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If you were looking for the e-Reader application, see Berry Tree (e-Reader).
If you were looking for the Berry-yielding background object found within Pokémon battles in Pokémon X and Y, see Natural objects.
If you were looking for the Decoration in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, see Decoration → Plants.

A tree where Pokémon hoard their food (previously called a berry tree) from Sword and Shield

A Berry tree (Japanese: きのみの Fruit tree) is a tree in the overworld on which Berries grow. In Generations II, VI, VII, and VIII, Berries can be collected from trees at fixed locations on a regular basis.

From Generations III to VII, Berries can also be planted in soft soil. In the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, Berry trees can be found growing when the player first arrives at a location. Once the Berries are picked, another Berry can be planted in the soft soil.

Generation II

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, there are a number of Berry trees across the Kanto and Johto regions. The player can harvest one Berry from each tree each day.

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, these Berry trees are replaced with additional Apricorn trees. Instead, the player can grow their own trees in Berry Pots.


Location Tree location Berry
Route 29 Northwest of the northwesternmost grass patch, on a plateau Berry
Route 30 Beside the southern house Berry
West of Mr. Pokémon's house PSNCureBerry
Route 31 Beside the sleeping man Bitter Berry
Violet City Near the exit to Route 32 PRZCureBerry
Route 33 Outside of Union Cave PSNCureBerry
Route 35 Across the small pond MysteryBerry
Route 36 Next to the National Park gate Ice Berry
Route 38 West of the fenced section on the lower middle path Berry
Route 39 Next to Moomoo Farm Mint Berry
Route 43 Across the big lake Bitter Berry
Route 44 Northeast of the Mahogany Town entrance Burnt Berry
Route 45 Near the pond at the south end of the route MysteryBerry
Route 46 West of entrance to Dark Cave PRZCureBerry
West of entrance to Dark Cave Berry
Route 1 South of the first ledge on the west side of the route Bitter Berry
Route 2 Middle of the tree maze, in the northeast PSNCureBerry
Pewter City East of the closed Pewter Museum of Science Ice Berry
East of the closed Pewter Museum of Science Mint Berry
Route 8 Northwest of the east terminal PRZCureBerry
Route 11 Northeast corner of the route Berry
Fuchsia City Northern area Burnt Berry
Route 26 North of rest stop Ice Berry

Generation VI

In Pokémon X and Y, there are a number of Berry trees across the Kalos region. The player can find one Berry on the ground in front of each tree every seven days. Berry trees can also be found in battle as natural objects that can be hit with Air Cutter, Blizzard, or Twister to drop Berries.


Location Tree location Berry
Route 5 End of a grind rail at the south end of the area where the hill in the middle of the route crests Oran Berry Oran Berry
Route 6 West side: just west of the center of the area Aguav Berry Aguav Berry
Route 7 Southwest corner of the route Persim Berry Persim Berry
Route 8 Coastal area: northwest of the Aquarium Mago Berry Mago Berry
Route 10 First bend in the road north from Cyllage City Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry
Route 11 Near the entrance from Geosenge Town Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
Route 12 South of the Shalour City Gate Aspear Berry Aspear Berry
Route 14 Northeastern-most branch of the route (requires Cut) Roseli Berry Roseli Berry
Route 15 Directly east of the Laverre City Gate Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
Route 16 Southeast of the route Lum Berry Lum Berry
Route 18 North of the west end of the bridge (requires Cut) Wacan Berry Wacan Berry
Route 19 Up the stairs and across the bridge at the end of the swamp area (requires Surf) Yache Berry Yache Berry
Route 20 West from the Snowbelle City entrance Kasib Berry Kasib Berry
Route 21 Far northwest of the route, across the pond (requires (Cut, Strength, and Surf) Figy Berry Figy Berry
Route 22 Southeast of the area down the waterfall (requires Surf and Waterfall) Tanga Berry Tanga Berry

Generation VII

Berry piles with different sizes

In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, there are a number of Berry trees across the Alola region. Piles of Berries lie beneath the trees, which come in two sizes that are distinct in the overworld: a small pile that yields three random Berries, or a large pile that yields four to five Berries. These piles often attract wild Crabrawler, which will attack anyone trying to take the Berries from their pile.

The first Berry in a large pile is fixed, and some Berries can only be found this way. It is possible to get multiple of the same Berry in a single pile. The pile in the Berry fields can only be a small pile and will never contain a Crabrawler. Piles regenerate every day at midnight, although the player has to leave the area for them to reappear.

