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Isle of Armor, Trial 1

It is ideal to start doing the Isle of Armor's first trial now once you have visited Turffield. You can complete this before or after obtaining the Grass Badge from Milo, but ideally this is the point where it is best to start.

Now that you are ready to tackle the first trial, head to the Soothing Wetlands west of the Master Dojo, where you will find Slowpokes running quickly in fast circles all across the Soothing Wetlands. All three of the Slowpoke will be at +6 Speed and are Level 17. After you have defeated the three Slowpoke, return to the Master Dojo.

Soothing Wetlands

Do note that while you are here, there are plenty of Wild Pokémon here worth capturing as well. There are also 20 Alolan Diglett to find here.

Random encounters

Visible encounters

Trial 2

After returning to the Master Dojo, you will be considered to have passed the Trial. You will also return Klara or Avery's Dojo Uniform.

For winning the first trial, Honey will offer you a Bulbasaur or Squirtle at Level 5. You can pick which one you want, and are free to carry it on your journey. Both Pokémon will carry the Gigantamax Factor that will allow them to Gigantamax when they fully evolve.

After clearing the first trial, you will now proceed to the second trial. This trial will involve seeking Max Mushrooms to create Max Soup: ideally a cluster of three. This will pull you to the Forest of Focus, where Max Mushrooms will normally grow, but Mustard comments that they're all gone from there because some Pokémon have eaten them, so they are in the Warm-Up Tunnel instead. Go through the Forest of Focus and into the Training Lowlands, where you will eventually come across a cavern that is the Warm-Up Tunnel. You will notice a group of Max Mushrooms, but not before Klara or Avery arrive and claim they saw the Mushrooms first. In frustration, they challenge you to a battle. After defeating them, they will run off claiming they found a better group of Max Mushrooms elsewhere.

After you have obtained the Max Mushrooms, return to the Dojo. You will qualify as having passed the second trial, alongside Klara or Avery who arrive soon after. Everyone else fails, but Klara or Avery ask to have their mushrooms served in the soup. All of the students will feast upon the Max Soup.

You will now be ready to face the third and final trial after this. Well, not yet. After this, go back to mainland Galar and continue the story further.

Forest of Focus

This area is a multi-directional maze. There are also six Diglett hiding here.

Random encounters

Visible encounters

Training Lowlands

There are fifteen Diglett in hiding here.

Random encounters

Visible encounters

Warm-Up Tunnel

The Max Mushrooms will be located here. There are also three Diglett hidden in this tunnel.

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