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For the TCG expansion, see Rapid Strike Master (TCG).

Japanese promotional image
An example of a Rapid Strike Pokémon

Rapid Strike (Japanese: RENGEKI Rapid Strike) is a category of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were introduced in the Battle Styles expansion and revolve around Urshifu's Rapid Strike Style. Rapid Strike cards are the counterpart of Single Strike and Fusion Strike style cards and focus on sneaky and technical attacks. These are distinguished by a blue Rapid Strike label superimposed on the card art below the HP and type. Certain attacks, Abilities, Trainer cards, and Special Energy cards interact specifically with Rapid Strike cards.

List of Rapid Strike cards

Rapid Strike Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Carnivine Grass Battle Styles Uncommon 009/163 Rapid Strike Master C 007/070
Remoraid Water Battle Styles Common 036/163 Rapid Strike Master C 022/070
Octillery Water Battle Styles Rare Holo 037/163 Rapid Strike Master R 023/070
Battle Styles Rare Secret 178/163 Rapid Strike Master UR 089/070
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH089      
Brilliant Stars Rare Holo TG03/TG30 VMAX Climax CHR 191/184
Shinx Lightning Battle Styles Common 046/163 Rapid Strike Master C 030/070
Luxio Lightning Battle Styles Uncommon 047/163 Rapid Strike Master U 031/070
Luxray Lightning Battle Styles Rare Holo 048/163 Rapid Strike Master R 032/070
Mienfoo Fighting Battle Styles Common 076/163 Rapid Strike Master C 045/070
Mienshao Fighting Battle Styles Rare 077/163 Rapid Strike Master U 046/070
Falinks Fighting Battle Styles Rare 083/163 Rapid Strike Master U 049/070
Astral Radiance Rare Holo TG07/TG30 VMAX Climax CHR 204/184
Sobble Water Chilling Reign Common 041/198 Peerless Fighters C 016/070
Drizzile Water Chilling Reign Uncommon 042/198 Peerless Fighters U 017/070
Inteleon Water Chilling Reign Rare Holo 043/198 Peerless Fighters R 018/070
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH113      
Evolving Skies Rare Secret 227/203 Eevee Heroes UR 098/069
Rapid Strike Urshifu Water Chilling Reign Rare Holo 044/198 Peerless Fighters R 019/070
Diglett Fighting Chilling Reign Common 076/198 Peerless Fighters C 033/070
Dugtrio Fighting Chilling Reign Rare 077/198 Peerless Fighters U 034/070
Passimian Fighting Chilling Reign Rare 088/198 Peerless Fighters C 043/070
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH115      
Grookey Grass Chilling Reign Common 016/198 Jet-Black Spirit C 006/070
Thwackey Grass Chilling Reign Uncommon 017/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 007/070
Rillaboom Grass Chilling Reign Rare Holo 018/198 Jet-Black Spirit R 008/070
Sneasel Water Chilling Reign Common 030/198 Jet-Black Spirit C 011/070
Weavile Water Chilling Reign Rare Holo 031/198 Jet-Black Spirit R 012/070
Tapu Fini Water Chilling Reign Rare Holo 040/198 Jet-Black Spirit R 016/070
Blitzle Lightning Chilling Reign Common 050/198 Jet-Black Spirit C 021/070
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH173 S-P Promotional cards   178/S-P
Zebstrika Lightning Chilling Reign Rare 051/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 022/070
Inkay Psychic Chilling Reign Common 069/198 Jet-Black Spirit C 032/070
Malamar Psychic Chilling Reign Rare 070/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 033/070
Zangoose Colorless Chilling Reign Rare 120/198 Peerless Fighters C 056/070
Kecleon Colorless Chilling Reign Rare 122/198 Jet-Black Spirit C 054/070
Feebas Water Evolving Skies Common 037/203 Eevee Heroes C 022/069
Milotic Water Evolving Skies Rare 038/203 Eevee Heroes U 023/069
Flabébé Psychic Evolving Skies Common 071/203 Eevee Heroes C 037/069
Floette Psychic Evolving Skies Uncommon 072/203 Eevee Heroes U 038/069
Florges Psychic Evolving Skies Rare Holo 073/203 Eevee Heroes R 039/069
Marshadow Psychic Evolving Skies Rare Holo 080/203 Eevee Heroes R 044/069
Kangaskhan Colorless Fusion Strike Rare 204/264 Eevee Heroes U 057/069
Sizzlipede Fire Fusion Strike Common 047/264 Blue Sky Stream C 016/067
Centiskorch Fire Fusion Strike Rare 048/264 Blue Sky Stream U 017/067
Shellder Water Fusion Strike Common 050/264 Blue Sky Stream C 018/067
Cloyster Water Fusion Strike Rare 051/264 Blue Sky Stream U 019/067
Staryu Water Fusion Strike Common 052/264 Fusion Arts C 018/100
Starmie Water Fusion Strike Rare Holo 053/264 Fusion Arts R 019/100