Additionally, the player can plant Berries on Poké Pelago's Isle Aplenny. The mechanics are stripped down even further than the previous generation. The planted Berry trees erries now have four stages of growth before they reach their final, harvestable stage. Unlike in previous games, rather than stages lasting a fixed proportion of each Berry's growth time, only the first stage of growth is variable, with the later stages all proceeding at exactly the same rate for all Berries.


Some Berry piles have a Crabrawler hiding in them, which the player must defeat or catch in order to collect the Berries. If the player runs from or loses to the Crabrawler, it will remain in the Berry pile—the player cannot collect the Berries until they defeat or catch the Crabrawler.

In large piles, there will always be a Crabrawler; small piles only occasionally have Crabrawler. High-level Crabrawler hide in large piles, whereas low-level Crabrawler hide in small piles.


Location Tree location Big pile Berry Regular Berries
Berry fields On the north side, between the entrance and house N/A Oran BerryPersim Berry
Route 2 North of the Pokémon Center Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry Chesto BerryLeppa BerryOran BerryPersim Berry
Route 3 South of the bridge, near the Route 1 entrance Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry Cheri BerryChesto BerryPecha BerryLeppa BerrySitrus Berry
Route 4 East of the Paniola Town entrance Lum Berry Lum Berry Pecha BerryFigy BerryWiki BerryMago BerryAguav BerryIapapa Berry
Route 5 Southwest of the Pokémon Center Lum Berry Lum Berry Cheri BerryPecha BerryRawst BerryPersim Berry
Route 8 At the northwest corner of the route Lum Berry Lum Berry Cheri BerryChesto BerryPecha BerryOran BerryPersim BerrySitrus Berry
Route 10 In the center of the route, on the north side of the path Kee Berry Kee Berry Pomeg BerryKelpsy BerryQualot BerryHondew BerryGrepa BerryTamato Berry
Ula'ula Beach Northeast end of the beach Apicot Berry Apicot Berry Cheri BerryChesto BerryAspear BerryLeppa Berry
Route 16 West of the Pokémon Center Lum Berry Lum Berry Aspear BerryOran BerryPersim BerrySitrus BerryPecha Berry
Route 17 Northeast of the Po Town entrance Ganlon Berry Ganlon Berry Pecha BerryRawst BerryLeppa BerrySitrus BerryLum Berry
Poni Wilds Northwest tip of the route Salac Berry Salac Berry Chilan BerryCharti BerryChople BerryColbur BerryOcca BerryShuca Berry
North side of the route, directly opposite the Seafolk Village entrance Petaya Berry Petaya Berry Passho BerryRoseli BerryBabiri BerryYache BerryPayapa BerryWacan Berry
On an elevated tier in northeast of the route Liechi Berry Liechi Berry Rindo BerryCoba BerryKasib BerryHaban BerryKebia BerryTanga Berry
Poni Plains On the west side of the route, down a ledge Maranga Berry Maranga Berry Rindo BerryOcca BerryWacan BerryShuca BerryPassho BerryYache Berry

Generation VIII

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, there are a number of trees where Pokémon hoard their food (Berry trees prior to version 1.2.0) across the Galar region. The player can shake the tree to get one to three items from a tree. After the player shakes a tree, the leaves will either remain still, start shaking somewhat, or shake violently. If the player continues to shake the tree once the leaves have begun to shake violently, there is a chance that a Pokémon will attack the player and nearby Pokémon will steal either all of the items of one variety or all of the fallen items. After the items are harvested or a Pokémon attacks, the tree can no longer be shaken until the next day. Trees in the North Wild Area may also drop Leftovers in addition to Berries, while trees on the mainland of the Isle of Armor and around Ballimere Lake in the Crown Tundra may also drop Apricorns, with the trees in Forest of Focus having chances to drop every variety of Apricorn, and only one kind of Berry.


Depending on the tree, Skwovet, Greedent, or Cherubi* may attack the player. Trees in the Isle of Armor additionally have a chance for Applin to appear, along with Emolga in the Forest of Focus and FlappleSw/AppletunSh around Stepping-Stone Sea. In the Crown Tundra, trees around Ballimere Lake instead have a chance for Munchlax to appear.


