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ラクア Rakua
Lakua Ancient Adventurer Book.png
Region Unknown
Debut Fiery Galarian Moltres

Lakua (Japanese: ラクア Rakua) is an anime-exclusive location in the Pokémon world. Its precise location is currently unknown.


Lakua was first mentioned, albeit not by name, in The Future I Choose. It was part of the book Alex wrote about Lucius, describing it as a paradise sought by the ancient adventurer and his Pokémon, which they ultimately found and lived happily together in.

Lakua was briefly mentioned by Lucius in Fiery Galarian Moltres, comforting his Moltres in a vision brought on by Liko's pendant before disappearing and leaving her wondering what it was.

In Reunion at the Ancient Castle!, Diana revealed that Lakua is the name of the paradise that Lucius was looking for and that at some point Terapagos was with Lucius on this journey. It was implied that Terapagos may know where Lakua is located, as it jumped off the couch and headed towards the door after Liko mentioned the name, as if to go find it.

In Terapagos's Adventure!, Terapagos expressed its desire to find Lakua. Liko, understanding its feelings, brought the idea up to the Rising Volt Tacklers. They agreed to embark on this mission, but in order to complete it, needed to seek out the rest of the Six Heroes, Lucius's party, first.

In HZ032, it was revealed that Lucius's Pokémon made a promise with him to reunite again and that Lucius became one with Lakua.

In HZ034, it was revealed that the Explorers' goal is also to find Lakua.

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