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This article is about the characters in the anime who deliberately resemble other characters. For information about character designs which are reused in the anime, see Anime character recycling.

A doppelgänger is a double or lookalike of another person. Various characters in the anime are doppelgängers of main characters.


Arnold and his mother
Main article: Arnold

Arnold is a doppelgänger of Ash who appeared in Hypno's Naptime. As he disappeared three days before the events of the episode, his mother initially mistook Ash to be her son and embraced him in a hug before realizing her mistake.


Main article: Jessebelle

Jessebelle is a doppelgänger of Jessie, who appeared in Holy Matrimony! and The Treasure Is All Mine!. She was James's fiancé; however, when James was exposed to her less than agreeable personality, he ran away from home in order to escape her attentions. She has returned several times with the cooperation of James's parents to try to make him see the error of his ways and marry her.


Travis and his Pikachu
Main article: Travis

Travis is another doppelgänger of Ash, who appeared in flashback in Pokémon Double Trouble. As with Arnold, Ash's first encounter with his mother was an unexpected hug due to mistaken identity. However, in this case, Travis had simply left on a Pokémon journey and the fact that both were traveling with a Pikachu had helped cause the misunderstanding.

Mansion Owner

The Mansion Owner is a minor character who was only shown in the episode Just Waiting on a Friend! in a portrait and flashback. He is the owner of the Ninetales that lived in the mansion, and he also bears a very close resemblance to Brock, which Ninetales used to her gain so he would stay with it in the mansion, even making an illusion of putting his own outfit on Brock. The Mansion Owner left on a journey two centuries ago, but never came back, leaving Ninetales all alone after the servants left. He also wrote an entry in his diary which Ash and Misty discovered.

Team Righteous

Team Righteous
Main article: Team Righteous

Team Righteous are doppelgängers of Jessie and James who appeared in a video in We're No Angels!. Unlike other doppelgängers, they are fictional characters who had a television show a long time ago. They even had their own Meowth who was just a person in a costume. Unlike Team Rocket, they fight for good instead of evil.


Main article: Max

Max is a doppelgänger of Max, who appeared in Maxxed Out!. The doppelgänger Max had a more central role in this episode than both of Ash's look-a-likes and got in a fight with his same-named lookalike as they both felt jealous thinking that the other was already a Trainer. Later on, the two discovered that they have more similarities than their name and appearance and became friends.

Harley's classmate

The girl resembling May

According to Harley in New Plot, Odd Lot!, he had a classmate as a child, who looked similar to May. She took his lunch from him, and he explained to Team Rocket that she was the reason he hated May so much. It has been debated whether the girl existed or was just made up by Harley to get Team Rocket on his side. There was no mention of her when Harley first met May and she would contradict the original reason of Harley's grudge.

Princess Salvia

Princess Salvia
Main article: Princess Salvia

Princess Salvia is a doppelgänger of Dawn, appearing in Dawn of a Royal Day!. She swapped places with Dawn in a plotline reminiscent of The Prince and the Pauper, taking part in the Arrowroot Town Pokémon Contest with her Togekiss while Dawn pretended to be a member of the high class. This worked until Dawn discovered that Princess Salvia was expected to watch the final match of the Battle Stage and ended up shouting encouragement to her lookalike. Princess Salvia later gave Togekiss to Dawn so it could continue taking part in Pokémon Contests.

Kiawe's friend

The boy resembling Ash Ketchum

According to Kiawe in A Shivering Shovel Search!, he had a friend who resembles Ash. Both of them and their other friends mistook a Sandygast for a shovel.

Ultra Ruin student

The boy resembling Ash Ketchum

In a flashback of Dia's home world in Battling the Beast Within!, a Trainer resembling Ash was revealed to once be a resident of what is now the Ultra Ruin. Elements of Red, Ash's game counterpart, are also included in this Trainer's design.


Main article: Soleil

Soleil is a girl from Johto and a doppelgänger of Chloe, appearing in Night and Day, You are the Ones!. She was to be declared the liege of the Eclipse Castle, but when she and Chloe switched around their clothes to fool around with their friends, Ilunas mistook Chloe for her doppelgänger and kidnapped her. After realizing his mistake, he tried to force Soleil to make him the new liege instead. After Ash and Goh had found and freed Chloe, she and Eevee joined Soleil and her Espeon and Umbreon in battling against Ilunas, eventually defeating him. After Soleil had taken on the liegeship of the castle, she made Ilunas her helper.

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