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Mystery Fruit
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Introduced in Generation II
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The MysteryBerry (Japanese: ふしぎなきのみ Mystery Fruit) is a type of Berry exclusive to the Generation II games. It restores 5 PP to a Pokémon.

From Generation III onward, the MysteryBerry is succeeded by the Leppa Berry.


In Generation II games, this is displayed in all-caps: MYSTERYBERRY.

In Pokémon Gold and Silver: Official Nintendo Player's Guide (page 108), this item is named Mystery Berry.

In Pokémon Crystal: Official Nintendo Player's Guide (page 150), this item is named Mysteryberry.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
GSC N/A $5


Held item

If one of the holder's moves runs out of PP, it consumes its held MysteryBerry and 5 PP is restored to that move.

Bag item

When used from the Bag on a Pokémon, it restores 5 PP to one of that Pokémon's moves. This consumes the MysteryBerry.


Games Description
GSC A self-restore for PP. (HOLD)


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
GSC Ruins of AlphC
Pewter City (held by in-game trade Xatu)C
Berry trees (Routes 35 and 45)
Held by wild Clefairy (23% chance) and wild Mr. Mime (2% chance)
Held by wild Clefairy from Generation I

In the books

Pokémon Daisuki Tales

MysteryBerries in The Mysterious Rainbow of Colors

In The Mysterious Rainbow of Colors, two Pichu are collecting floating Mystery Berries deep in the forest. They discover a mysterious rainbow fog, which originates from a nearby cottage. Inside, they find a Meowth trying to make a rainbow with a concoction in a vat, but the rainbow drifts at the ground. The Pichu add their floating MysteryBerries to the vat, which allows the rainbow to arc through the sky as intended.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 神奇的果實 Shénqí-de Guǒshí
France Flag.png French Baie Mystere
Germany Flag.png German Rätselbeere
Italy Flag.png Italian Bacca Mist.
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이상한나무열매 Isanghan Namu Yeolmae
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bayamisterio

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