Plusle Lightning Fusion Strike Common 089/264 Blue Sky Stream C 029/067
Minun Lightning Fusion Strike Common 090/264 Blue Sky Stream C 030/067
Deoxys Psychic Fusion Strike Rare Holo 120/264 Fusion Arts R 045/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH170      
Basculin Water Fusion Strike Common 070/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   004/022
Lapras Water Fusion Strike Uncommon 054/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   001/022
Buneary Colorless Fusion Strike Common 212/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   008/022
Lopunny Colorless Fusion Strike Uncommon 213/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   009/022
Hawlucha Colorless Fusion Strike Uncommon 216/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   010/022
Rapid Strike PokémonV
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
EmpoleonV Water Battle Styles Ultra-Rare Rare 040/163 Rapid Strike Master RR 026/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 145/163 Rapid Strike Master SR 073/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 146/163 Rapid Strike Master SR 074/070
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH108 S-P Promotional cards   184/S-P
      Start Deck 100   100/414
Rapid Strike UrshifuV Fighting Battle Styles Ultra-Rare Rare 087/163 Rapid Strike Master RR 050/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 152/163 Rapid Strike Master SR 076/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 153/163 Rapid Strike Master SR 077/070
      VMAX Climax RR 094/184
Brilliant Stars Rare Ultra TG20/TG30 VMAX Climax CSR 240/184
      Start Deck 100   248/414
Rapid Strike UrshifuV Fighting SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH107 Single Strike & Rapid Strike Premium Trainer Boxes   007/033
BlazikenV Fire Chilling Reign Ultra-Rare Rare 020/198 Peerless Fighters RR 007/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 161/198 Peerless Fighters SR 071/070
      VMAX Climax RR 019/184
      VMAX Climax CSR 216/184
      Start Deck 100   057/414
ZeraoraV Lightning Chilling Reign Ultra-Rare Rare 053/198 Jet-Black Spirit RR 024/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 165/198 Jet-Black Spirit SR 073/070
Chilling Reign   166/198 Jet-Black Spirit SR 074/070
      VMAX Climax RR 054/184
      VMAX Climax CSR 224/184
MetagrossV Metal Chilling Reign Ultra-Rare Rare 112/198 Jet-Black Spirit RR 049/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 181/198 Jet-Black Spirit SR 077/070
      Start Deck 100   301/414
SylveonV Psychic Evolving Skies Ultra-Rare Rare 074/203 Eevee Heroes RR 040/069
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 183/203 Eevee Heroes SR 082/069
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 184/203 Eevee Heroes SR 083/069
      VMAX Climax RR 074/184
Brilliant Stars Rare Ultra TG14/TG30 VMAX Climax CSR 231/184
      Start Deck 100   191/414
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH202      
MedichamV Fighting Evolving Skies Ultra-Rare Rare 083/203 Blue Sky Stream RR 036/067
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 185/203 Blue Sky Stream SR 071/067
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 186/203 Blue Sky Stream SR 072/067
      Start Deck 100   221/414
RayquazaV Dragon Evolving Skies Ultra-Rare Rare 110/203 Blue Sky Stream RR 046/067
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 193/203 Blue Sky Stream SR 075/067
Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 194/203 Blue Sky Stream SR 076/067
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH147 S-P Promotional cards   210/S-P
      VMAX Climax RR 119/184
      Start Deck 100   315/414
VaporeonV Water Evolving Skies Rare Ultra 172/203 Eevee Heroes SR 074/069
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH150 Eevee Heroes RR 015/069
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH181 Eevee Heroes SR 075/069
      Start Deck 100   087/414
BreloomV Grass Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 006/264 S-P Promotional cards   176/S-P
RillaboomV Grass Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 022/264 S-P Promotional cards   170/S-P
DodrioV Colorless Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 201/264 S-P Promotional cards   162/S-P
InteleonV Water Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 078/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   005/022
      Start Deck 100   119/414
Rapid Strike PokémonVMAX
