Arrowroot Town

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Arrowroot Town
カタクリタウン Katakuri Town
Arrowroot Town.png
Arrowroot Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Dawn of a Royal Day!

Arrowroot Town (Japanese: カタクリタウン Katakuri Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. It is located between Sunyshore City and Lake Valor. It is a small town with colorful architecture. It is cut by a river and encircled by forests and mountains. Marian described it as "a community surrounded by nature."

Like several other towns in Sinnoh, Arrowroot Town has a Contest Hall, making it a popular destination for Pokémon Coordinators. It is also home to a royal palace. Ash, Dawn, and Brock stopped by Arrowroot Town in Dawn of a Royal Day! while on their way toward Lakeside Resort on Valor Lakefront.

When the group arrived in Arrowroot Town, they learned that a Pokémon Contest was scheduled to take place that day. The Arrowroot Contest was one of the seven remaining Pokémon Contests to be held before the start of the Sinnoh Grand Festival following Marian's announcement in Fighting Ire with Fire!.

Since Dawn had already obtained the five required Ribbons to enter the Grand Festival, she had no plans of competing in the Arrowroot Contest. Princess Salvia, a doppelgänger of Dawn, wanted to participate and swapped places with Dawn in order to do so. Later, after Salvia won the Arrowroot Ribbon, she decided to give it to Jessilina, who had made it to the finals with her.

Places of interest

Contest Hall

Main article: Contest Hall
The Arrowroot Ribbon

The Arrowroot Contest was one of the final events in the Pokémon Contest calendar. Jessilina entered the tournament hoping to win her fifth Contest Ribbon, which would allow her to compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Also taking part in the event was Princess Salvia, who had a lifelong dream of entering a Pokémon Contest and had raised a Togekiss to that end. Due to royal obligations, she never had the time to compete, and so she had the idea of switching places with Dawn for a day.

In the Performance Stage, Jessilina commanded her Yanmega to use Steel Wing to shatter the Ancient Power she had used earlier. She then asked her to use Silver Wind on the shattered pieces of Ancient Power, creating a shower of sparkles. On Salvia's turn, she asked Togekiss to use Aura Sphere and follow it up with a Sky Attack, which divided the Aura Sphere into several smaller spheres that surrounded Togekiss. To finish, Salvia commanded Togekiss to use Air Slash, destroying the spheres and creating a bright, multicolored aura that poured down on them.

When Marian appeared to announce the results, it was revealed that both Jessilina and Salvia had advanced to the Battle Stage. The two of them were able to defeat their opponents to reach the final round, where Jessilina used her Seviper against Salvia's Togekiss. Jessilina had the upper hand for most of the battle, and this caused Salvia to question if entering the Arrowroot Contest had been a good idea, at which point Dawn who was watching the battle as a special guest offered her some words of encouragement. This renewed Salvia's confidence and allowed her to make a comeback. Eventually, Togekiss managed to knock out Seviper, causing the Contest Judges to rule Battle Off for the Fang Snake Pokémon. For winning the battle, Salvia was awarded the Arrowroot Ribbon, which she then gave to Jessilina as a token of appreciation for battling with her in the finals. Jessilina initially did not want what she called a "pity Ribbon," but after James and Meowth talked some sense into her, she realized she could use it to enter the Sinnoh Grand Festival and decided to keep it.

Arrowroot Palace

The Arrowroot Palace is where Princess Salvia stayed during her royal visit to Arrowroot Town. Salvia was visiting Arrowroot as a goodwill ambassador and stayed at the town's palace along with her butler and Freesia.

Upon arriving in Arrowroot Town, Ash and his friends were immediately taken to Arrowroot Palace by Freesia. There, Salvia was revealed to be a huge fan of Dawn who wanted to switch places with her for a day in order to compete in the Arrowroot Contest. Dawn agreed and was tasked with Salvia's royal duties, which included attending a greeting ceremony, having a state lunch with people considered important to the stability of Salvia's land, and visiting the town's Contest Hall as a special guest.

After competing in the Arrowroot Contest, Salvia returned to the palace, where she gave her Togekiss to Dawn as a gift as she felt the Jubilee Pokémon would be much better off with a traveling Coordinator.


Contest Hall Arrowroot Palace
Exterior Interior
Arrowroot Contest Hall.png Arrowroot Contest Hall interior.png Arrowroot Palace.png


Language Name Origin
Japanese カタクリタウン Katakuri Town From 片栗 katakuri (fawn lily, dogtooth violet) or 片栗粉 katakuri-ko (potato starch)
English Arrowroot Town From arrowroot, one of the sources for the arrowroot starch
French Marantaville From Maranta, the genus that contains the arrowroot
German Pfeilwurzstadt From Pfeilwurz, arrowroot
Italian Marantavilla From the genus Maranta
Spanish Pueblo Arrurruz From arrurruz, arrowroot
Korean 얼레지타운 Eolleji Town From 얼레지 eolleji, fawn lily
Chinese (Mandarin) 片栗鎮 Piānlì Zhèn From 片栗 katakuri
Chinese (Cantonese) 片栗鎮 Pinleuht Jan
Polish Arrowroot From its English name

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