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Super Training with the player's party
Super Training with the player's party

Super Training (Japanese: スーパートレーニング Super Training), commonly abbreviated as ST (Japanese: スパトレ SuperTra), is a method of Pokémon training introduced in the Pokémon X and Y games. It is a feature created by Clemont which allows players to train their Pokémon on the touch screen from anywhere at any time. Super Training allows the player to not increase their Pokémon's level, but instead raise its stats (i.e. effort values). Super Training is accessible among the paged features on the bottom screen of the 3DS in X and Y, immediately left of the Player Search System and right of Pokémon-Amie; in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it is at the bottom of the PlayNav menu of the PokéNav Plus.

The first time the player accesses Super Training, they are shown a video and taken through two tutorials demonstrating how to use Super-Training Regimens (against a virtual Scatterbug and Spewpa) to increase a Pokémon's stats, and how to use training bags in the Core Training screen to do the same.

Core Training

Selecting a training bag for Core Training

The main Super Training screen is referred to as Core Training (Japanese: ベーストレーニング Base Training), where players can use training bags to help boost their Pokémon's growth. The player may earn additional training bags by participating in Super-Training Regimens, or by "punching" (tapping) repeatedly on the empty training bag on this screen. Pokémon will also hit the training bag automatically, once per minute, occasionally finding training bags on their own.

Occasionally, the player's Pokémon will take a rest from Core Training, indicated by the Pokémon lying on its side with a "..." displayed above it and a refusal to participate in a Super-Training Regimen (or accept a new training bag); tapping the Pokémon will wake it up and give it a second wind (shown as a smiley above the Pokémon), which doubles the speed at which the Pokémon can finish off a training bag.

Training Bags

Bag Hits Effect
ST basic bag.png None
ST HP Bag S.png ST Attack Bag S.png ST Defense Bag S.png ST Sp. Atk Bag S.png ST Sp. Def Bag S.png ST Speed Bag S.png Small 10 +1 EV to the specified stat
ST HP Bag M.png ST Attack Bag M.png ST Defense Bag M.png ST Sp. Atk Bag M.png ST Sp. Def Bag M.png ST Speed Bag M.png Medium 25 +4 EV to the specified stat
ST HP Bag L.png ST Attack Bag L.png ST Defense Bag L.png ST Sp. Atk Bag L.png ST Sp. Def Bag L.png ST Speed Bag L.png Large 50 +12 EV to the specified stat
ST Big Shot Bag.png Big Shot 10 Increases the size of the Pokémon's shots in the next Super-Training Regimen.
ST Double-Up Bag.png Double-Up 10 Doubles maximum base-stat increases the next time the Pokémon takes on a Super-Training Regimen.
ST Reset Bag.png Reset 100 Resets all EVs of a Pokémon.
ST Soothing Bag.png Soothing 250 +20 Friendship.
ST Strength Bag.png Strength 10 Doubles the number of points earned per shot in the next Super-Training Regimen.
ST Swiftness Bag.png Swiftness 10 Increases speed in the next Super-Training Regimen.
ST Team Flare Bag.png Team Flare 10 Reduces the amount of strikes required to break another bag by half.
ST Toughen-Up Bag.png Toughen-Up 10 Reduces the number of points lost per hit in the next Super-Training Regimen.

The small, medium and large stat bags are all patterned to resemble a three-stage line of Pokémon which specializes in that stat. The HP bags resemble Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill; Attack bags resemble Machop, Machoke, and Machamp; Defense bags resemble Aron, Lairon, and Aggron; Special Attack bags resemble Litwick, Lampent, and Chandelure; Special Defense bags resemble Flabébé, Floette, and Florges; while Speed bags resemble Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat.

Bags that boost a Pokémon's performance in a Super-Training Regimen cannot be combined with each other, but remain in effect until the Pokémon actually participates in a regimen.

The Effort-o-Meter

Comparison of a Mewtwo and Pikachu's Effort-o-Meters

The Effort-o-Meter displays a Pokémon's stats as a graph (radar chart) on the Core Training screen. Many Pokémon have stats that grow more easily than others, and stats that take more time to grow than others. The inner green part of the Effort-o-Meter's graph shows stat levels related to the Pokémon's base stats (as dictated by its species), while the outer yellow portion shows effort values gained through Super Training.