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Rapid Strike UrshifuVMAX Fighting Battle Styles Rare VMAX 088/163 Rapid Strike Master RRR 051/070
Battle Styles Rare Rainbow 169/163 Rapid Strike Master HR 083/070
Battle Styles Rare Rainbow 170/163 Rapid Strike Master HR 084/070
      VMAX Climax RRR 095/184
Brilliant Stars Rare Ultra TG21/TG30 VMAX Climax CSR 241/184
Brilliant Stars Rare Secret TG30/TG30 VMAX Climax UR 283/184
BlazikenVMAX Fire Chilling Reign Rare VMAX 021/198 Peerless Fighters RRR 008/070
Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 200/198 Peerless Fighters HR 085/070
Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 201/198 Peerless Fighters HR 086/070
      VMAX Climax RRR 020/184
      VMAX Climax CSR 217/184
MetagrossVMAX Metal Chilling Reign Rare VMAX 113/198 Jet-Black Spirit RRR 050/070
Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 208/198 Jet-Black Spirit HR 087/070
VaporeonVMAX Water Evolving Skies Rare VMAX 030/203 Eevee Heroes VMAX Special Set   002/004
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH182 S-P Promotional cards   187/S-P
SylveonVMAX Psychic Evolving Skies Rare VMAX 075/203 Eevee Heroes RRR 041/069
Evolving Skies Rare Rainbow 211/203 Eevee Heroes HR 092/069
Evolving Skies Rare Rainbow 212/203 Eevee Heroes HR 093/069
      VMAX Climax RRR 075/184
Brilliant Stars Rare Ultra TG15/TG30 VMAX Climax CSR 232/184
      Start Deck 100   192/414
RayquazaVMAX Dragon Evolving Skies Rare VMAX 111/203 Blue Sky Stream RRR 047/067
Evolving Skies Rare Rainbow 217/203 Blue Sky Stream HR 082/067
Evolving Skies Rare Rainbow 218/203 Blue Sky Stream HR 083/067
      VMAX Climax RRR 120/184
      VMAX Climax CSR 252/184
      VMAX Climax UR 284/184
RillaboomVMAX Grass Fusion Strike Rare VMAX 023/264 S-P Promotional cards   171/S-P
InteleonVMAX Water Fusion Strike Rare VMAX 079/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   006/022
Fusion Strike Rare Rainbow 266/264 Inteleon VMAX High-Class Deck   023/022
Rapid Strike Trainer and Energy cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Fan of Waves I Battle Styles Uncommon 127/163 Rapid Strike Master U 061/070
Chilling Reign Rare Secret 226/198 Peerless Fighters UR 094/070
Korrina's Focus Su Battle Styles Uncommon 128/163 Rapid Strike Master U 066/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 160/163 Single Strike Master SR 079/070
Battle Styles Rare Rainbow 174/163 Single Strike Master HR 086/070
Rapid Strike Scroll of Swirls I Battle Styles Uncommon 131/163 Rapid Strike Master U 065/070
Rapid Strike Style Mustard Su Battle Styles Uncommon 132/163 Rapid Strike Master U 067/070
Battle Styles Rare Ultra 162/163 Single Strike Master SR 080/070
Battle Styles Rare Rainbow 176/163 Single Strike Master HR 087/070
Brilliant Stars Rare Ultra TG27/TG30 VMAX Climax SR 273/184
Tower of Waters St Battle Styles Uncommon 138/163 Rapid Strike Master U 069/070
Rapid Strike Energy Fighting E Battle Styles Uncommon 140/163 Rapid Strike Master U 070/070
Battle Styles Rare Secret 182/163 Rapid Strike Master UR 091/070
Echoing Horn I Chilling Reign Uncommon 136/198 Peerless Fighters U 064/070
Chilling Reign Rare Secret 225/198 Jet-Black Spirit UR 094/070
Brawly Su Chilling Reign Uncommon 131/198 Peerless Fighters U 069/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 188/198 Peerless Fighters SR 084/070
Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 212/198 Peerless Fighters HR 092/070
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Skies I Chilling Reign Uncommon 151/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 063/070
Siebold Su Chilling Reign Uncommon 153/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 067/070
Chilling Reign Rare Ultra 198/198 Jet-Black Spirit SR 083/070
Chilling Reign Rare Rainbow 221/198 Jet-Black Spirit HR 091/070
Spiral Energy Rainbow E Chilling Reign Uncommon 159/198 Jet-Black Spirit U 069/070
Rapid Strike Scroll of the Flying Dragon I Evolving Skies Uncommon 153/203 Blue Sky Stream U 062/067

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 連擊 Lìhngīk
Mandarin 連擊 Liánjí
France Flag.png French Mille Poings
Germany Flag.png German Fließender Angriff
Italy Flag.png Italian Colpe Rapido
South Korea Flag.png Korean 연격 Yeongyeok
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Golpe Fluido
Spain Flag.png Spanish Golpe Fluido
Thailand Flag.png Thai จู่โจมต่อเนื่อง Chuchom Tonueang

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