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Art of a Pikachu eating a fluffruit in New Pokémon Snap

A fluffruit (Japanese: ふわりんご Fluffy Apple) is an apple-like Pokémon food that grows in the Lental region. They are sweet to the taste as well as lighter and softer than regular apples.

In New Pokémon Snap

A fluffruit

In New Pokémon Snap, Professor Mirror gives the player fluffruit after completing the Florio Island Illumina Spot course at the Florio Nature Park for the first time. These are unlimited, and can be fed to, thrown at, or thrown near wild Pokémon to elicit varying responses, reveal Pokémon that are hiding, or lure Pokémon to a new spot, which can result in special interactions. Pokémon may be startled if hit by a thrown fluffruit, but it will not hurt them or cause them to faint. Some Pokémon are not interested in fluffruit and will ignore them.

Fluffruit replace the apple-shaped Pokémon food from Pokémon Snap, serving a nearly identical purpose and function. They also partially replace the Pester Ball, which was not included in New Pokémon Snap due to an apparent desire from the game creators to have players treat the Pokémon more humanely.[1]

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 輕蘋果 Hīng Pìhnggwó
Mandarin 輕蘋果 / 轻苹果 Qīng Píngguǒ
France Flag.png French Pomme Tendre
Germany Flag.png German Samtapfel
Italy Flag.png Italian Mela soffice
South Korea Flag.png Korean 말랑사과 Mallang Sagwa
Spain Flag.png Spanish Blanzana


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