A vertical meter to the right of this graph shows the Pokémon's cumulative training progress across all its stats; when this reaches its maximum value, the player is notified and the Pokémon is declared a Fully Trained Pokémon (indicated by a ST Fully Trained icon.png icon to the left of its name) and becomes eligible for Secret Super-Training Regimens.

In addition to EV-reducing Berries, the player can reset the Pokémon's stat increases with a Reset Bag, which resets all obtained effort values. The Reset Bag is never given as a prize for completing a Training Regimen; it can only be obtained by tapping the empty bag on the main Super Training screen.

Super Training Regimens

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Super Training Lv. 1 Regimens
Froakie battling against a Geodude Balloon Bot

Super-Training Regimens, a part of Super Training, strengthens a Pokémon by making it face off against giant Pokémon-shaped "Balloon Bots" in a soccer-like game where the player scores points by striking targets on the Balloon Bot. Completing a regimen awards an increase to the Pokémon's stats (in the same way that stat training bags in Core Training do); completing it within a specified target time also earns the Pokémon a medal.

Initially, only Lv.1 Super-Training Regimens are available; Lv.2 and Lv.3 training regimens are unlocked by completing all six regimens of each level the first time (with any Pokémon).

Unlike vitamins and training bags, a Pokémon may participate in a Super-Training Regimen at any time, even if its stat(s) (as shown on the Core Training screen) have hit their maximum values, and obtain Training Bags as prizes.

The table below describes the Balloon Bots that are fought in each regimen and the total score needed to defeat them.

Lv. HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed EVs
1 Wailmer (500) Axew (300) Geodude (250) Magnemite (300) Tentacool (200) Noibat (200) 4
2 Relicanth (2500) Fraxure (1500) Graveler (1500) Magneton (1500) Tentacruel (1000) Aerodactyl (1000) 8
3 Wailord (4000) Haxorus (2500) Golem (2500) Magnezone (2500) Dragalge (2000) Noivern (2000) 12

Shot types

Main article: List of Pokémon by Super Training Energy Shot

Each species of Pokémon has a different-colored Energy Shot in Super-Training Regimens, with each type having a different effect. The table below describes the attributes of each type of shot.

Color Effect
Black Average shot, Average power
Yellow Fires multiple shots in succession after charging, smaller shot size, lowest power, Guts Shots don't use as much of the Guts Meter
Orange Larger shot size, second lowest power
Green Slowest shot speed, larger shot size, highest max power, Guts Shots decrease Guts Meter more
Blue Higher shot speed, smaller shot size, second highest max power, Guts Shots decrease Guts Meter more

Influence of stats

The Pokémon's performance during a Super Training Regimen is influenced by its own stats:

Stat Effect
HP Increases shot size, reduces point loss when hit by an attack
Attack, Sp.Atk Increases the power of the Pokémon's shots
Defense, Sp.Def Guts meter fills faster, can block for longer
Speed Increases shot and movement speed

Secret Super Training

Greninja facing off against a Mega Aggron Balloon Bot

A set of twelve Secret Super-Training Regimens are accessible exclusively to Fully Trained Pokémon. Many of these Secret Super-Training Regimens involve Circuit Training: battling more than one Balloon Bot in sequence. During Circuit Training, the timer is extended by 30 seconds between each Balloon Bot.

Unlike in regular Super-Training Regimens where each rank of regimens is unlocked at once, each Secret Super-Training Regimen is unlocked in sequence.

In Secret Super Training, if the player achieves the target time, they will also receive an item as a reward, in addition to a training bag. The more the target time is beaten by, the more likely the player is to receive a rare item.