Main Galar Region
Location Tree location
Possible items
Rolling Fields Northwest of the Meetup Spot entrance 80% 20% Oran BerryPecha BerryCheri Berry
Near the Dappled Grove border against the lake Cheri BerryOran BerryPersim BerryKelpsy Berry
Dappled Grove Along the cliff wall to the south of the Watt Trader 70% 30% Oran BerryChesto BerryPecha BerryPersim Berry
Along the cliff wall to the north of the Watt Trader Oran BerryPecha BerryRawst BerryChesto BerryPomeg Berry
Between a tree and the lake shore near the Watchtower Ruins border Chesto BerryLeppa BerryChilan BerryRawst BerryGrepa Berry
Between two trees near the Watchtower Ruins border Pecha BerryRawst BerryOran BerryChilan BerryApicot Berry
Watchtower Ruins Against the ruined tower 50% 50% Sitrus BerryLeppa BerryOran BerryCheri BerryTamato BerryLiechi Berry
Axew's Eye Near the tree 75% 25% Salac BerryLum BerryKee BerryMaranga BerryKebia BerryColbur Berry
Giant's Seat Next to a patch of grass against the southwest side of the large monolith 70% 30% Sitrus BerryChesto BerryAspear BerryLeppa BerryQualot BerryGanlon Berry
North Lake Miloch Between a patch of grass and the riverbank 50% 50% Rawst BerryPersim BerryAspear BerryHondew BerryPetaya Berry
Route 3 On the southern fork above the Trainer Tips sign 80% 20% Oran BerryPecha BerryRawst BerryPersim Berry
Motostoke Riverbank In the southeast corner of the area 50% 35% 15% Sitrus BerryLeppa BerryTanga BerryCoba BerrySalac BerryLeftovers
In the west of the area, in a corner of the Motostoke wall Pomeg BerryQualot BerryGrepa BerryKelpsy BerryHondew BerryTamato BerryLeftovers
Bridge Field Across the pool of water 75% 25% Ganlon BerryLiechi BerryBabiri BerryRoseli BerryChople BerryKasib BerryLeftovers
Between two pillars in the middle of the overpass at the Stony Wilderness border, left Hondew BerryGrepa BerrySitrus BerryRindo BerryAguav BerryLeftovers
Between two pillars in the middle of the overpass at the Stony Wilderness border, center Pomeg BerryTamato BerrySitrus BerryOcca BerryFigy BerryLeftovers
Between two pillars in the middle of the overpass at the Stony Wilderness border, right Kelpsy BerryQualot BerrySitrus BerryPassho BerryWiki BerryLeftovers
Route 4 South of the southeast paddock 100% Cheri BerryPecha BerryOran BerryLeppa Berry
Route 5 West of the bridge, in the southwest of the west side of the route, in a clearing 100% Chesto BerryChilan BerryCheri BerryPersim Berry
Giant's Mirror Northwest side of the pool of water 75% 25% Kelpsy BerryHondew BerryTamato BerryPomeg BerryQualot BerryGrepa BerryLeftovers
Giant's Cap On the top of a cliff on the west side of the area, in a clearing behind a field of tall grass 75% 25% Qualot BerryTamato BerryLum BerryApicot BerryGanlon BerryLeftovers
Hammerlocke Hills By the cliff southwest of the entrance to Hammerlocke 75% 25% Sitrus BerryKelpsy BerryHondew BerryIapapa BerryMago BerryLeftovers
By the west cliff overlooking Lake of Outrage Leppa BerryPomeg BerryGrepa BerryWacan BerryPayapa BerryLeftovers
Lake of Outrage By a tree near the cliff on the northeast side of the area 95% 5% Apicot BerryPetaya BerryHaban BerryYache BerryCharti BerryShuca BerryLeftovers
Route 6 In the east near Backpacker Ruth 100% Sitrus BerryRawst BerryLeppa BerryPersim Berry
Route 7 West of the bridge, south of western end of the bridge 100% Pomeg BerryKelpsy BerryQualot BerryHondew BerryGrepa BerryTamato BerryLum Berry
West of the bridge, west of the Route 8 entrance 100% Aspear BerryFigy BerryMago BerryGanlon BerryLiechi Berry
Route 9 Outer Spikemuth, north of the Route 9 Tunnel entrance 100% Lum BerryRoseli BerryChople BerryTanga BerrySalac Berry
Circhester Bay, on the southeast island 100% Wiki BerryAguav BerryIapapa BerryPetaya BerryApicot Berry

