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Tomodachi Kinenbi
Friends' Anniversary
Pikachu short
Artist 酒井法子&竹中直人
Noriko Sakai and Naoto Takenaka
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなかひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement 島健
Ken Shima
Title ポケットモンスター 映画アニメ主題歌ソング集パーフェクトベスト(1998~2003)
Pocket Monsters Movie Anime Theme Song Collection Perfect Best (1998-2003)
Catalog no. ZMCP-1657

Friends' Anniversary (Japanese: ともだち記念日 Tomodachi Kinenbi) is the seventh ending song of the Japanese Pikachu shorts.

It debuted in Pikachu and Pichu.


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Japanese English
ねえ おぼえてる? ふたり出会った時のこと
 ああ もちろんさ! たしか雨がふってた
そうじゃないでしょ? よく晴れてたわ
 あれ? そうだったっけ? でも大事なコトは・・・・

こうして楽しく 歌ってることさ!

出会いに満ちた この星にうまれてよかったよね!
出会いをくれた “偶然”にありがとう!

ねえ どうしたの? 笑いながら泣いたりして
 そう これはつまり ぼくの得意ワザさ!
そうじゃないでしょ? 照れることないわ
 バレてたんだね? この涙のワケは・・・・

ちょっとした出会いも いつか
友情に変わること 知ったからさ!

誰かと誰かが 今日もどこかで はじめまして!
みんなで祝おう! 今日はともだち記念日!

ララララ ララララ・・・・
Hey, do you remember? The time when we first met
 Yes, of course! If I'm not mistaken, it was raining
That's not right, is it? It was perfectly sunny
 Huh? Is that right? But what's important is that....

In this vast world, the two of us
Were singing happily like this!

We're so glad we were born on this planet full of encounters!
To the "coincidence" that gave us this encounter, we give our thanks!

Hey, what's wrong? You're crying while you're laughing
 Yes, you see, this is my strongest move!
That's not right, is it? Don't be embarrassed
 You figured it out, huh? The reason for these tears....

I knew that even this short encounter
Would someday change into a friendship!

Even today, somewhere, someone is meeting someone else for the first time!
Let's all celebrate! Today is a friends anniversary!

Lalalala lalalala....


  • A version of the Pallet Town tune can be heard during the song.

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