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Route 214

Route 214

Apart from the Trainers, Route 214 is a pretty straightforward route. First head south down the eastern side of the route. At the bottom of the maze of fences, head west a short distance, then back north up the mountainous western side of Route 214 where there are more trainers to battle, and, at the top, the Maniac Tunnel. On the way, collect the Razor Fang (necessary for evolving Gligar into Gliscor when leveled up at night) hidden in the lower-right corner of the southern patch long grass near Collector Jamal, and the Magmarizer (necessary for evolving Magmar into Magmortar when traded) just north of Ruin Maniac Byran.

Maniac Tunnel (optional)

Maniac Tunnel with 0-9 Unown
Maniac Tunnel with 10-25 Unown
Maniac Tunnel with 26-28 Unown

Collect TM28 (Dig) just north of the Ruin Maniac. When you encounter different forms of Unown at the Solaceon Ruins (you do not need to catch them, despite his claims), the Ruin Maniac lengthens the Maniac Tunnel and also raises the chance of encountering Hippopotas. By encountering all 26 alphabetical Unown, the tunnel will be complete, and you'll be able to collect the ! and ? Unown in the top floor of the Solaceon Ruins.

Solaceon Town (optional)

After encountering all 26 alphabet forms of Unown, you can go through the Maniac Tunnel to reach Solaceon Town and pick up a Rare Candy.

Valor Lakefront

Valor Lakefront
Hotel Grand Lake, part of Valor Lakefront

Valor Lakefront includes a large patch of grass and part of Hotel Grand Lake. You can't access Lake Valor proper just yet... So why not go to the Seven Stars Restaurant where you can partake in a number of Double Battles? You will also find a lady who has lost her Suite Key, and asks you for your help finding it. Go near the entrance to the hotel and use your Pokétch's Dowsing Machine to find and return it. The key is difficult to find with the Dowsing Machine due to its small size. You can find it by facing south and standing one step down from the stairs that are near the southern exit.

Route 213

Route 213

Route 213 is a beach that connects Valor Lakefront to Pastoria City and contains the other half of Hotel Grand Lake. In one of the buildings, the hotel receptionist can heal your Pokémon. There are several items to collect along the way, especially the hidden Heart Scales in the sand that can soon be exchanged for a valuable service.

Pastoria City

Pastoria City

Pastoria City is home to the Great Marsh, where many Pokémon can be found, though it will require multiple visits on separate days to see all of them. One of those Pokémon is Tropius, which can learn Fly along with four other HM moves. It will be very useful if you cannot or do not want to teach those HM moves to the Pokémon that you use in battle.

Pastoria is also home to the Scarf Guy, who lives in the house nearest to Route 213. The Scarf Guy checks a Pokémon's condition to see if it is worthy of a Scarf. If the Pokémon's condition is at its maximum value in an area, he will give out the corresponding Scarf to that Pokémon. If not, he will tell the player to improve its condition with Poffins.

Maxed condition Scarf given out
Cool Bag Red Scarf Sprite.png Red Scarf
Beauty Bag Blue Scarf Sprite.png Blue Scarf
Cute Bag Pink Scarf Sprite.png Pink Scarf
Smart Bag Green Scarf Sprite.png Green Scarf
Tough Bag Yellow Scarf Sprite.png Yellow Scarf

The eastern house right next to the water is the home of the Move Reminder who will teach your Pokémon a move from their level-up moveset in exchange for a Heart Scale. Heart Scales can be found in various locations in throughout Sinnoh, including the Underground, and the Pokémon News Press in Solaceon Town.

Go to the westernmost house to meet a woman who will give you a Berry once a day. These Berries will notably be the ones that reduce the damage of supereffective attacks on the Pokémon that holds it.

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