaminko's... Arrrgh! When my grandpa gets excited over some mechanical thing, he's off like a shot, never mind the shop or his grandson, me. I'll find that Machine Part you need. Can I get you to come to our shop? Man, Grandpa should be so lucky to have a caring grandson like me looking after him."
  • In the Parts Shop
"Sorry we were out. A Machine Part, you said, right? Here it is, here it is. This is it. Here you go! It's a rare item, that Machine Part. It took a while to get the order in. How's your Director, Prof. Krane, doing?"
"Hah? The HQ Lab's Director was abducted by some goons with Shadow Pokémon? I've been through something like that before, but who would've thought it'd happen again? I hope the Lab Director's found. I'll be rooting for you, so don't give up."
  • To upgrade the Scooter
"Yo, <player>! I heard from Bitt. You want to cross the desert, do you? You want to be able to cross the desert on your Scooter, right? All you need is a conversion kit."
"But Grandpa's gone out again and hasn't come back, just like before... Grandpa's the only one who knows about all the parts we carry..."
"You're amazing! Well, I always thought you were amazing, but I didn't know how amazing! Here you are before my eyes, but you're also on the TV news. It's a funny little feeling."
"Hey, I've figured it out! You want your Scooter modified so you can lay a smackdown on Cipher, right? Of all times, Grandpa would be out of the shop. It's a headache. He's over at Dr. Kaminko's manor again. You'd be better off going to see him in person."
  • After Makan returns from Kaminko's Manor
"Your scooter's become seriously awesome. It'll be fine in any desert now! But that Robo Kyogre we got from Dr. Kaminko... is it going to be useful, do you think? I think it's just going to be junk like usual."

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Zack
Germany Flag.png German Junk
Italy Flag.png Italian Ueb
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Adesel

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