Mystery Egg

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Mystery Egg
Mystery Egg
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Mystery Egg
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Introduced in Generation II
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Generation IV Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (HGSS)
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The Mystery Egg (Japanese: ふしぎなタマゴ Mystery Egg) is a Key Item introduced in Generation II. It is an unusual egg found by the Day-Care Couple and given to Mr. Pokémon.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


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Reason: Check if the Everstone is received if the player shows any OT Togepi / Togetic / Togekiss (not necessarily the one from the Mystery Egg)

Mr. Pokémon asks the player to bring the Mystery Egg to Professor Elm for study, due to his expertise on Pokémon Evolution. After the player defeats Falkner and obtains the Zephyr Badge, Elm's aide will return the egg to the player, revealing that it is in fact a Pokémon Egg. The Egg, if the player chooses to keep it in their party, will eventually hatch into a Togepi. If the player shows the hatched Togepi to Professor Elm, he will give the player an Everstone.

When this item is received from Mr. Pokémon, the last Pokémon Center used is set to Cherrygrove City. Therefore, if the player blacks out or uses Teleport outside of battle (even though this move is not yet legitimately available), they will go to this Pokémon Center instead of going directly to their house and skipping the first battle against the rival.


Games Description
GSC An Egg obtained by Mr. Pokémon.
A mysterious Egg obtained from Mr. Pokémon. What's in the Egg is unknown.
A mysterious Egg obtained from Mr. Pokémon. What is in the Egg is unknown.


Games Method
Route 30 (from Mr. Pokémon)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 神奇蛋 Sàhnkèih Dáan
Mandarin 神奇蛋 Shénqí Dàn
France Flag.png French Œuf Mystère
Germany Flag.png German Rätsel-Ei
Italy Flag.png Italian Uovo Mistero
South Korea Flag.png Korean 이상한알 Isanghan Al
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Ovo Misterioso
Spain Flag.png Spanish Huevo Mist

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