Lapras Sea

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The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Lapras Sea
ラプラスの海 Laplace's Sea
Lapras Sea.png
Lapras Sea
Region Unknown
Debut Song Within the Mist

(Japanese: ラプラスの海 Laplace's Sea) is an anime-exclusive location that Lucius's Lapras inhabits. It is the former home to the Lapras Pirates.

Lapras Sea first appeared in Song Within the Mist, where it was the subject of a rumor that a shining Lapras would guide lost ships through deep fog with its song. It was later revealed that this Lapras originally traveled with Lucius, but turned to a life of piracy after they were separated.

In Lapras's Feelings for its Friends, after Lapras decided to aid the Rising Volt Tacklers in finding Laqua, the rest of the Lapras Pirates left the reef to continue their lifestyle elsewhere.

Pokémon seen in Lapras Sea

Ambipom anime.png
Toedscruel anime.png
Lapras Pirates Octillery Slowbro Vigoroth anime.png
Lapras Pirates Octillery Slowbro Vigoroth anime.png
Lapras Pirates Bibarel.png
Bibarel (x2)
Lapras Pirates Barbaracle Mandibuzz.png
Lapras Pirates Barbaracle Mandibuzz.png
Lapras Pirates Jellicent.png
Jellicent (x2)
Lapras Pirates Octillery Slowbro Vigoroth anime.png
Lapras Pirates Barbaracle Mandibuzz.png
Lapras Pirates Dhelmise Remoraid.png
Lapras Pirates Wailord.png
Lapras Pirates Dhelmise Remoraid.png
Lapras Pirates Dhelmise Remoraid.png
Lapras Pirates Dhelmise Remoraid.png

With Liko

Lucius Lapras.png
Lapras (giant)

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