Pokémon Training Center

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Pokémon Training Center
ポケモン訓練センター Pokémon Training Center
Pokémon Training Center.png
Pokémon Training Center
Region Sinnoh
Debut The Electrike Company!

The Pokémon Training Center (Japanese: ポケモン訓練センター Pokémon Training Center) is an anime-exclusive educational facility in the Sinnoh region near Hearthome City. It was featured in The Electrike Company!.

Cal is the Director of the Pokémon Training Center, which specializes in training beginning Trainers with Electric-type Pokémon. The graduated Electric-types go on to work in the power generation industry.

The facility includes housing for students; stables for the Pokémon; and wide, open spaces used for specialized training.

One of Cal's students, Jaco, had failed to graduate in time after he was struggling with his partner Electrike. However, Brock's advice and Pikachu's mentoring helped Jaco bond with Electrike, who later learned to control its electricity and evolve into a Manectric, thus increasing its power significantly. Cal congratulated Jaco on a job well done before escorting Manectric to its power generation job.

Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Training Center

Jaco Manectric.png
Electrike → Manectric (multiple)
Cal Electrike.png
Electrike (multiple)


In other languages

Language Title
Italy Flag.png Italian Centro Allenamento Pokémon
Poland Flag.png Polish Centrum Treningowe Pokémonów

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