Pokémon Paradise Resort

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Pokémon Paradise Resort
ポケモンパラダイスリゾート Pokémon Paradise Resort
Pokémon Hot Spring Paradise.png
Pokémon Paradise Resort
Region Alola
Debut I Choose Paradise!

(Japanese: ポケモンパラダイスリゾート Pokémon Paradise Resort) is an anime-exclusive location in the Alola region on Akala Island. It appeared in I Choose Paradise!. It is revealed to be a popular place, and thus, it is hard to get reservations.

In the episode, Lusamine was revealed to have reserved a place for the Ultra Guardians. Ash and his classmates took a boat to the Pokémon Paradise Resort, taking their Ride Pokémon with them. While they were there, Team Rocket attempted to steal their Pokémon but were defeated.

Mallow's friend Oranguru was revealed to be a regular customer.

Care area

The care area focuses on treating Pokémon. Kiawe's Charizard received treatment there courtesy of James.

Play area

The play area consists of many locations where Pokémon and Trainers can relax and have fun, including a swimming pool, hot springs, two water-slides where Pokémon can go down in a raft, and a water volleyball net.

Pokémon seen in the Pokémon Paradise Resort

Oranguru anime.png
Hot Spring Paradise Various.png
Hot Spring Paradise Various.png
Hot Spring Paradise Various.png
Hot Spring Paradise Cubone Pikipek Pyukumuku Yungoos Trapinch Oricorio.png
Hot Spring Paradise Various.png
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