Achieving the target time in all Super Training and Secret Super-Training Regimens declares the Pokémon a Supremely Trained Pokémon (indicated by a ST Supremely Trained icon.png icon to the left of its name). Supremely Trained Pokémon can receive the Training Ribbon from a woman in Café Ultimo in Lumiose CityXY or from the Black Belt in front of Dewford Town's Pokémon Center.ORAS

Once a Pokémon is eligible for Secret Super Training it retains that distinction permanently; reducing its EVs (e.g. using a Reset Bag) does not disqualify it from participating in Secret Super-Training Regimens.

Lv. Regimen name Balloon Bots Prizes
4 The Troubles Keep on Coming?! Aurorus (1800)
Tyrantrum (1800)
Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Fresh Water Fresh Water, Health Wing Health Wing, Muscle Wing Muscle Wing, Genius Wing Genius Wing, Swift Wing Swift Wing, Resist Wing Resist Wing, Clever Wing Clever Wing
5 The Leaf Stone Cup Begins! Venusaur (3600) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
5 The Fire Stone Cup Begins! Charizard (3600) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Fire Stone Fire Stone
5 The Water Stone Cup Begins! Blastoise (3600) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Water Stone Water Stone
5 Follow Those Fleeing Goals! Stunfisk (4800) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Thunder Stone Thunder Stone
6 Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half! Aegislash (Shield Forme) (4800) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Dusk Stone Dusk Stone
6 An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks! Roserade (4800) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Shiny Stone Shiny Stone
6 Those Long Shots Are No Long Shot! Gallade (5600) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Soda Pop Soda Pop, Stardust Stardust, Hard Stone Hard Stone, Dawn Stone Dawn Stone
7 Scatterbug Lugs Back! Scatterbug (1200)
Spewpa (2400)
Vivillon (3600)
Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Lemonade Lemonade, Genius Wing Genius Wing, Muscle Wing Muscle Wing, Swift Wing Swift Wing, PP Up PP Up
7 A Barrage of Bitbots! Probopass (7200) Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Lemonade Lemonade, Health Wing Health Wing, Resist Wing Resist Wing, Clever Wing Clever Wing, PP Up PP Up
7 Drag Down Hydreigon! Deino (1600)
Zweilous (2400)
Hydreigon (4800)
Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Lemonade Lemonade, Stardust Stardust, Sun Stone Sun Stone, Moon Stone Moon Stone, PP Up PP Up
8 The Battle for the Best: Version X!X
The Battle for the Best!AS
Larvitar (1200)
Pupitar (2400)
Tyranitar (3600)
Mega Tyranitar (5600)
Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk, Leaf Stone Leaf Stone, Water Stone Water Stone, Thunder Stone Thunder Stone, Fire Stone Fire Stone, PP Up PP Up, PP Max PP Max
8 The Battle for the Best: Version Y!Y
The Battle for the Best!OR
Aron (1200)
Lairon (2400)
Aggron (3600)
Mega Aggron (5600)
Pretty Wing Pretty Wing, Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk, Leaf Stone Leaf Stone, Water Stone Water Stone, Thunder Stone Thunder Stone, Fire Stone Fire Stone, PP Up PP Up, PP Max PP Max

In the manga

Super Training in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

X & Y arc

Super Training was first mentioned in An X-cuse to Come Out and Play, where Y suggested that X should try it out. However, X refused the offer without a second thought.

In Noibat Stands in the Way, X and his friends encountered a Super Training Dome while running away from Team Flare. X decided to give it a try, but the group was attacked by two Team Flare Grunts during X's training. Fortunately, X was able to defeat them by popping a Balloon Bot and making the Grunts fly away with it.

In other languages

Super Training

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 超級特別訓練 Chāojí Tèbié Xùnliàn
France Flag.png French Système de Perfectionnement Virtuel
Germany Flag.png German Supertraining
Italy Flag.png Italian Super Allenamento Virtuale
South Korea Flag.png Korean 슈퍼트레이닝 Super Training
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Supertreinamento
Russia Flag.png Russian Супертренировка Supertrenirovka
Spain Flag.png Spanish Superentrenamiento


Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 超級特訓 Chāojí Tèxùn
France Flag.png French SPV
Germany Flag.png German ST
Italy Flag.png Italian SAV
South Korea Flag.png Korean 슈퍼트레 SuperTra
Spain Flag.png Spanish SE

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