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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
These pages follow the remade Nintendo DS iteration, not Pokémon Gold and Silver. The guide for those games can be found here.

Slowpoke Well

Slowpoke Well, B1F

Kurt scared off the guard outside, but slipped while entering the well and landed on his back. As he is temporarily incapacitated, it's up to you to chase off the other Rockets and save the group of Slowpoke.

After defeating the three other Rockets, you meet the first of the Rocket Executives. Proton introduces himself as the "scariest and cruelest" member of Team Rocket before challenging you to a battle.

Defeated, he and the others disappear. Kurt's back is feeling better now, and after checking on the Slowpoke, shows you back to his home.

Azalea Town

As thanks for saving the Slowpoke, he rewards you with a Fast Ball. Kurt knows more about Apricorns than anyone, and from this point on you can bring him any number of Apricorns to have them transformed into custom Poké Balls by the next day. His granddaughter offers his phone number as a way to check on his progress. Apricorns come in seven different colors, each perfect for a specific type of Poké Ball.

Apricorn Ball Effect
Black Apricorn Blk Apricorn Heavy Ball Heavy Ball Better for heavier Pokémon
Blue Apricorn Blu Apricorn Lure Ball IV Lure Ball Better for Pokémon hooked by a fishing rod
Green Apricorn Grn Apricorn Friend Ball Friend Ball Makes a Pokémon more friendly
Pink Apricorn Pnk Apricorn Love Ball Love Ball Better for Pokémon of the opposite gender, but same species
Red Apricorn Red Apricorn Level Ball Level Ball Better for lower-leveled Pokémon
White Apricorn Wht Apricorn Fast Ball Fast Ball Better for faster Pokémon
Yellow Apricorn Ylw Apricorn Moon Ball Moon Ball Better for Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone

With the Rockets gone, it is now possible to challenge the Azalea Gym.

Azalea Gym

Azalea Gym

Azalea Town Pokémon Gym
Leader: Bugsy

The Walking Bug Pokémon Encyclopedia

The Azalea Gym is crawling with Bug-type Pokémon. Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type attacks all have an advantage when battling insects. The Gym's design includes several Spinarak-like lifts that crawl across planks suspended over large spider webs. At the entrance, take the southwest lift to reach the center platform. Ignore the blue switch here, and take the next lift to the northwest corner. Flip the switch here and take the lift to the west side of the center platform. Flip the red switch and ride the lift to the Gym Leader.

The biggest challenge with Bugsy is his Scyther. This mantis' high Attack lets it hit hard with U-turn before switching out. When used after Leer, this move inflicts even greater damage. Scyther's worst weakness is Rock. If none of your Pokémon know any Rock attacks, then you can use the TM39 from Union Cave to teach Rock Tomb, a move that lowers the target's Speed.

Azalea Gym
The Hive Badge

Defeated, Bugsy awards you the Hive Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 30, and enables the use of Cut in the field. He also hands over TM89 (U-turn) as a prize.

Rival battle 2

Be sure to rest up after defeating the Gym, as Silver ambushes you near the western gate.

Chikorita If the player chose Chikorita:

Cyndaquil If the player chose Cyndaquil:

Totodile If the player chose Totodile:

Ilex Forest

Ilex Forest

Ilex Forest is a natural maze. The large, shadowy forest has become so overgrown in recent years that many young trees have taken root. One of these wayward saplings blocks the trail leading past the Ilex Shrine. Without HM01 (Cut), it is impossible to reach the other side.

Rescue the Farfetch'd!

Azalea's Charcoal Man has not seen his apprentice since he went into the forest. He can be found just north of the entrance, and it seems that the two Farfetch'd that cut down trees for them have wandered off and gotten lost. They get spooked easily, so you must sneak up from behind to catch them.

  • The first duck is located a short distance to the east of the apprentice. Step on the pile of twigs south of it to attract its attention, then loop around the grove of trees to reach it.
  • The second duck is a bit more difficult to catch. It begins in the northwest, but needs to be chased into the northeast corner, into a group of three trees. Step on the twigs to the east, avoid the twigs to the north, and approach it from the west.

Once Far and Fetch'd have been rounded up, the Charcoal Man shows up and rewards you with HM01 (Cut). Return to the Charcoal Kiln afterwards to receive a Charcoal from the apprentice as thanks.

Now that you have Cut (Optional)

Now that you have recieved the HM for Cut and can use it outside of battle, there are a couple of items you can get from Route 32.

Move Tutor

In the center of the forest, east of the pond, is a man who offers to teach Headbutt to a Pokémon. In battle, Headbutt has a power of 70 and a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch. In the field, it can be used on any tree in an attempt to knock down a Pokémon. This is the only way to find Pineco, Heracross, and Aipom. In every game, only certain trees will yield Pokémon, and those trees have 100% of finding Pokémon. Just headbutt trees until you get a Pokémon, then repeatedly headbutt that.

Kimono Girl 2

In the northeast part of the forest, you meet the second of the Kimono Girls, who seems to be lost. Agree to help her, and your lead Pokémon shows her the way out.

Lured into Action

Inside the forest's northern gate, behind the counter, is a woman with her Butterfree. Speak to her to receive TM12 (Taunt). Taunt prevents the target from using status moves for several turns.

Route 34

Route 34

Route 34 is a seaside route stretching between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City. The Pokémon Day Care, where an elderly couple care for Trainers' Pokémon, is located here.

Pokémon Day Care

As you approach from the south, Lyra/Ethan approaches from the north to visit the couple, who turn out to be her/his grandparents. She/He gives you her/his phone number before leaving, and the Day-Care Man gives out both his and his wife's numbers. This allows you to check up on your Pokémon at any time.

Any Pokémon left here will gain one experience point for every step taken. However, the Johto Day Care accepts up to two Pokémon to raise at once. If both a male and female are left together, the old couple may find an Egg. Travel with the Egg for a while, and it will eventually hatch. This is the only way to get more members of certain species that only one are available in-game, like Eevee, and baby Pokémon, like Pichu. In place of a compatible pair, a shape-shifting Ditto makes a great substitute.

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