Camellia Town

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Camellia Town
ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town
Camellia Town Stadium.png
Camellia Town Stadium
Region Sinnoh
Debut A Marathon Rivalry!

Camellia Town (Japanese: ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. It is located somewhere between Mt. Coronet and Sunyshore City and it was featured in A Marathon Rivalry!.

While on their way to Daybreak Town, site of an upcoming Pokémon Contest that Dawn was planning to enter in order to earn her fifth Ribbon, Ash and his friends stopped by Camellia Town, where they met a Trainer by the name of Daniel who informed them that Camellia Town would soon host the first Pokéathlon in Sinnoh. The tournament would serve as a qualifying match for the regional competition, and Daniel had been training with his Snorlax for quite some time to take part in it.

A poster for the event

After hearing Daniel explaining the proceedings to Dawn, Ash became excited and decided to enter as well. He headed to the stadium along with Daniel to sign up for the tournament, which started later that day. Although Pokéathlon tournaments usually consist of three randomly chosen events, the second course was replaced by a halftime show for the inauguration in Sinnoh. The first event was Disc Catch, in which Ash used his Monferno while Daniel used his Hitmonlee. The two Trainers tied for first place, each having twenty points.

After that the halftime presentation began, consisting of an exhibition given by the last year's Pokéathlon champion in the Johto region, Spoink. During the exhibition, the Bounce Pokémon displayed its skills in the Lamp Jump event. The final event was Hurdle Dash, and Ash competed with his Pikachu whereas Daniel partnered with his Snorlax. In the end, Snorlax was deemed the winner since its belly got to the finish line first. As a result, Daniel won the Camellia Pokéathlon.

Aside from having a stadium, Camellia Town is home to Daniel's training facility where he practices with his Snorlax and Hitmonlee.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ツバキタウン Tsubaki Town From 椿 tsubaki, camellia
English Camellia Town From camellia
French Caméliaville From camélia, camellia
German Kamelienstadt From Kamelien, camellia
Italian Cameliopoli From camelie, camellia
Spanish Pueblo Camelia From camelio, camellia
Chinese (Mandarin) 樁之鎮 Zhuāng-zhī Zhèn From 樁 zhuāng / jōng (pile), a character similar in appearance to 椿
Chinese (Cantonese) 樁之鎮 Jōng-jī Jan
Polish Camellia From its English name

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