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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 32

Route 32

Route 32 is a lengthy, Trainer-heavy route that stretches southward along the coastline. The mysterious Ruins of Alph lie off to the northwest, but only the first of the four chambers can be accessed at this point.

Ruins of Alph

Ruins of Alph

The ancient Ruins of Alph are believed to date back at least 1,500 years. The script seen in these crumbling structures is the earliest known writing system in the world, but it is unclear which appeared first, these characters or the Pokémon that resemble them. It does not matter if you go here or just skip it.

North chamber

Pass through the ancient structures to enter the northern chamber. Read the hint to identify the Pokémon, and move and rotate the pieces to reconstruct the puzzle, which glows briefly when completed. The floor gives way, dropping you into the main underground chamber where the first ten forms of Unown, A through J, have awakened. Shortly after, you are greeted by a young researcher. He is so impressed that you solved the first puzzle that he hands over the Unown Report, which automatically records any caught Unown.

Head downwards and climb the ladder to leave. Return to the northern chamber and inspect the wall behind the carving. There is a line of odd text on the wall which resembles the word escape. Using an Escape Rope here will cause the panel to disappear, revealing a small room with a Heal Powder, EnergyPowder, Oran Berry, and Pecha Berry.

HM03 and HM04 are required to reach the three other puzzles, and unlock the other Unown forms. After receiving the Radio Card, tuning into the Mysterious Transmission will improve the chances of meeting an Unown form that you have not yet encountered. This is also one of the few places where wild Natu and Smeargle can be found.

Route 32 (con't)

South of the ruins are two men standing near a hill. The first gives you a Miracle Seed, while the man on the hill hands out TM05 (Roar). A Repel can be found in the tall grass west of Picnicker Liz. Head south to reach a small inlet, and collect the Great Ball and TM09 (Bullet Seed) from the shore before reaching the Pokémon Center. Further south, a shady man offers a "tasty, nutritious SlowpokeTail" for only PokémonDollar.png1,000,000. On Fridays, Frieda of the Week Siblings can be found behind the Pokémon Center; speaking to her will result in a Poison Barb on the first meeting, and a Relax Ribbon on subsequent meetings (if you've already talked to all of her siblings). The Fisherman inside gives out the Old Rod, and another patron gives out two Lure Balls. Smash the rock outside to reach a Shell Bell, and enter Union Cave.

Union Cave

Union Cave, 1F
Union Cave, B1F
Union Cave, B2F

Union Cave is a small cave on the south end of the peninsula. Seawater wells up from underground, preventing access to the deepest parts of the cave for now. The ground-level tunnel merely connects Routes 32 and 33, but exploring the basement floors with Surf and Strength reveals two more exits that lead back to the Ruins of Alph. On the bottom floor, a wild Lapras appears once a week. If you didn't get the Onix in Violet City, then try to catch a Geodude or Onix here. Rock Throw is a move they both learn early, so it will do you well to use one of them in the Azalea Town Gym.


The ground-level tunnel is a fairly straightforward path. Head northwest to reach an X Attack, then detour down to B1F for TM39 (Rock Tomb) and an X Defend. Head south past two Hikers and pick up the Great Ball near Firebreather Bill. Grab the Potion sitting off to the west, then head southeast from Poké Maniac Larry to reach an Awakening, and the exit to Route 33.


Return with the HM moves Surf and Strength to finally explore the rest of the cave.

To reach the Ruins of Alph, take the north stairs down to B1F. Surf north to reach a fork in the road; the northern path leads to Puzzle 3, while the southern path, blocked by a boulder, leads to Puzzle 4.


To reach the bottom floor, surf across the southwest pool of water on 1F to reach the stairs. Swim across another pool on B1F, and take the next flight of stairs to the north side of B2F. There is an Elixir in the northeast corner, and a Hyper Potion on the platform near Ace Trainer Nick. A wild Lapras appears in the southern pool every Friday.

Spr 4h 131.png
Water Ice
Water Absorb or Shell Armor
Held item:
Lapras/ Lv.20
Confuse Ray
Ghost Status
Ice Shard
Ice Physical
Water Pulse
Water Special
Body Slam
Normal Physical

Route 33

Route 33

Route 33 is a short path that connects Union Cave to Azalea Town in the west. Rains constantly drench the landscape, which includes a single patch of grass and a small Apricorn grove.

Azalea Town

Azalea Town

Azalea is a small, isolated town on the southern edge of the peninsula. Situated between Union Cave to the east and Ilex Forest to the west, the area does not get many visitors. As you head into town, a man in a black uniform is confronted by a resident near the Slowpoke Well. The guy gets chased off, and the shady man goes back to guarding the well. A second figure blocks the Azalea Gym, as well. Stop by the northwest house to meet Kurt, the Apricorn craftsman. He informs you that Team Rocket has seized control of the well and is cutting off Slowpoke tails to sell, before rushing off to save the Pokémon.

Slowpoke Well

Slowpoke Well, B1F
Slowpoke Well, B2F

Kurt scared off the guard outside, but slipped while entering the well and landed on his back. As he is temporarily incapacitated, it's up to you to chase off the other Rockets and save the group of Slowpoke.

After defeating the three other Rockets, you meet the first of the Rocket Executives. Proton introduces himself as the "scariest and cruelest" member of Team Rocket before challenging you to a battle.

Defeated, he and the others disappear. Kurt's back is feeling better now, and after checking on the Slowpoke, shows you back to his home. As thanks for saving the Slowpoke, he rewards you with a Fast Ball. Kurt knows more about Apricorns than anyone, and from this point on you can bring him any number of Apricorns to have them transformed into custom Poké Balls by the next day. His granddaughter offers his phone number as a way to check on his progress. Apricorns come in seven different colors, each perfect for a specific type of Poké Ball.

Apricorn Ball Effect
Black Apricorn Blk Apricorn Heavy Ball Heavy Ball Better for heavier Pokémon
Blue Apricorn Blu Apricorn Lure Ball IV Lure Ball Better for Pokémon hooked by a fishing rod
Green Apricorn Grn Apricorn Friend Ball Friend Ball Makes a Pokémon more friendly
Pink Apricorn Pnk Apricorn Love Ball Love Ball Better for Pokémon of the opposite gender, but same species
Red Apricorn Red Apricorn Level Ball Level Ball Better for lower-leveled Pokémon
White Apricorn Wht Apricorn Fast Ball Fast Ball Better for faster Pokémon
Yellow Apricorn Ylw Apricorn Moon Ball Moon Ball Better for Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone

With the Rockets gone, it is now possible to challenge the Azalea Gym.

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