Viren Tower

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Viren Tower
ブルガンタワー Bourgain Tower
Viren Tower.png
Viren Tower
Region Alola
Debut Living on the Cutting Edge!

Viren Tower (Japanese: ブルガンタワー Bourgain Tower) is an anime-exclusive location in Alola that appeared in Living on the Cutting Edge!. It is located in Hau'oli City and owned by Viren. The tower was built by Viren's Rainbow Happy Resorts (Japanese: レインボーハッピーリゾートカンパニー Rainbow Happy Resort Company).

The original design concept for Viren Tower

In The Long Vault Home!, it was revealed that Viren was planning to build Viren Tower on a piece of land in Hau'oli City that he owned. Viren wanted the tower to have exclusive boutiques, high-end restaurants and a luxury hotel. After the construction was hindered by a Stakataka, Viren decided to abandon his plans for Viren Tower and focus on building Viren Stadium instead.

Despite this, Viren built another Viren Tower. The design for this tower is quite different from Viren's original plans for the tower. In Living on the Cutting Edge!, Viren was recording his own TV program called the Viren Shopping Network (Japanese: ブルガンショッピング Bourgain Shopping) here. He was trying to sell a golden safe to his audience, when a Kartana showed up and cut the safe in half. Before Viren could attack Kartana, it escaped by cutting a hole in the wall.

Viren Stadium

Viren Stadium

Viren Stadium (Japanese: ブルガンスタジアム Bourgain Stadium) is another property owned by Viren. After the original plans for Viren Tower were hindered by a Stakataka in The Long Vault Home!, Viren announced he would build Viren Stadium next. It was built to host Pokémon Base matches and Viren's own Pokémon Base team. In Living on the Cutting Edge!, the stadium had recently been completed, and an inauguration ceremony was slated. Viren was practicing this ceremony with his henchmen when a Kartana showed up and cut in half the gold statue of Viren that overlooked the stadium.

In other languages

Language Title
Italy Flag.png Italian Torre Viren
Poland Flag.png Polish Wieża Virena
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Torre Victor

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