Isle of Armor
Location Tree location
Possible items
Fields of Honor Near the Armor Station 70% 30% Cheri BerryRawst BerryChople BerryRed ApricornGreen Apricorn
On the coast west of the Armor Station Pecha BerryLum BerryYache BerryCharti BerryPink Apricorn
By the western boulder Chesto BerryPersim BerryKasib BerryYellow ApricornBlue Apricorn
Next to the Master Dojo Leppa BerryOcca BerryPassho BerryCoba BerryBlack ApricornWhite Apricorn
Soothing Wetlands Near the Fields of Honor 70% 30% Mago BerrySalac BerryPink Apricorn
West of the arch-shaped pond Aguav BerryApicot BerryGreen Apricorn
East of the arch-shaped pond Iapapa BerryGanlon BerryYellow Apricorn
End of riverside, next to Courageous Cavern entrance Figy BerryLiechi BerryRed Apricorn
Forest of Focus* Close to Soothing Wetlands* 60% 30% 10% Sitrus BerryBlack ApricornBlue ApricornGreen ApricornPink ApricornRed ApricornWhite ApricornYellow Apricorn
In a dead end, west of the southern pond*
In a dead end, east of the southern pond*
Close to Challenge Beach*
Middle of northern side of the river*
In a dead end, close to easternmost bridge*
Close to Training Lowlands*
Challenge Beach Between two patches of tall grass 70% 30% Coba BerryMaranga BerryBlack Apricorn
Opposite end of beach from Tower of Waters Wiki BerryPetaya BerryBlue Apricorn
Loop Lagoon On the island, on a cliff next to a Pokémon Den 70% 30% Qualot Berry
Training Lowlands Next to Brawler's Cave 70% 30% Coba BerryKee BerryWhite Apricorn
Across the river on a stretch of land next to an island with a Pokémon Den Grepa Berry
Workout Sea On the major island, next to a rock 70% 30% Tamato Berry
On a beach near the Rotom island Kelpsy Berry
Stepping-Stone Sea On the large island, next to the tree closest to the Tower of Waters 60% 30% 10%Sw 10%Sh Hondew Berry
Insular Sea On the big island, on the beach closest to the Tower of Waters 70% 30% Pomeg Berry

Crown Tundra
Location Tree location
Possible items
Slippery Slope Near Crown Tundra Station 70% 30% Aspear BerryLeppa BerrySitrus BerryMicle Berry
Frostpoint Field Near Giant's Bed, behind a field of tall grass 70% 30% Charti BerryYache BerryLiechi BerryPetaya BerryMicle Berry
Giant's Bed Next to Iron Ruins 80% 20% Babiri BerryChilan BerryPetaya BerryApicot BerryMicle Berry
On an island on the upper shelf Lum BerryHaban BerryRoseli BerryJaboca BerryRowap BerryMicle Berry
Inside a ruined house on the upper shelf Tanga BerryKebia BerryPetaya BerrySalac BerryJaboca BerryRowap Berry
By the river leading to Ballimere Lake Wacan BerryShuca BerryCoba BerryColbur BerryJaboca BerryRowap BerryMicle Berry
Giant's Foot On the Giant's Bed side of the river, against the cliff side 80% 20% White ApricornKee BerryMaranga Berry
By a ruined house on the Giant's Bed side of the river Yellow ApricornGreen ApricornPersim Berry
On the side of the river opposite Giant's Bed, against the cliff face Red ApricornBlue ApricornOran Berry
Within a ruined house on the river side opposite Giant's Bed Black ApricornPink ApricornChesto Berry
Ballimere Lake Within a ring of tall grass next to the river from Giant's Bed 60% 30% 10% Tamato BerryCustap Berry
By the western ramp into the lake Kelpsy BerryCustap Berry
Counter-clockwise around the lake from the river to Giant's Bed Figy BerryWiki BerryEnigma BerryCustap Berry
Inside a ring of tall grass on the western side of the lake Qualot BerryCustap Berry
By some ruined houses on the southwestern cliff Mago BerryAguav BerryEnigma BerryCustap Berry
By a ramp along the path to Spiritomb's gravestone Occa BerryPassho BerryRindo BerryChople BerryKasib BerryCustap Berry
On the path to Spiritomb's gravestone, surrounded by tall grass Hondew BerryCustap Berry
By the eastern ramp into the lake Sitrus BerryIapapa BerryEnigma BerryCustap Berry
By the upper entrance to Lakeside Cave Pomeg BerryCustap Berry
By the lower entrance to Lakeside Cave Grepa BerryCustap Berry


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 樹果的樹 Syuhgwó-dīk Syuh
Mandarin 樹果的樹 / 树果的树 Shùguǒ-de Shù
France Flag.png French Arbre à Baies
Germany Flag.png German Beerenbaum
Italy Flag.png Italian Albero di bacche
South Korea Flag.png Korean 나무열매나무 Namu Yeolmae Namu
Spain Flag.png Spanish Árbol de bayas

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