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レイラ Leila
Marcia XD.png
Marcia in Gale of Darkness
Gender Female
Hometown Pyrite Town
Region Orre
Relatives Duking (father)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Marcia (Japanese: レイラ Leila) is a character in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

In Pokémon Colosseum, Marcia is first seen in the back of her father Duking's house in Pyrite Town. She is part of the Kids Grid, and plans to recover Duking's stolen Plusle.

Marcia in Colosseum

Her role is greatly expanded in Pokémon XD. Marcia has now become a reporter for ONBS and has a reputation for being reckless. She and her cameraman, Cameran, are encountered leaving Pyrite on Michael's first visit en route to a news story at Phenac City. However, when she fails to come back, Michael is sent to find her. Marcia and Cameran are eventually found being held hostage by Snattle in Phenac Stadium, where the Cipher Admin is trying to intimidate her into handing over their videotapes of the evil activities within Phenac. As Michael fights Snattle, Marcia and Cameran tape the battle and later run it on ONBS, exposing Cipher to all of Orre.

Later, she can be found outside the Cipher Key Lair, where she and Cameran are reporting on Chief Sherles's plans to arrest the Cipher members inside.


Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

Phenac Stadium
"Forget it! You can't have our videotapes! You can't do this to the press!"
"I don't care about your sick aspirations! Don't you dare underestimate the power of the free press!"
"ONBS stakes its very existence on delivering the truth for justice! I will get this news out!"
"Oh, for... this is precisely the time your camera should be rolling! Show some journalistic guts!"
"That was stunning... That footage should be electrifying. Cameran, did you get that on tape?"
  • After defeating Snattle
"Thank you! You kept them from taking our videotapes. We've got some explosive footage!"
"My name's Marcia. We were gathering news in Phenac when Cipher caught us and brought us here."
"But there's a silver lining in this--we managed to capture your heroics on tape! We did, didn't we?"
"Okay, we need to rush back to Pyrite and get this news out on the air as soon as possible. Let's meet again! Thank you for everything!"
ONBS Building
"Our Phenac news story is shaping up beautifully."
"Of course, you're a huge part of our story. Look forward to the broadcast, okay?"


  • Marcia is the only one of the Kids Grid to not have a double letter at the end of her name.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Laila
Germany Flag.png German Layla
Italy Flag.png Italian Laila
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cárol

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