Colorful Winter Vacation

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Colorful Fuyuyasumi.png
Karafuru Fuyuyasumi
Colorful Winter Vacation
Pikachu short
Artist ポケモンキッズ&オーキド博士
Pokémon Kids & Okido Hakase
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Pikachu Records
Title ピカチュウのふゆやすみサウンドトラック
Pikachu's Winter Vacation Soundtrack
Catalog no. ZMCP-1177

Colorful Winter Vacation (Japanese: カラフルふゆやすみ Karafuru Fuyuyasumi) is one of the ending songs of the Japanese Pikachu shorts.

It debuted in Christmas Night.


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Japanese Romaji English
秋色のカーテンを ひらいたら
まぶしいね ふゆやすみ

ふゆは まっ白な画用紙
子供たちは 赤 緑 青 そして 黄色
元気すぎる クレヨンさ

まっ赤な帽子が クルクルまわる
緑のセーター すべってころぶ

新品のカレンダー ひろげたら
たのしいね ふゆやすみ

ふゆは まっ白なステージ
子供たちは 赤 緑 青 そして 黄色
ちょっとコマッタ ポケモンさ

まっ赤なマフラー 炎のつもり
緑の手袋 雪ダマ発射

緑のブロッコリーを 浮かべて
お帰りなさい 寒かったでしょう

(あったかいね。 ピッカ~! ピカピカ~!)

Akiiro no kāten o hiraitara
Masshiro na sekai ga
Kagayaiteitan dayo
Mabushii ne fuyuyasumi

Fuyu wa masshiro na gayōshi
Kodomotachi wa aka midori ao soshite kiiro
Irotoridori no
Genki sugiru kureyon sa

Makka na bōshi ga kurukuru mawaru
Midori no sētā subette korobu
(Ao aza da~)
Hashiri nuketeku
Kiiro wa Pikachu!

Shinpin no karendā hirogetara
Masshiro na yukidaruma ga
Sukī shiterun damon
Tanoshii ne fuyuyasumi

Fuyu wa masshiro na sutēji
Kodomotachi wa aka midori ao soshite kiiro
Irotoridori no
Chotto komatta Pokémon sa

Makka na mafurā honō no tsumori
Midori no tebukuro yukidama hassha!
(Aozora ni~)
Yukimamire no
Kiiro wa Pikachu!

Makka na tomato sūpu no naka ni
Midori no burokkorī o ukabete
(A, oishisō)
Okaeri nasai samukatta deshō

(Attakai ne)
If you open up the autumn-colored curtain
A pure white world
Has been shining
Isn't winter vacation dazzling?

Winter is pure white drawing paper
Children are red, green, blue, and yellow
A multicolored variety
Of overly energetic crayons

The bright red hat is spinning around
The green sweater slips and falls
(A blue bruise~)
Dashing out
The yellow is Pikachu!

If you open up the brand-new calendar
A pure white snowman
Is skiing
Isn't winter vacation fun?

Winter is a pure white stage
Children are red, green, blue, and yellow
A multicolored variety
Of somewhat worrisome Pokémon

The bright red scarf is supposed to be a flame
The green gloves fire snowballs!
(To the blue sky~)
Covered in snow
The yellow is Pikachu!

In the bright red tomato soup
The green broccoli floats up
(Ah, it looks tasty!)
Welcome home, it was cold, wasn't it?

(It sure is warm)

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